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  1. Public Tournaments/Community Events

    Battlecord's Tournament INFO We want to do something different than all those tournaments out there already! We are going to play around with the game settings. Read down below for the adjustments. Date: September 9th and September 10th 2017 - 7PM UTC Squad: 3 players (May have 1 reserve) Max teams: 30 Sign up before: September 4th 2017 Match Setup Games: 3 Length: 3 hours Red Zones: OFF Round 1 | Snipers + Pistols Round 2 | AR's + Airdrops (2x) Round 3 | Shotguns + SMGs The game is for fun and there will be no prizes given. If you are interested to take part in this tournament feel free to join us on Discord! https://discord.gg/battlecord
  2. That is why i made this topic. So we can give feedback about the current state of the zombie mode.
  3. Which means that I can never play in my custom games and enjoy them as much as the players do? Weird answer imo. Plus we can not assign anyone else as observer than the hoster.
  4. Another idea is maybe having zombies a 5x more health. So they don't instantly get knocked down after 1 headshot.
  5. Dear playerunknown, Today I started hosting the zombie mode. But came to the conclusion that we hardly need a anti-teamkill setting. People are just killing eachother which is ruining the fun of the game mode. And zombies should be able to pick up Melee weapons based on a checker list. Plus if zombies were able to run slightly faster it will balance the game more. Kind regards, Wesley AKA ExQlusiv3_
  6. What I would like to see is that the newest created custom games will be put on top. So that the inactive ones will be pushed down.
  7. Custom Matches

    Usually what I do when I am hosting 'Custom Games' is set the title to what is happening. For instance Snipers Only. That way people can recognise that the game is going to be snipers. If you want to see more details about the settings you can always hop in a server and click on the magnifying glass to see what else has been changed.
  8. Tournaments

    As written on their application form topic This tool is NOT to be used to run events with cash prizes of any size and for material prizes exceeding the cash value of $1000 per prize. Our game is not ready for large scale competition and this tool should not be getting used to run events like those. We want the community to have more ways to play, more ways to experience our game but we do not want an overly competitive environment until our game is ready. Anyone found to be breaking these rules will have their access to the feature revoked. This 'tool' refers to custom games.
  9. Skull image opacity

    Sorry guys, didn't see it was in the Suggestion List [Updated Regularly] [22+ Suggestions] already. My bad
  10. Skull image opacity

    Hello, Could you guys change the skull opacity images because at this moment you can't see people looting your friends bodies. For instance; when you scope in on your gun turn down the opacity of the skull image. (See images) Regards, Wesley