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  1. What is this? Hollywood? Anyone who knows anything about firearms, chemistry, or whatever, would tell you that you simply cant cause a vehicle to spontaneously combust just by shooting at it, let alone explode I find it silly that you cant safely use a vehicle for cover as it can magically be blown up. Dont get me wrong, its satisfying as hell, but its just.... wrong My alternative- instead of exploding, how about we make vehicle damage a bit more dynamic and interesting: Make more than just the wheels parts of a vehicle to be targeted- for example -Shooting the engine will cause increased loss of power as it takes damage, and upon a certain damage threshold, dies completely -Allow parts to be shot off from excessive fire: - hood can get shot off- leaving the engine more vulnerable -doors can be shot off, making the occupants more exposed, etc. Not a perfectly realistic solution, I know. But i think it would be MUCH better than the current system. This magical exploding cars BS needs to go I admit, its fun, but it just irks me so much when, out of natural instinct I take cover behind an engine block (the only part of a vehicle that actually would protect you as bullets EASILY pass right through vehicles) and all of a sudden im dead simply because players put x number of bullets into it.
  2. When can we get beards?

    Seriously, my character needs to have some manly facial hair that would make viking warriors proud. Any chance we can get facial hair added to the character builder?
  3. You know, I didnt think of that, but that would actually be perfect. You are taking about the effect when you are too close to a wall for example, that your character has to lower his weapon?
  4. Im saying a rifle is not viable at close range IN REAL LIFE as once im within the length of the weapon, you are no longer able to point the weapon at me without building some distance first. Yes, in game all weapons are superior to melee, even at melee distance, which is what im saying is wrong
  5. You should not be able to compensate for being hit lol You get hit, seek cover, locate the target, and engage appropriately.
  6. The problem with most of these, is the "victim" here is entirely lacking cover. Argument is mute if you complain about losing while out of cover. Aim punch serves to INCREASE the value of cover as aimed shots win the day, but being totally exposed nullifies all of that. I laugh whenever I starting shooting someone out in the middle of a field, and instead of searching for cover they try to shoot me while im being smart, having cover between me and my target. My issue with no aim punch is the problem of then, in the scenario described above, someone being able to tank hits and do a sniper snap shot somehow miraculously winning even though by ANY gunfighter's definition I had already won that fight before it started. Yes, two idiots in the open shooting at each other is going to be somewhat RNG, but i dont care because they are idiots for being in a firefight in the open. I want aim punch so players who ACTUALLY stick to cover like glue (how any real gunfighter would operate) are able to not be cheesed by some BS.
  7. Which simply does not exist to a proper extent in video games. Do players willingly stick their heads out with rounds snapping by and take calm well aimed shots? Yes Should they be able to? No Hell I do it myself. Its not nearly as bad as 3PP, but even in Fpp players are capable of, and do, simply poke their head out, take a hit or two, and still get off an accurate shot. Though im not asking for a suppression affect in that near rounds (not just hits) cause an effect on the player, but tanking shots and still being able to effectively return fire is always a massive red flag for any game I play.
  8. Automatic shouldnt be used for anything more than clearing a house, imo. Exception obviously to SMG's.
  9. M249 future tweaks

    Why the difference in crews lol? They are basically identical weapon systems I assure you, from personal experience, the M249 is very usable by 1 person.
  10. M249 future tweaks

    It actually gets a VERY narrow cone if you crouch and hold the right mouse (the one OTHER than ADS) Its combination of VERY high ROF and reasonably high damage you can shred people, even just slightly poking out of cover without even actually aiming from a relatively reasonable distance.
  11. M249 future tweaks

    You know the minimi is almost the exact same thing as the M249? The M249 is just the version of the minimi used by the US and a few other nations. While I agree in that it should not be "accurate". Until a suppression effect is added, it has to be
  12. I like "grabbin the wheels" Im gonna start using that
  13. Its not RNG though. You KNOW you wont be able to simply tank damage and return fire, so you have to plan/act appropriately. And before you diss aim punch, tell me a game where its a negative aspect to the game. I can name SEVERAL games where adding aim punch has caused players to behave in a MUCH more realistic fashion.
  14. An Amusing Tale-

    So I had started up a Solo FPP and decided to use the restroom, thinking I would comeback during the plane flight. My timing was slightly off as when I returned I had already been forced out of the plane, and had already landed in the water between the mainland and the military island. As i sit down to play, a boat rolls up, probably attempting to kill the AFK'ers. "Great" I think "I can steal his boat" So I climb aboard on the passenger side, but the original occupant is still inside. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1103466226 Fortunately for me, she is unarmed. We look at each other awkwardly for 10-15 seconds before she takes off towards the town along the coast. Beaches the boat, we both run off trying to be the first to find a gun. The town had already been looted, but fortunately the original looters had moved on. I get lucky and find an Uzi with Ammo. I see the other player, who has found armor but no weapon. I take chase, able to score a few hits, but nothing fatal. I run after her into a house. I scour through the house looking, until I stumble upon the player who attempted to hide in one of the side rooms. Weaponless, she stands up, ready to accept her fate. But I am a player of honor, and decide not to kill a defenseless player. I holster my weapon and drop painkillers. I run off I start running towards a buggy and as Im about to drive off 2 single shots ring off nearby. The other player has found an uzi as well and is running towards me. I get out, taking up a defensive position behind the buggy, letting her get closer to give her a full burst. As she approaches, she slows to a walk and holsters her weapon. I stand and do the same. I get in the buggy, and she jumps in the back The plan was to just drop her off somewhere random and drive off, allowing fate of the battlegrounds to decide what happens. As fate would have it, right as I drop her off, another player appears and guns her down. I kill him, then loot both bodies, getting my painkillers back. -End I didnt think of this at the time, but I hope this doesnt actually count as "teaming up" as we didnt fight together. I just thought it was an amusing turn of events to occur in a random solo game.
  15. They are 7.62 weapons, though I will agree the ingame SKS bucks more than an SKS in real life. I think if they reduce its recoil, which they should, the bullet velocity should be dropped, as well as the Ak's (they should be almost identical). But the AK is NOT supposed to be an effective long range weapon. An AK's effective rangs is 350m vs an M16/M4 (and I dont know SCAR but id assume its about the same) which have an effective range out to 500m. I believe the M416 (The M27 IAR as its known in the Marines [i always cringe when people refer to it as an "M4"]) has an even longer effective range, but dont quote me on that.