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  1. Server Lag Report Thread

    Please fix the game. So many crashes. 11/07/17
  2. Hello, I suggest If sniper rifles can kill 2 enemies with one bullet, game can be more realistic. Maybe AWM's can kill 3? Thank you.
  3. Night / Weather

    Damn this is good...
  4. Night / Weather

    There is rainy weather right? So when it's snowy, you'll leave foot steps on the ground but few moments later, the snow will cover it. Just like in real life...
  5. I think this is a really good idea mate... Developers should consider this.
  6. When you drop a gun, It drops with the attachments on it. So your friend can take it immediately. I think your opinion isn't a problem...
  7. I don't know about that because how you'll know how many ammo's on the gun and how are you gonna take them...
  8. It's really good idea but I don't know what's gonna happen when there are like five attachments on it. But I like it!
  9. Night / Weather

    The first thing you said is really interesting as well...
  10. Night / Weather

    There can be custom shoes that won't make any foot steps...
  11. Night / Weather

    I would love a snow map with foot steps tracked as well. That would be the coolest thing ever! And maybe if you slow walk you won't make foot steps something like that... That would be so sick!
  12. Cannot Reload

    I cannot reload in one server. I tried everything. Dropped the gun, ammo, tried to switch gun. Tried to take a different gun. Even with a pistol. Fix it please.