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  1. Yeah... I know that as well but the previous guy was saying it wasn't a money grab and they didn't want to take the money and run. For that to be true, they would have to want to spend that extra money to give us a good experience. They would have to put out bug fixes that didn't take the game in the wrong direction and aren't micro transactions. They did both of those only fixing the bugs when people refused to buy the microtransactions until they did. It's clear some people are still fooled by this dev team.
  2. No the logic nullified it. My disagreement had nothing to do with it. What about increasing the tick rate is difficult to implement?
  3. DR. Intellect

    Team killing is such garbage

    Nobody gets any punishment when you report them. I submitted a video of two people teaming in solos. It is proof beyond a shadow of any doubt. Looking at PUBGDETECTIVE shows they dropped together, looted together, bridge camped together, looted bodies together, camped the final circle together, etc. They have CONTINUED to do this for 2 weeks since the report. NOTHING happened to them at all. Nobody is at the wheel.
  4. That wouldn't make sense now would it? The updates they have put out in the last six months were enabling micro-transactions. So your point is nullified. They have absolutely been sitting on fixes. They increased the tick rate for PC and it greatly improved gameplay. Why didn't they do that for Xbox? This is the most obvious improvement they could make that they are sitting on. You'll have to make an argument against it helping that makes sense. Good luck since we already have many examples of it helping.
  5. We know that upping the tick rate will help. If there is an argument against that, I haven't seen it. As far as "it would have been done already"... would it? How many things have been wrong with the game for a WHILE and haven't been fixed? So where exactly are you getting that position? Certainly not from history with this game's development cycle.
  6. Argument from authority. This argument assumes you cannot know ANYTHING on a subject unless you have a degree in said subject and also work in the particular field in which you're commenting. Fortunately, people CAN be knowledgeable or even experts on a subject without a degree or a job in that field. This nullifies your point and your entire premise.
  7. DR. Intellect

    Make a Suggestion

    I'd like a mode where you could use a grappling hook to quick climb certain objects or even hook the airplane and quick travel across the map, parachuting again.
  8. DR. Intellect

    Lvl 3 Vest. Is good or broken?

    shared computer. Wrong person.
  9. DR. Intellect

    New elements on the snow map

    It's going to be miramar but white.
  10. DR. Intellect

    Worst Circle Ever On Erangel

    I'm going to try to remember to post a whiney thread every time I get riggedy wrecked in pubg.
  11. DR. Intellect

    Worst Circle Ever On Erangel

    It seems to beat the alternative of being a standing target. lol. If there's no cover you have to settle for concealment. On miramar there is rarely any concealment in final circles so you have to hope you got to cover before someone else took it. They are just different. Adapt or die.
  12. DR. Intellect

    Worst Circle Ever On Erangel

    That almost never happens on erangel. There is always a tree or rock you can use. Plus you can disappear in the grass in the final circles. You just have to play the maps differently.
  13. DR. Intellect

    Tired of running w/randoms? Are you 30 or older?

    I joined and someone tricked me and sent me a picture of an old man spreading his anus really wide. I won't be back.
  14. Desync explains that.
  15. DR. Intellect

    Worst Circle Ever On Erangel

    Usually the cars start trying to spin each other out. A well timed grenade can usually end that fun. It does suck getting run over by people who aren't very skilled so they play the final circles with cars while you're pretty well defenseless.... but that's the game. Nothing to be done about it.