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  1. Bad idea just after introducing a new way for profit to slow down the patches. You should increase the team performance not make it look like you reduce it.
  2. maggot

    Graphics is distorted after match making

    Its game related, i have the same problem(just the first part) then the game resumes to the normal state.
  3. It is from previous patch actually and looks like it hasnt been fixed. A floating city hasnt been fixed, cool.
  4. maggot

    50+ FPS with drops to 1-5 every 4 seconds

    May be the gpu overheating.
  5. Same problem, update is corrupted.
  6. maggot

    Crash After Matchmaking

    Did that. Now i hope it wont last one or two weeks before ill be able to play again.
  7. maggot

    Crash After Matchmaking

    After the game finds a match, the loading starts then crash .
  8. maggot

    Stuck / General Map Bugs - Post Here

    So i got stuck between the door and the building, jumped, then started falling but i was still in the same place . Then just died from the falling.
  9. maggot

    My Pioneer Crates Reset....

    How do you know it happens weekly ? The EA realease was one week ago. You just got one week in total which is not enough to take a conclusion like that. Mine got reseted aswell.