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  1. Tired of PUBG, just to let you know this...

    Because pubg is doing such a better job regarding servers, right?
  2. Explain this to me

    Pubg melts your hopes and dreams with every encounter with another player. This is why.
  3. Red Zone explosion sound

    You know what's funny? That you think i'm joking with what i said. I am very serious. Now you go away with your useless posts.
  4. Red Zone explosion sound

    Another one? Go away dude. You shoul've heard the sound before this one, your ears would start bleeding.
  5. desperado crates

    Guys, quit complaining and wait for an alternative game . This is the biggest money grab game you've seen so far. They wont listen to you and they will keep making decisions acording to profit ideas.
  6. This game has to be played with a plan. If you dont have one you die to the ⭕️ Its just your fault.
  7. Shooting range servers

    Just learn the game the hard way. Play it till you learn it. Its battleroyale after all, isnt supposed to be easy.
  8. Changes to Miramar

    More cover and buildings? Dude this whole map it's filled with junk and buildings.....
  9. You have to be very positive in this game.
  10. Dude, it just your opinion. There are 2.5m other people with diffrent opinions. People are playing like this regardless of what you think.
  11. It may be true or not what you say, however people are using what i showed you. Why? My answer is one of the options to why, there are many more.
  12. You are one of the most ridiculous person i have ever seen.
  13. Frag Grenades need to be readdressed

    Lol those narrow minded prople forget that the guy had direct contact with the blast which was 2 meters away. In real life he would’ve been incapacitated for shure, still its a game, so my guess is that he had 1 hp left after the blast.

    Go to dayz if you want that. Or join the army, let the game as it is, just fix it.
  15. Reporting Hackers?

    Yep, we've been complaining enough, it's BlueHole move to show us some good will on this monthly update, otherwise.....heads will fall.