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  1. Simple temporary solution to hacking:

    They would rather send a hitman for every person whos suggesting that.
  2. More players, lower fps

    Thats exactly how it is and it shoudnt be. And i noticed, in the night time on EU servers, i have bigger fps. That is mad crazy.
  3. You just described PUBG. That's why we play it.
  4. The fire from the plane is from day one, and the pan bug was around for more than 5 months. So 4 weeks to edit a userfile seems resonable FOR BLUEHOLE.
  5. I was sarcastic with the risk. Of course they should do it.
  6. One problem at a time, you cant expect a multi milionare company take too many risks, can you ?
  7. Clearly you didnt read my post . I try to drop the magazine on the ground. GROUND . You have to deal with the bug, not me.
  8. I'm expecting huge fixes since the last patch was a while ago. They have to, otherwise people will complain even more, and as far as i can see, all the topics are complaints now. They wont keep the word with 11 weeks to be finished, they changed their mind from initial statement with crates and other stuff, this will be no difference. I really dont want to see the vaulting system with the current desync.
  9. Ummm, ya....

    Dosent matter he put the gun away. The shot was trough the wall, wtf you guys speaking about something else?
  10. The funniest one is, when you have a full bag and you try to drop the extended mag from your gun on the ground, it says the inventory is full.
  11. Cheating has killed this game

    You are one of the most ridiculous person i have ever seen.
  12. They dont want to. Thats it. There is no any other explination for that. They have the money, they have the resources.
  13. Frag Grenades need to be readdressed

    Lol those narrow minded prople forget that the guy had direct contact with the blast which was 2 meters away. In real life he would’ve been incapacitated for shure, still its a game, so my guess is that he had 1 hp left after the blast.

    Go to dayz if you want that. Or join the army, let the game as it is, just fix it.