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  1. FOG: How do you change your strategy?

    I really like the fog matches. proning is way more powerful, because usually you can be seen easily from far away, in fog matches this doesnt apply, so proning is very powerful. whenever circle is runable, i never use a car. you can just sneak easily. also if you see a guy, no need to kill em. shooting gives away position, and guy in front of you can kill people in front of him, so he is doing your work. and then big open fields are no longer certain death, but doable.
  2. @WackyJacky101 Do you know how leaning and bullet drop/aiming above a target works? For instance, lets say instead of the ~40 degree leaning angle, one would hold his gun 90 degrees sideways, im thinking this must affect how to zero and how to shoot above your target, at long distances. Im really interested if this is a thing in pubg and if at long ranges you have to account for this. im asking you this because uve had a lot of experience testing in this area.
  3. Yes, that is highly likely programmed to be so. Just as they made sure circles dont end on water. Ever wondered why the first circle is very clearly on Sosnovka? Read @Schizmo his post, same as what i meant.
  4. that gap between 5 and 600 meters? what is going on here? bug?
  5. Wired or Wireless Mouse?

    Ull mostly find that pro gamers will use wired. But with current technology there is very little input delay if you do use a wireless mouse. I got a wireless mouse right now, and the main annoyance for me is the weight of the battery. Im looking to get a mouse for pubg as well, was looking at a Razer Deathadder elite. Simple, not more buttons than i need. I dont mind the cord. Saves battery money in the long run =]
  6. The game does end on Zharki. Ive seen a post on reddit with it ending there. The circle rng just makes it very unlikely that it happens. Because the entirety on the first circle, every edge of it is always visible. so a middle of the map ending will occur way more frequent.
  7. How Epic and others are slamming Cheaters

    take those f'ers to court.
  8. Can't refresh

    you do realize that 'normal' games are just by selecting fpp/tpp, solo/duo/squad and location. And custom games are f.e. games hosted by streamers/other selected few people who have access to these?
  9. how much fps will i get

    I agree taking a low resolution is your only option. But its really not playable like that, ull be unable to spot anyone more than 20 meters away.
  10. Why cheat?

    cheating can be a lot of fun. i dont think it would be a lot of fun in pubg though. besides, cheaters usually dont really like the game. if you really love the game, you dont cheat.
  11. Cheating has killed this game

    kd ratio 176.81 LOL
  12. Should you just leave the game if...

    real life is calling? i dont understand. isnt on wikipedia either. I think its pretty fun when im in georgepol and i see its military ending.
  13. You can enter stuff like tournaments, those which allow qualifiers. or become a famous streamer and get invited to an invitational. ($$$)
  14. AK has tooo much bounce.

    I know i prob cant handle a real AK irl, and i only played a little after the patch but i used to really like the AK and now it felt totally useless except for very CQC.
  15. Tactics problem 2: Eco round

    Again great responses, so thanks to everyone for that. If someone has an interesting situation/decision that he/she might have come across, feel free to either make a topic yourself, or send me a PM with the 'problem' so i can review it. If sended to me, i can make a topic for the problem in the same format, so that the topics' formats stay consistent. Credit will be given in the post ofcourse. I havnt played a lot myself lately, but even without other suggestions, ill try to post a 3rd one in the coming days. On the problem, i think a fun way to play it could be going between orange and yellow(or as @xon 's light blue indicates), finding a car along the road, and driving up to the big hill observatory, finding a possible/maybe even likely player there, taking a chance to kill the player. Thus giving yourself a chance to get good loot and having a somewhat managebale defendable position from other players, and giving you good position for the next circle(s). Going short range into Novo to find loot/players could be an other option that id take.