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    Who else plays Sanhok only?

    The best way to die in Sanhok is by moving too much and too often. Someone WILL spot you and wait for your next move. I've had better luck with playing the edge of circle and letting it chase me in, rather than playing center circle. The map is small enough that a decent amount of people will know where you are once you engage the first enemy who makes a move on your compound, even if you're suppressed.
  2. What's the worst 'requirements' you've come across when searching the LFG posts? People either want someone with a million wins, or a stoner, or you must be a single hot mom in your local area. People make no sense. I had multiple people refuse to play because I didn't have 100+ wins. One dude had 72 days played with 121 wins. I bought PUBG in August and have 11 days played with 56 total wins. 17 Solo 23 Squad 16 Duo
  3. I Hate People

    Na FPP works??!!

    I've noticed the same type of matchmaking with FPP. Solo on all 3 maps = Doesn't take that long. Sanhok will be fine, but the bigger maps will usually only have 40-60 people in the game. Solo on Sanhok = Always hitting 90+ people per game Solo on big maps only = 40-60 people per game. Really boring games especially for Miramar. Duos / Squads on Sanhok = Always 80-90+ people Duos / Squads on all maps = Sanhok will be fine, but Erangel and Miramar will have 50-60 people.
  4. I Hate People

    Does your GT fix your playstyle?

    My GT is: Jesuuus Christ I don't know how that would fit my playing style but I definitely get some some good quotes during random games. "Yo Jesus bring me back to life" "Jesus take the wheel" "We aren't losing this game, we got Jesus on our team"
  5. Does anyone else hate the fact that if you get knocked while in a vehicle it automatically shoots you out of the car? I honestly have no idea how this could be changed besides the obvious option of not getting knocked. It would be cool if the person would remain knocked until the car came to stop, and then kicking them out.