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  1. Holographic sight bug

    In one game i experienced(not every game), the holo sight is bugged in the sense that the red crosshair its lines are blurry. I didnt see this bug posted so i thought id post it. noticed it today, on the live server. got it once, it was on Erangel. Using it on a different weapon didnt do anything, also adjusting the brightness with U and J didnt fix this. Didnt got any screenshots, but ill probably wont be the only one.
  2. this is not a democracy lol but i vote checkboxes for which map and weather conditions. imo the random stuff just adds a longer waiting time between games.
  3. CONNECTION CLOSED! - cannot play

    there is 1 hour server maintenance if i read twitter correct. could be back in 30 min or so.
  4. Gun starts shooting when switching is done

    Also this when jumping out of cars. Right now you have to wait quite long before you are able to shoot.
  5. yeah someone on reddit had the same.
  6. Massive lag when looting bodies

    anyone else having the same issue? Ive seen streamers having the same problem.
  7. Hello, I had a frustrating experience today. A guy came from behind me, and i had to switch to my primary gun and i clicked fire a little too fast, before the switching animation was done. This made my gun (which was on full auto) not fire, and i got killed. So right now if you switch to a different gun, you have to wait until the switching 'is done', before you can start clicking to fire. My suggestion would be to make the gun fire as soon as the switching is ready, when you are holding the fire button. At least for full auto. If its on single fire, having the fire button already pressed, could just do a single shot. Right now you have to sort of guess if the switching is done or not. And in firefights as we all know, every milisecond can count.
  8. Since the last update, whenever i loot a body, i have got massive lag. For a full second my screen will almost as good as be frozen. When i go to inventory normally, there is no problem. I got the show character thingy turned off.
  9. Again great responses, so thanks to everyone for that. If someone has an interesting situation/decision that he/she might have come across, feel free to either make a topic yourself, or send me a PM with the 'problem' so i can review it. If sended to me, i can make a topic for the problem in the same format, so that the topics' formats stay consistent. Credit will be given in the post ofcourse. I havnt played a lot myself lately, but even without other suggestions, ill try to post a 3rd one in the coming days. On the problem, i think a fun way to play it could be going between orange and yellow(or as @xon 's light blue indicates), finding a car along the road, and driving up to the big hill observatory, finding a possible/maybe even likely player there, taking a chance to kill the player. Thus giving yourself a chance to get good loot and having a somewhat managebale defendable position from other players, and giving you good position for the next circle(s). Going short range into Novo to find loot/players could be an other option that id take.
  10. Another decision to be made. This time it looks like you are playing an economy round. What choice do you make and why? Situation: You went for a car to loot in a safe location in the north, but no car was to be found. Instead you looted a small compound. The first circle already showed an obvious Sosnovka Island ending. After finally finding a car, you arrived at green with a buggy. You have all level 1 gear, 10 bandages, 2 energy drinks, a pump-shotgun with 10 shells, a UMP with a hollow sight and 60 bullets of 9mm, + a gas can. To your surprise there is still a boat left at green. You just arrived, but already hear lots of gunfire coming from the bridge. The plane path is shown by the black line. As of this moment, there is 1:40 left on the clock, 28 left alive, and you are low on loot. What do you do? A.(the blue lines) You figure the bridge is too dangerous, so you're happy to take the boat straight across. When there, you think you might pick off some swimmers for your loot problem. B.(the yellow line) You have a boat, enough gas, and time. You do not know if Novo is looted or not, and even if it is, people could have left loot behind that could be valuable to you. C.(the orange line) Gas is no problem, and coming in from the south, you might avoid most of the 27 other players alive. If you play it safe, and are able to take someone out at this side of the circle, you may get some loot and take it from there. D.(the red line) No boat for you, but across the bridge taking the fight head on. Figuring by the gunfire you are hearing, it seems that there is more loot on the bridge than you'll ever need. If you are able to get your hands on that, you'll be set for the rest of the game. Or offcourse E. post below.
  11. Tactics problem

    Nice to see so many responses, and hearing everyones strategic thoughts. I called this a 'problem', because there is not one best and final solution, so you all got it right This problem however was taken from a real game scenario. For those interested: Our character went with A. , encountered 3 opponents at the red arrow around the sniper tower. Proceeded through the wheat field, encountered noone. Last circles closed in further and further on the houses of the yellow arrow. There were constant gunshots from the houses, so a lot of players converged there. In the end, it was the last man standing from the houses versus 1 player coming in from the east(us) and 1 coming in from the south.
  12. Stuck / General Map Bugs - Post Here

    obv cant go through 80 pages to see if alrdy posted. one can get in the corner of the inside of the compound wall. there is a few containers and you can get exactly into the corner. there is a way to get stuck between the blue container and the eastern wall. either by walking in there or jumping(cant remember which). i did manage to get out, had to holster all weapons and clicked left mouse button. with weapon equipped though, nothing worked to get out.
  13. tree inside building

    what are you talking about. just a normal plant someone got as room decoration