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  1. DUO FFP only matches me solo

    There is no box anymore, so it's automatically looking for a second person, but even though, the matchmaking should not work on the basis of "there are no players sometimes". It seems that they scripted it to match you in the next 10 seconds no matter if the queue found you a partner or not which is wrong. It should only let you in a match whenever it finds you a person. Imagine playing CS GO and before it finds 4 mates it let you play against a whole team in a ranked game. Fun, right? So once again this feature is not working as it suppose to.
  2. Matching canceled

  3. Network Lag Detected Issue

    I was wondering whether this is a bug or not. Having a good active connection I could browse and talk to people over team speak without having issues with the connection and at the same time getting locked by the game with "Network lag detected" message. Did someone else experience this or it is just me? Just to note that it happened 2 times at the same game and it happened to a teammate in previous match. He was able to talk to us, but he was locked with the same message. Image uploaded for proof.
  4. BUG after getting knockout ..

    Guys, the new patch got this covered I think: Fixed a bug that caused a player to die without entering the REVIVE state when being shot by a shotgun or a full-auto weapon in DUO or SQUAD modes Patience is the key, tomorrow it should probably hit the main server.
  5. Roll over while prone

    I have noticed that it takes a while in prone to move behind a object which is next to you and it also takes time to stand up so you basically stand still for the enemy who is shooting at you for a second before you can move to cover. Maybe there could be an option added to roll over using the peek left and right buttons while prone. In order to avoid abusing of this movement, you can put internal cooldown for it, so you cannot use it 5 seconds after it has been triggered. I don't know if this was considered yet, it's just a suggestion, you know.
  6. Motorbike is jumping on itself

    Bug Description: Sometimes you run into a motorbike that is supposed to be standing still, but it's jumping around instead and making a lot of annoying noise. Date Seen: 26.05.2017 Server: Main server Troubleshooting Attempted: None Other Information: Video below: https://youtu.be/wq6_EODkccs Launch Options: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 1050 CPU: i7-7700HQ @ 2.8 GHz Ram: 8 GB DDR4
  7. Reload instead of shoot

    Bug Description: Sometimes when you shoot with sniper, instead of shooting the gun is throwing the reload animation and no ammo is being shot. Date Seen: 26.05.2017 Server: Main server Troubleshooting Attempted: None Other Information: Video below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UC-xtewKP5k Launch Options: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 1050 CPU: i7-7700HQ @ 2.8 GHz Ram: 8 GB DDR4
  8. Waypoint Marker Improvements

    Totally useless -1, you got a compass on the top of the screen where your marker is being displayed at.
  9. You need to listen more

    To all the people who are arguing about criticism and related stuff. I am not being critic about the game itself, but I posted this thread to help improve the process during development itself. What I was trying to say is that they already have a TEST server which is not being used properly. If they change their plans to give a patch at least a week on the test server before deployment on the so called STABLE server, I will personally participate in every upcoming patch on the test server and give the feedback they need. This is in the suggestion/proposition for a reason and not in the General discussions. I've just dropped the suggestion about voting priorities spontaneous and if you don't like this, just scratch it, but the rest I think will give both sides (Devs and Players) some peace and patience. So, please be reasonable, look at this again and do not treat it like a criticism or crying about the bugs and stuff.
  10. You need to listen more

    Finally, someone is being objective here. And I said that I am not trying to be harsh or salty, but it seems that it sounded a bit like this. I accept my fate if I die on a desync or any other lag issues, I just want the things to be planned and handled in a better way, what would be the wrong in this actually? Everybody who called them professionals and telling me to send my CV over in case I have that much awareness about "things", just FYI I am Cloud Engineer Support working for SAP, so I know the struggle.
  11. You need to listen more

    OK, whatever name you want to use, but they call it STABLE and TEST servers, so they actually accept them as such if you don't read the posts quite carefully. I agree the game is in development and we are here to provide feedback, but it's not about this. It's about the process of how things should work so everyone is actually satisfied. They wanted to postpone the update for the next week until the issues are fixed on the test server (great decision by the way) and then few hours later they applied it. This does not look reasonable and professional at all, this is what the post is all about. A professional attitude is to work for acceptable results for both sides, not only one.
  12. You need to listen more

    Yeah, obviously this is not correct. As they have posted before get a test server: PLAY BATTLEGROUNDS‏ @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Apr 13 We're still investigating the connection issues. Next week we'll be opening a test server to better prepare updates before they go live! So, basically the test servers are to prepare patches, does this look like a prepared patch? A test server is a full replica of the production server where they have the same settings and resources. When you perform new changes to the test server, until the test server can be called stable as the production one, the patches are not being applied. This is like a rule in every big company working in the IT industry. Yes, I agree there might be some minor issues after the patch is applied to the production server, but if you join them now, does it look like minor to you? To be honest, if they feel so determined to realize this project, they will agree and take responsibility about this.
  13. You need to listen more

    Obviously you are not into the whole post, so I will sum it up for you in only one question. What is the test server for?
  14. You need to listen more

    Hello PUBG Team, As you said before you deployed a test server where you will be able to test the updates before applying them on the production server. However, it seems that this plan has failed, so here is something I would suggest here. Every time you decide to announce a monthly patch update which could potentially screw up the gameplay completely, deploy it on test server at least a week before, so you can have the time to react and resolve whatever is broken. A single day to test before the actual patch? Come on, who does this?! Another thing, please make a voting with the most reported issue and let the people vote which issue to be with highest priority for you to fix, you keep adding new stuff before the old stuff is optimized, which is harming the actual FPS of most people. Let's say someone decided "hey, I can play this game I got 50 acceptable FPS." 2 months later, nothing is optimized, but new stuff have been added and their FPS is dropping to 20, so they can't play anymore. Guess what, they have to wait until next month, so they can launch the game again? I am not trying to being harsh or salty here, but just reasonable. Man up and sort your priorities straight or let the player decide. If you actually decide at some point to put the decision for priorities in players' hands you will see that they don't need new weapons and vehicles, they just want a smooth gameplay, so they don't lose their nerve.
  15. FPS less than 60

    Thanks for the suggestions. However, I have used these launch settings, but it didn't get better. I was considering that, but does it actually need that much RAM? I think it's dependable, because currently when ingame I am using between 80-87% RAM, basically it does not go over 90% which means that it is quite enough. I assume that if I want to increase the distance view to high or ultra it will need more RAM so it can load farther surroundings and keep them cashed, isn't that so?