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  1. Could you possibly elaborate more on what exactly the issue you're having is?
  2. Teaming in Solo

    Currently, recording video of people teaming then reporting them here is the best option to stop them. If there is clear evidence of it they will be banned. I understand however that some people simply don't have the hardware or know-how to do this and, more importantly, feel that it shouldn't be their responsibility to do so - which is completely understandable. That's where we're at at the moment though.
  3. Banned for no reason

    Hey there, if you feel you've been banned unfairly and wish to appeal it, please use the link that was listed above by Tengauge12. Thankyou.
  4. Is ReShade blocked for all now?

    No I meant my Nvidia control panel settings were basically the same as EnvyX's Also the saturation and colorfulness effectiveness will depend on what monitor you have, I was able to emulate the ReShade look reasonably well. The downside is I had to tweak my other games to compensate for the extra digital vibrancy overall. I agree with you though, it would be far more intuitive to just have these options in game. Even very simple access would be good:
  5. How do i get this side gui to show?

    It's in your "Gameplay" tab in settings, these two options:
  6. This should be a thing. "YOU died from loss of head"
  7. Is ReShade blocked for all now?

    @EnvyX Basically the same as you! Except brightness/gamma
  8. Hello.:D

    Howdy mate, welcome to the forums! I guess I qualify as an addict too
  9. I also have approximately 320 hours on DayZ SA, and I too was let down by the development stagnating as badly as it did. The key difference here is, DayZ has been in an early EA state for 4 going on 5 years. PUBG is just past 6 months in EA and hasn't stagnated whatsoever, they still release regular(ish) patches and content and the progress has been headed down the right direction. My entire time spent playing DayZ there was one update released. It shattered me, because I really enjoyed the game. That's precisely the point, it remains to be seen. All we can do is take stock of the progress so far, people have feedback and complaints which is always a good thing but to start doom-saying about the fate of the game this early is a little extreme.
  10. Prebuilt PC for $800 USD max?

    This was a fairly quick build on PC Partpicker, it's a good place to start though. That should run most games on sort of mid to high settings, unless they're super demanding, if you can manage the budget I would go for a K-series CPU so you can overclock and get the best performance on it. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/QjMc8K FYI you will only need the CPU cooler there if you manage to get an overclockable CPU.
  11. Prebuilt PC for $800 USD max?

    Which currency?
  12. Is ReShade blocked for all now?

    I got annoyed with ReShade getting blocked so often, this time I just removed it and reproduced the effects I had using my GPU software.
  13. Success breeds mimicry, for every wildly popular game there inevitably comes imitators. If people find entertainment in one of these, more power to them. I feel reasonably confident that so far, most of the player-base isn't fickle enough to abandon the game based on it's development progress.
  14. Is ReShade blocked for all now?

    There is an issue with ReShade at the moment, they are aware of it!
  15. It has been suggested by quite a few players already, I hope it will be added soon.