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  1. r0eladn

    Weapon Suggestion

    gas powered arrow gun. higher bolt velocity and range than the crossbow. faster reload times.
  2. Brendan Greene said in a Q&A that for some technical reasons they cant do a training area right now.
  3. r0eladn

    1050ti or 1060 3gb for PUBG?

    i was thinking the same. i really hope youre right.
  4. i got shot yesterday by K98. i had full health, and went down to ~20%. helmet turned red as happens when shot. weird.
  5. arent they based in korea or something? it should be morning there. meaning if they fudge up the maintenance, they got all day to fix it without having to work overtime.
  6. r0eladn

    Making the switch from console

    You're traveling towards a better dimension, a dimension not only of better fps but of better controls. A journey into a wondrous game whose boundaries are none when not playing on xbox. That's the signpost up ahead - your next stop, proper gaming.
  7. i think non-threatening ones are fine. (wadu, the singing guy, shopkeeper) once streamers get killed by em, they should get a (temp) ban. queue snipers are fine imo.
  8. r0eladn

    PC or Laptop - What to do, what to do?

    yeah is probably a non issue.
  9. r0eladn

    PC or Laptop - What to do, what to do?

    yeah. so probably having the laptop for if you ever wanna have a mobile pc is probably of higher value than upgrading your pc via selling the laptop. only thing you could look up is the strain on laptops in general, when it comes to high usage of components (if there is any at all), vs strain on a regular pc, and you could even look this up on ur specific laptop, to see if this is an issue. basically if this can cap the life span of a laptop. if there is higher strain, and you see yourself gaming for some time to come, you could consider that a good enough reason to go with a desktop. good luck.
  10. r0eladn

    PC or Laptop - What to do, what to do?

    when it comes to gaming, id say you wanna have an independent keyboard, and not use the laptops keyboard. but i think u werent planning to. on the 32" screen, most people recommend, also most pros afaik use 27" . you would deifnitely want the better system to play pubg on, the more fps the better, definitely in shooters, like pubg. i think you can either: hook up the laptop with a keyboard, mouse, and screen. and i think you will get satisfying fps. if you would sell the laptop and upgrade the pc, sure you will probably get more fps than on the laptop. but it wont be that much more i think. edit: i dont think there are downsides to using your laptop like that, but i could be wrong. just make sure you turn off energy saving mode and select high performance.
  11. r0eladn

    Making the switch from console

    better to do good research than buying something and then after a month realising you actually wanna have some more fps. i think, as you already said you were aiming for, most important is trying to go for high settings and 110+ fps on a 144hz monitor. http://www.userbenchmark.com/PCGame/FPS-Estimates-PlayerUnknowns-Battlegrounds/3944/153864.355255.0.1080p.0 someone alrdy mentioned this site, its great to put in ur build and then you can get an idea of how many fps you are gonna get. also when calculating your budget, i strongly advice you to take account of: definitely get that gaming mouse, good keyboard, good headset, and nice and big mousepad. also, if you have little experience with keyboard and mouse, you might wanna find a faster paced shooter (in which you use the same mouse sensitivity) as a training ground for aiming. something like a game that has deathmatch. cs 1.6 or something. the idea here is to get into 100 gunfights within an hour instead of, if using only pubg, 5 gunfights per hour. If everything becomes too costly. you can obv go for less fps. or, some people might advice you to go for a Ryzen pc. idk anything about ryzen myself, but might be worth to check out.
  12. r0eladn

    New Option Sharpen And Fps

    i think i did notice an fps drop. find it kind of odd. first, you pick a resolution. now you can screenscale that down. and then, you can now sharpen that image. 🤔