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  1. dopestone1

    Survival challenge not counting properly

    Thanks for your time and attention, will keep ya posted. 👍
  2. dopestone1

    RB while ADS as a passenger

    Hey guys, might be a silly one, but gotta ask anyway When you travel in a vehicle as a passenger and go ADS, what is RB meant to do? It kind of zooms out of the scope, so it gives you more smooth aim control while your mate is grinding bumps and jumps, but it won’t let me shoot while holding it... What is it for?
  3. dopestone1

    Survival challenge not counting properly

    Hello, thanks for reply. The dinner still didn’t count to “reach top 10 in squads” mission, other top 10s count instantly, I just think the system doesn’t take dinners as top 10s, but I might be wrong, ‘cos I didn’t get dinner since writing the post yesterday . Same with wiping a squad/duo by smg, it only counts as 1 smg kill if you knock 3 of them and “finish them” by killing their last man, even though no one else and no other weapon was involved. It’s a silly thing, no big deal, I can get the goals completed anyway, just wondering if that’s how it’s meant to be. Cheers!
  4. dopestone1

    Survival challenge not counting properly

    Squad dinner didn’t count towards squad top 10 games either. @PUBG_Andymh5 sorry to bother, but are the counters ok?
  5. dopestone1

    Survival challenge not counting properly

    Can’t agree that if you wipe out 4 man squad yourself with an smg, it should then only count as 1 smg kill...no time to finish them one by one...quick knock-knock-knock-kill and they’re all dead...by the same gun.
  6. dopestone1

    Survival challenge not counting properly

    That sucks doesn’t it...? They should adjust it, duo/squad players are in disadvantage of solo grinders.
  7. Hey, Just came across this and wanna know if that’s how it’s meant to be... #1: Wiped out 2 duos with the UMP. Always knocked the first guy, then killed the second one. All with UMP. I’d expect that to be 4 SMG kills, but it only counted 2 of them. #2: Knocked a guy from a duo with UMP again and my mate killed his other man. It counted a kill for me, but it didn’t count as an SMG kill after the game. Find it a bit unfair because there was nothing but my 9mm’s behind these guys heading back to lobby. I didn’t concentrate on it with SR/DMR missions but it’s probably the same. Is that the way it’s supposed to count? Cheers
  8. Did I miss PUBG announcing another movie skin pack? Look at that, this guy just found Harry’s cloak! https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/dopestone1/video/63337764
  9. Agreed. Decent work from google translate this time. Play dough rendering makes it feel even more like a kids birthday party - in a bump castle. So maybe they decided to keep bump castles and add more feeling to it with “funny” skins, rather than improving render times and such.
  10. dopestone1

    G-Coin not a scam?

    Cheers mate. The issuing of G-coin to players doesn’t cost BH/PUBGCORP a penny. For them it’s worthless, just a digit to transfer to your game screen - for your real money, which obviously is worth everything for them. So them knowing some people will spend £80 extra real money just to get them some extra appearing-to-be-free digits instead of spending £20 to get just what they want...sorry, that’s a trap and they’re probably laughing at every victim as same as I do. It really is a “smart” marketing towards not so smart people and what is the worst, towards kids that don’t make any sense of it yet and just spend their parents money / It’s not just BH/PUBG, it’s everyone who devs online games and it winds me up. As I said, I’m not greedy, I’d love to support the devs, they also got bills to pay, but ffs don’t try to rip me off like that. It’s too obvious guys!
  11. Still working, start your own Xbox party.
  12. dopestone1

    G-Coin not a scam?

    THIS sentence from your whole comment is the only one that’s actually true. They lower the rate of £/G-coin to make you spend £99.99 rather than having worse rate for less money, ‘cause you see something “extra”, which will only make you spend more money if you’re dumb. I call this a “psychological trick”. What does the person, that makes psychological tricks towards you, want to do? He wants to f**k you up. What do we do with people that want to f**k us up? Sure as hell we don’t give them money!
  13. dopestone1

    G-Coin not a scam?

    Some kind of conversion system of BP -> G-coin would be nice as well. It wouldn’t work with current rates though, it would all need re-rating in order to make it sensible, so I’ll probably get “Nope” answer from most of you I just don’t like the trend of past approx 5 yrs, where game devs in general push you to spend real money on extra content no matter how well and how often you actually play their game. In general, I prefer to spend as little money as possible on gaming, because the aftermath of sitting in front of it for hours costs me some P’s anyway. I totally get that they need extra revenue than the original £20 for the root software, but there should always be an option to get whatever the game offers with your skills, as some kind of reward for the hours you’d spend grinding for it. Of course, if someone ain’t got the skills or patience to reach it, or his middle name is “MoneyBagz”, he could then buy it with real dough. I wouldn’t mind supporting devs from time to time, but saying: “you can’t have this stupid jacket that you want so bad, unless you show me ur bank card”, is feeling so greedy and disrespectful of them and makes me want to spend & support even less Grinding in black T, blacks jeans and school boots ATM as a form of protest
  14. dopestone1

    Have not received the PLAYERUNKNOWNS set

    I guess you’ve just missed it. Stuff like this is time limited and usually you only have few days to claim it. I’ve missed one of them as well (the one for beta players/possibly same as you - trench coat, bandana, etc.) because I was away for few weeks. All my mates have it, but I don’t, ‘cause my ass was rolling around on a beach .
  15. dopestone1

    Compass pin system?

    Ok, thanks for explaining! 👍