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  1. Level System in PUBG

    Ranked game yea right. Keep dreaming. This is pure randomness
  2. Double cheaters incoming.
  3. We need to talk about drop rates...

    Its rng. Sometimes you find 3 AR’s in one house, sometimes you find one pistol in 2 houses....live with it. Adapt and overcome the situation.
  4. New map is great!

    I would do the same. Takes 20 seconds maximum.
  5. This is how life works. Nothing we can do about it. This just shows the caracther of the people in charge of this game.

    Sounds good, dosent work.
  7. You have to be very positive in this game.
  8. The game itself is a big fail. The idea Is wht sold 30 million copies.

    So while you have titanium fence. I get cardboard fence https://youtu.be/MsPQ708PZE8 That feels bad man.
  10. So the same problem that we are having since first day of alpha, early access? Are we talking about the same lag and desync? If now is like 2-3 seconds.....Do we have to pay extra for no desync and lag free ? Or when do we get that cuz the game is coming out in a few weeks... And for the people who are gonna defend with texts like ''look how far we come'' , yes we did. Maps, new vehicles, new guns, vaulting yet we still get shot around corners ..... I prefer working engine then ski jets....
  11. So, how did this guy shot me? Desync after 2-3 seconds? It means the game is tottaly broken. Hack? To shoot trough objects? Is this game made of gum or what? https://youtu.be/MsPQ708PZE8

    We remind them untill they do something. How does this affect you?
  13. 5.9GB patch has killed FPS

    10-15% fps gone after the patch. The people who say they didnt lose any, they are either blind or lying
  14. Test server unplayable. Try to cross a road when getting shot. 5 meters running takes you 15 seconds.
  15. Dude, guns guns guns guns everywhere, airdrops everywhere. Where you land? In the ocean? They finally did something decent. Complaining time is on pause.