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  1. Bluehoie(topten)

    Xbox 1.0 Update #3 - Feedback Topic

    @PUBG_Andymh5 any update on the date we can expect to get these custom game settings in an update? I speak for a sizable portion of the community when I say we’re pretty eager to really customize weapon spawns, circle settings, and etc. Some of the big streamers on mixer and their audience are really anticipating things like the much enjoyable zombie mode on pc. Any insight on this would be appreciated as I’d be able to quickly spread this information throughout the community who are all waiting to know. Thanks!
  2. Bluehoie(topten)

    Are people using mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Great and you’re just arrogant and ignorant. Thanks for the insightful waste of time to read and respond to this.
  3. Bluehoie(topten)

    Are people using mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    I’m not saying I’m against it completely, but for any game that it gives you a competitive edge I’m not for it (in the sense of multiplayer games). To be an Xbox user is to be a controller user. If m&k support is accepted by any competitive shooters, I will never play them again because what’s the point in having a console when the premise of playing is no longer a controller?
  4. Bluehoie(topten)

    LFG Posts amuse me

    Yeah, occasionally I do because sometimes I need another person or two.i have “topten” in my name because I feel like if it was just BluehoIe, people would be confused. BluehoIe is my gamertag for when I play pubg. In you regards to the xim users, there’s a few of them on boards that personally have told me they use them. I don’t play with them for that reason.
  5. Bluehoie(topten)

    LFG Posts amuse me

    I post things like this to dissuade people of a lower skill level to not seek interest on my post. I’m never an asshole about it though. I actually get on my alternate account to play with newer players and help them out but most times then not I’m trying to play with people on a similar skill level as me. Nothing wrong with asking lfg’s to have a certain amount of wins/kills if it’s not arrogant.... just looking for people of similar skill. Not always in the mood to carry someone and help them especially when it’s not a responsibility.
  6. Bluehoie(topten)

    LFG Posts amuse me

    20% is easy and I say that in a humble way. When I was on boards last season, my team and I held 70% win rating.
  7. Bluehoie(topten)

    Are people using mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    I wouldn’t consider them supporting m&k use as catching up if that’s what you’re referring to.
  8. Bluehoie(topten)

    Are people using mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Yeah and I never will use it for console because I don’t cheat lmao. Do you think meth is a bad drug? Well I don’t care about your opinion because unless you are currently addicted to meth you know nothing about it. *sarcasm*. Lmaooo, I can have my opinion about something like m&k on console when I’ve never used it. I’ve talked to people who use it, and I’ve seen videos. It’s not that hard to learn about and then draw my own conclusions from that. Knowledge isn’t solely derived from personal experience with m&k.
  9. Bluehoie(topten)

    Are people using mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Probably Wikipedia lul
  10. Bluehoie(topten)

    Are people using mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Thanks for the opinion. Maybe try using some facts to back up your argument like I did. I’m not close minded if people actually have something thoughtful to say other than “you don’t know nothing.”... which means I know something I guess. Just because I haven’t used m&k on console doesn’t mean I do not understand the principle of how they work. Enlighten me though, I’m curious as to what I “got wrong” about the premise of my argument; a mouse is very advantageous in terms of aiming when compared to a controller joystick.
  11. Bluehoie(topten)

    Are people using mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Unlike most commenting here, I have knowledge on both sides of the argument rather than just a sole opinion. Yes, Microsoft lifted the restriction of M&k on console but stated this does not mean you are able to use it on any game. They said it would be up to the developers on whether or not they wanted to allow it and also stated their intent was to affect games other than FPS, moreso games that need shortcuts rather than the aid of aiming. I can’t think of many examples but something like Minecraft could benefit from m&k on console because you could quickly shortcut keys to different materials to be more efficient. However, I will never support m&k devices to be used in competitive shooters, or any competitive game for that matter on console. The premise of aiming on a controller whether it’s an elite, scuff, or normal controller are two joysticks. This is how you aim, shoot, control recoil, and look around. Sure the shortcut buttons can allow you to keep your thumbs on the analog sticks the whole time but it’s not changing the premise of aiming (joysticks). I actually have an elite controller but avoid using the paddles on pubg because it’s slower paced so I don’t sense the advantage in using them compared to a game like r6 siege. The only thing I use on the elite for pubg are the longer joysticks because I have long thumbs so it feels more natural. Regardless, the premise of aiming remains the same as a normal controller and they are legal to use in competitions. Obviously if you’re a bad player you won’t just become a god with m&k. It makes me laugh every time for all of you who have been commenting “I’m not the best it doesn’t make you a god blah blah blah.” The thing is though, aiming with m&k is more precise, you’re using one whole hand for the right analog movement and the same for the left analog (plus you are using 4 separate fingers for each individual wasd movement) instead of just two thumbs. If you’re using the hybrid m&k that essentially turns the wasd movement into analog, you still have the major advantage of aiming with a mouse. I’ve been playing console for a long time and have always been at the top in terms of skill. There are a good amount of people on console playing pubg using m&k. Whether or not they are good doesn’t justify using it. There are several players on the leaderboards right now that I know are using m&k and their aim is just ridiculous, something unattainable with a controller because they have perfected the use of m&k. One of them was actually a pc player prior to Xbox pubg release and switched to console and brought his map knowledge of pubg with his m&k use to console. I used to play with him actually and once I found out, I stopped playing with him because it’s cheating and he was hiding it. Aside from current leaderboard players using it, I know plenty of other good players using it. Regardless of your skill level, it’s cheating plain and simple. If it doesn’t give you an advantage over someone like me, it’s giving you an advantage over someone else and that’s not fair. I’ve played pc a few times and can say although I was absolute trash, you can be so precise with aiming once you learn how to use it. If you use m&k console for any competitive shooter, I look down on you like I do any other cheater whether it be radar, m&k, or Cronusmax. The sad thing is nothing will be done about these players so I’m not sure why I wasted my time to give my opinion. I wish they would just console ban these people because account bans will just be diverted by creating more accounts
  12. Bluehoie(topten)

    How is TPP competitive?

    I guess you’re all that right?
  13. Bluehoie(topten)

    November patch. Last chance.

    You’re completely wrong and so unaware of what’s happening. The player base has shrunk so much compared to where it used to be because of what you’re saying lol... “so tired of the whining, just quit the game.” That’s exactly what people have been doing... quitting the game because they can’t tolerate it anymore. I was on leaderboards multiple times, I’ve grinded this game and spent a lot of time on it. This game should be at the point where I die to skill more than bugs and yes it has gotten better but it’s no where near the 1.0 quality we were all expecting. You’re so naive to the fact that they rolled out all of these plans to fix Xbox pubg (weekly community post, patches, etc) and didn’t execute on any of it. Time after time again without causing much of a surprise anymore they have extended the release of updates by days, weeks and months. Their communication and promises to this community are absolutely terrible. We were supposed to get custom games in September, but then that got pushed back to late October and then it got pushed to when? I have no clue because they absolutely nothing to let us know what’s going on. I’d assume it’ll be rolled up into this November update that I pray also increase the quality of the game but highly doubt it. That’s just one of many examples on how tired I and the majority, not minority like you said, are tired of these problems. The whole mixer community has grown tired of these problems and it’s pretty evident as streamers verbally bash the game as well as the viewers and I think that’s a good representation of how the majority actually feels about the game. I had faith in this game and had really high hopes for 1.0. Once that was released it was just an absolute shit show from then on as if nothing changed. Communication improved for an all of two weeks in the weekly post... but then the post just started reiterating things they already told us and promised. Or the weekly post for next week will concentrate on everything from last week and give us no insight as to what to expect next week. I honestly laugh every time because it’s kind of pathetic at this point. I love the idea of the game but it really should be in such a better state. Don’t even get me started on the cheaters either because their stance on that really tells me how they feel about this game overall. They literally can stop people from cheating and can ban them but nope, half of the leaderboards are filled with them. I have little to no hope for the November update for any significant changes but I’ll guess we’ll find out during the news release at xo18 on November 10th. I hope at least they optimize my Xbox x gameplay enough that I can hit drop pecado again or not have to wait around for guns to load upon landing. Please refrain from telling me to buy an ssd because I already bought an Xbox x only for this game and I’m not going to spend another $100 to improve this game.
  14. Bluehoie(topten)

    Is cheating or hacking present on Xbox?

    Yeah lmao, trust me I know people can be good... I get those shots all of the time myself because I’ve put days and days into this game. When someone has to use m&k which isn’t that easy to hide as you’re saying it is, it pisses me off because the skill curve of aiming is so much smaller compared to aiming with a controller. I know people that openly admit to using m&k on pubg, so I know what m&k movement looks like. It’s actually pretty apparent when you know what to look for. ”Because you’ll never know who’s using m&k why care” really? Sorry but I don’t want to play with cheaters. I am aware of the fact that some people cry wolf when they die because they don’t understand they got outgunned. They are quick to assume their killer is a cheater. Like I said earlier though I have little to no faith that anything will actually be done about all of the cheats going around on console. I’ve personally reached out to some people like lumos on twitter with a very subtle message concerning this topic and certain players. Didn’t get a single response, not even once did I get the generic “go to our website and submit a report blah blah.” They obviously only care about the next new weapon skins. Curious to what big news is being realeased at xo18 on nov 10th.