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  1. Id like to suggest the idea of putting the snow map in the live version of the game straight away and not in the test server first ! Just note somewhere that if you choose that map, its still in the test stage, and that there can be bugs. This way more people will play it, more people will post map bugs, and the people who never use test server dont have to either download the test server version, or wait for the snow map to release on live servers.
  2. nice job @xTekx_1 funny thing about miramar for me is: on erangel you have to know the ridges and dips and spots to use for cover. in miramar tho, there is so many. also i cant ever seem to get to know mirmar by heart. it all just looks the same to me: buildings, mountains, desert.
  3. yes. so 1min50sec. i think char runs around 8m/s. so half the time to run and half the time for whatever else. the thing i prefer to a car here is the fact that people who are ahead of you, will gatekeep often once they are inside. usually at a place of cover. you sort of 'break through' or counter that bad situation for you by using a car, or being in the circle earlier. if a decent player gatekeeps you, you got a firefight thats hard to win, with the circle breathing in your back. but to both car and running there is plusses and minusses. ill be waiting to see how you chose to go.
  4. if you have no car, you cant afford any luxuries at this point. just run straight in, take minimal time to avoid buildings, try to avoid gunfights as much as possible. leave immediately, if you find a car, take it. no need for the decision to hoof it. i had an entire phase of not using cars basically at all during games. you are in a serious disadvantage. or put another way: cars give you a lot more options and are very powerful. as to ambushing people when on the edge of the circle: this usually takes up more time than youd like, however in this case it did gave you great loot.
  5. thats a rough spot. do you have a car? i assume yes but you forgot to mention it. id say take vehicle to one of the shacks in the middle. this, if its a public game. good chance one of the shacks is not taken. if all taken, there should be some ridges and dips to play with somewhere in the middle. since its miramar. i hate to be the captain 'what-you-should-have-done-earlier' here, but you were pretty lacking to take action earlier. i think it is usually a good thing to be ahead of the circles and find a good location relatively early. staying at yellow gives you basically zero chance of the circle coming on you, and thus, moving seems like the best thing to do. waiting till this late will usually keep you safe and ladder a few spots, but in order to win the game, taking action somewhat sooner gives you imo the best chance to getting top 5. if you dont have a car or you get shot out of the car while trying to reach one of the shacks, than its too bad, but its a risk you always take, and again, a risk you minimize by moving earlier.
  6. r0eladn

    Groza with suppressor?

    I hear multiple streamers always wanting a suppressor on the groza. why is this? Is there something special about a suppressor on a groza? suppressor just gives it a 5% recoil penalty like on all other ARs right?
  7. r0eladn

    FINAL CIRCLE - on Miramar ISLAND!!!

    i had a game end here. was a lot of fun. people shooting eachother from afar on top of the mountains surrounding the mine. not a lot made it to the island in the first place, then ended in the mine itself. people had to come down from the hills, some couldnt find a path and fell to death or died in the blue.
  8. r0eladn

    DP28 Buff idea

    it is pretty good. of all ARs and LMG's it has the highest base damage with 51 (source: pubg stats site) people just dont use it that much.
  9. r0eladn

    Ak9: Idea, Crate Version VSS+

    i like it. (but i like new guns most of the time.) pubg translation if i saw it correct: an AR with 9mm subsonic, very quiet with suppressor. single and full auto. rail for reddot to 6x. slow bullet velocity, not super high damage, need to actually find a suppressor for it to go quiet. so the VSS remains having a purpose in the game. hope someone puts this into the idea box at BH. 9mm AR, not a bad idea at all !
  10. r0eladn

    New hacker favourite VSS?

    the blatant hakkers like the vss.
  11. r0eladn

    Low sensitivity while taking boosters

    i +1 this. i didnt die yet cause of it but wouldnt be surprised if someday soon.
  12. r0eladn

    Performance Issues?

    ive got a 750ti, which is 2gb as well i think. on 1080p i get like 52 fps avg or so. entering ur specs on a benchmark site shows an avg fps of 50ish. maybe you cant expect more from that gpu. you can try downloading latest nvidia drivers and it comes with geforce experience. you can let geforce experience choose the best settings for ur laptop. i myself run it now on a low resolution but at least the game is smoothest possible with my monitor.
  13. r0eladn

    Players with sick stats

    okay. so i reported the guy because of his movement, which moved exactly as if he knew where i was. also headshot machine, hitting incredible shots. this could be coincidence in this case tho. and... today i got the message that he is banned so in this case it was too good to be true, i suppose they do a thorough investigation before permabanning someone.
  14. r0eladn

    make quarry have good loot

    i think its better to keep it regular loot. otherwise it turns into a place where people start using the high ground to get easy kills in the beginning. think about prison on erangel. there is ALWAYS someone from mini mansion or the lumber yard who comes sniping from the rocks for an easy kill. btw, if someone reads this and you are that person, please stop doing that.
  15. r0eladn

    Players with sick stats

    thats good to know.