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  1. WayNicer than B4

    Community Weekly Post - November Week 2

    I call a bottle of wine, marvin gaye and a few candles "performance mode". Makes for a great pubg experience
  2. WayNicer than B4

    Community Weekly Post - November Week 2

    update has some real promise!! 3 resolution options, 3 graphical quality options... a real fix try for desync, a free 20k BP and sweet punk jacket, FOV Slider...damn...EXCITED!!!
  3. WayNicer than B4

    Killing idle players? At end of plane path?

    ive noticed many of these afk are probably caused by the "lost connection to host". You get into lobby and boom one of your members isnt there. Slow to back out, and you on the plane. Then back out and reacquire your teammate and try again lol.
  4. WayNicer than B4

    Overpower [Nov 8-11] Feedback topic

    say you are updating things because of community feedback??? We have mostly asked for no crate weapons, and a tpp mode also. The points update is nice, but c'mon
  5. WayNicer than B4

    Custom Games: What We Want and Need

    team killing auto-ban from future custom matchmaking
  6. WayNicer than B4

    Have played this game since week one

    They keep messing up on a broken game you have played almost exclusively for a year??!?!?! When is the last time you played a perfectly running game for an entire year? LOL
  7. WayNicer than B4

    lol this new system...

    I hope the OP unlocks a binky and bib @ level 10
  8. WayNicer than B4


    worker jacket was like level 12 reward for sanhok pass i think
  9. WayNicer than B4


    I believe if F2P...its genius. They have gotten their cash from everyone that wanted to play. I bet sales now for it are at a bare min...so why not increase the player base by making it free and hoping to make more on microtrans? I like the idea and believe this is not an error.
  10. WayNicer than B4


    I think smart. Take on the fortnite leftovers that COD didnt steal already. Many played fortnite due to the fact it was free. Now no excuses for grown men to play treehouse building kid graphics