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  1. What''s wrong with you guys?

    i think you need to yell "friendly" on the mic, that should do it.
  2. Scenario: Where would you go #1

    I would do the following: Go to yellow circle and hold this location. Reasons: 1. you are pretty much safe from red circle, id assume people across on the other side of the rocks are too busy with their surroundings to start a snipe war with you guys. People in prison you can get good cover from + its a death trap so i think 70%+ of the time there wont be anyone there. 2. from green circle: there wont be a lot of people here, because of the open terrain and no houses. so you can focus on the blue circles: people coming from 'up the hill'. But its like a funnel over there, so being downhill shouldnt be too disadvantageous imo at this exact spot. i believe being between prison and 'mini mansion'(4 house compound) is gonna be bad, cause of people coming in from the east, and highly likely from the 'mini mansion' , so lots of action. also being in yellow circle will be fine whereever the next circle will be. - centres in on you, fine. - towards east, fine, u got the option to go there through the entrance or upper rockside of prison. - south, fine, you got good sight of people coming behind you from the field, while you are moving east. - west, fine, you got good sight of remaining angles. - north, fine. (basically taking a location that has 'hard cover' from the biggest angle), and i think this is that spot.
  3. New Case?

    country flags would be cool.
  4. Terrible Pubg Tips for all levels of skill

    You mean: play, its working absolutely flawless.
  5. 1.0 - Impressions?

    Okay so, my impressions after 2 games (i never played the test server): Everything seems sluggish, although i have around 8 more fps on average. The graphics got an overhaul, but i dont know if its better or worse. Stuff seems more pixelated. I hate the scroll to change the hollow sight etc, cause i used to scroll when ADS'ing to switch to another weapon. my movement feels slow, the aiming feels slow, everything feels slow. Only good things so far: smaller reticle on the 4x, bandages are more powerful. Somehow better hit reg i think. And yeah, major lag in the beginning of a game. Maybe i need to tweak some settings or get the new nvidia patch or something, but where i felt the previous version was a decent shooting game, this feels just bad.
  6. How often does this happen?

    Zero kills happens enough. However it seems that you didnt even try killing people. You are just hiding without even a backpack or anything. That probably doesnt happen that much.
  7. Yeah you are right, some people out there have crazy aim. That vid is nothing out of the ordinary. The good thing is, most people do not have close to the aim that guy has, so dont feel too discouraged by that death. How you ask? People playing video games/pubg 6+ hours a day. Been playing shooters for a long time. If you wanna see people with such aim in action --> twitch.tv.
  8. I think its desync. This is probably worse than normal cause on the new map on test, the first few minutes everything is major laggy. This probably doenst happen 3min+ into the game.
  9. Tell me mr. Anderson..

    What good is a chicken dinner... if you're unable to speak..?
  10. this is not a democracy lol but i vote checkboxes for which map and weather conditions. imo the random stuff just adds a longer waiting time between games.
  11. Pubg'd

    totally agree with the analysis. man, a game where miliseconds count in gunfights.. and then this. such a shame. he isnt even pointing at you and suddenly pop pop ur instadead.
  12. [Video] Fog Map Domination

    Chuck Norris played a pubg match once. He got an 800 meter Kar98 kill. It was on a fog map.
  13. i can think of 2 things: aimpunch: your character twitches and your sight wonks when you get shot. in close quarter fights, fps can drop a lot cause of i think the blood. at least thats what i got.