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  1. clan will be postponed due to changes in team
  2. name is ALIENGAMINGyt for friend and clan name is TPA
  3. and the clan will be online tomorrow 8pm (AEST)
  4. what do you play cause it can be any
  5. what do you play cause it can be any
  6. join my clan/gaming team THEprosAWAKE as we have 2 members including me and us two are both on Youtube members: 1 ALIENGAMING/TPA_ALIENGAMING - subs - 18 - views - 132 in total and 7 vids link(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRYZ0zbYukDgzXTaHP7MlYQ/) 2 ACRAZYGAMER/TPA_ACRAZYGAMER - subs - 15 - views - 154 in total and 6 vids link(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqG8QCwXaO6YGfLiuPnkozQ) registrations open March 16th 2019 make sure to appeal and get your stats high reply down below for interest