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  1. greasyoik

    What else did you miss?

    What did I miss? Fucking everything. In this game I couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo.
  2. greasyoik

    For all the old school gamers...

    Phil the A Mech is my GT. Like you I play when I can which usually involves booting my son off so I can grab a game.
  3. greasyoik

    I am still baffled

    I'll give that a go. Thanks for the tip.??
  4. Entire platoons of soldiers hide in bushes. I mean under more accurately but it's exactly how an ambush takes place in a wooded area.
  5. greasyoik

    I am still baffled

    I find this game baffling too. I have struggled for ages. Losing almost every CQB engagement and all long range engagements as well. To top it all off I can't hit people that lean and seem to always get hit when leaning. Can't figure out where I'm being shot from. Lose if I camp to someone coming the building I'm in and get killed by a camper when clearing buildings. Then a couple of days ago I got a 6 kill win. Don't think I did anything different. Got 3 medium/long range kills at the start and 3CQB at the end. Since that game I have played lots more squad and solo games but only managed a few more kills since. Like matthejl said. It drives me nuts but keeps me coming back.
  6. greasyoik

    For all the old school gamers...

    I'm nearly 40 so don't worry, you young whipper snappers.
  7. I think there is a question of reality vs gameplay but in the end what ever "advantage" you gain you'll probably still be killed by a player that twitches their thumbs more accurately than you.
  8. greasyoik

    For all the old school gamers...

    Fucking loved Goldeneye. I was epic at that. Think it was the first game I played that would produce different results depending on where you shot i.e. a groin shot would see your enemy go down holding his nuts in agony. Doom and Halo were both ground breaking too. Never really played quake but I do remember there were cheats for doom that if you tried to use on quake (same company) it would remove all of your weapons. Also played Wolfenstien 3d it was really basic but great fun. Duke Nukem was one of the first games I played that was aimed at adults with a great array of weapons. Great times.
  9. I think he's right. It'd I was alone in a house I would sneak. By slowly moving I would be almost silent to anyone outside. Similarly I can't hear peoples footsteps when they're walking past my house either. So I did think the sounds could use some adjustment. Although on that note I challenge anyone to run 4km cross country barefoot and not injure their feet. I disagree with that statement. Walking normally yes the sound is realistic. But when someone is in there with you then you can be much more quiet. Maybe the sound is there to stop/ reduce camping? I am in the Army. Last year (on exercise) an entire company of infantry moved into a position outside of a village on Salisbury Plain and assaulted sweeping through the village destroying the enemy building by building. They moved quickly and quietly with pockets of violence followed by an eerie calm between them. If an entire company could achieve that then I'm sure I can by my self.
  10. greasyoik

    One shot one kill...in a real game!

    This, so much this. Constantly coming across the SAS of the PUBG world and never find the twats like those in your clip
  11. Of road driving is an art. Even in vehicles designed for off road you need to have mechanical sympathy. A modern MBT can't drive at the speeds that PUBG will allow you to achieve. I think that "reality" will always be balanced against game play.
  12. Yep, this would be brilliant. Check your fall of shot and then recock.
  13. They need to move like a decent player though. A slow moving predictable target would be a bit shit. Need enemies that will hard target, shoot back and be challenging. I don't want to race Usain Bolt but I don't want to race a one legged man either IYSWIM.
  14. There's definitely a potential for getting more value from training. A combat mode to see who would win an engagement. As above, only on a certain section of the map would be invaluable.