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  1. Random play support

    Not many ppl want/can/are using voice in random squads so it seems. Maybe consider some fixed callouts with keybinds, like enemy at (direction looking), grab weap/health/item here, lets move. Just the basic ones
  2. Endgame voice chat (ptt)

    Seems cant say anything at end of round with ingame voice chat and using push to talk? Not 100% sure, but seems so... Bit of a shame when winning with random squad. als, couldnt bind ptt key to extra mouse button
  3. Fist fights

    the reason is that they don't know how to hit, it's off
  4. Player Rating system

    Something more at the end of a round would be great esp. for top 10. There is now zero reason to wait it out
  5. Armor should act like an extra healthbar

    The helmet does popoff sometimes right? it would be nice if the stats and function of armor etc is better explained somewhere
  6. Dont know for sure think it is 8-10
  7. some suggestions

    1) it already does so for me? 2) i think servers are in same location per region 3) have that as well. Have to kill it to restart
  8. Respawns/Loading times

    The whole point is not respawning, most of game is pointless when you would respawn. Esp. Gear up phase. but match start could be a bit faster esp. when it is at 100 joined
  9. Be able to cary armor or weapons.

    I think you should get less actually so more decisions to make. I think weight should impact movement somewhat
  10. More options for MELE

    I think it should be made much more risky to pickup anything while some one is punching. Also kick/stomp should be added when player is crouched or proned. Finally you should also not be able to just run away. For example give everyone full boost at start and then have punches etc reduce it. Reduced boost means slightly lower run speed, so that fist fights can occur more easily at start. Currently the whoever grabs gun first and easy kill is just too lame.
  11. Match-making - sort of.

    It is also very much a matter of how many players there are. The game needs 100 per round, in 3 game modes and 4 regions, and nobody wants to wait too long to start a game esp. since it can be over quickly as well. So the number of divisions you want to make times 100 is the number of players you need within a 1-3 minute timeframe. Quickly adds up...
  12. Reload bug

    had the same for first time since patch not before, I thought it was specifically for the uzi. Did only reload after dropping and picking up again.
  13. Rifle loot drop % nerfed?

    Again the problem is not so much that the loot has changed, the problem is more that a lot of the loot is inferior and lacking game-mechanics to make them more viable.
  14. Rifle loot drop % nerfed?

    It wouldnt be as much of a problem when the game actually allows for different play styles based on the weapons. For example when carrying lighter weapons you should gain in movement abilities, speed, shooting while moving, ability to sneak better, more relevant covered areas etc. But currently the game really focusses for the most part on outdoor ranged fighting so increasing the RNG factor like this does not improve the experience imho.
  15. Fist shouldn't this much damage (VIDEO)

    also bullets did win, you got headshot with p92
  16. Gun sounds + Footstep sounds

    yes the footstep sounds seems unreliable and the ratio to gun and other sounds is an annoyance
  17. Diving gear

    small thing, but some diving gear with timer to cross river submerged would be fun addition. something like the gas-mask
  18. Day/Night Game Mode?

    Day/Night and in-between lighting would be a nice addition. So would some fog or even snow be. As far as cheating; of course it should not be as easy as changing a slider to counter the effects, same as it is with foliage