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  1. Yeah, yeah, that's why every 3rd game ends on Sosnovka Island.
  2. AKM was overnerfed.

    This "highest damage" means nothing in 99% cases. Ability to hit people thanks to less recoil, on the other hand, means a lot. People used AKM mostly as weird SMG to spray and pray in CQB and somewhat decent single shot in mid range. Now M16 is a King. Again. Burst-fire shred anyone up close, while non-stop tap-fire is still present.
  3. Why i gave up playing PUBG

    Don't think it's the actual reason. Sure, they would be furious. They could ever present some smart sounding arguments to counter it. They will even win the same\almost the same amount of games. But what will change? They can't run around with all guns blazing because it'll get them killed. And why they're running around like this? Because Twitch. And Youtube. All major players are streaming and making videos. And money. As their main source of income. And that's needed for making money? A lot of views. And here's the point? What will get you more views? Constant firefights and carnage? Well-though planning and moving around for 5 minutes to make a couple of shots? This game happens as it is now thanks to Twitch players promoting it like there is no tomorrow. They are now the holy cow of PUBG. There is no way anyone will make changes to the game that could displease them.
  4. Why i gave up playing PUBG

    It's the random i was talking about. You CAN get kills almost no matter what (and sometime actually more at places like Sosnovka and School, because ppl tend to drop there to train their gunplay) - playing myself or watching some Youtuber or streamers i often go like: "What, ffs, those guys are doing, no surprise you get Dinner - those guys suck.". Some run around like headless chicken without any aiming skills at all (and it also means that matching system suck). But if you suddenly run into guys or spot someone before you can analyze even a bit (f.e. judging from how person move in non-combat situations to avoid headshot can tell a lot if he's a bad news or not) - it's total random. You'll be dead so fast against person with good aim, you can't even fall back. Well, surviving into 20 isn't a problem at all. Playing as a camper or chicken can get you there often. Dealing with top 10 is the problem. Unless you have an absolutely OP position (that's full random) - it's the hardest part. You not only need to win an encounter, you need to win it fast, before other players catch you at the worst possible moment. Usually the guy how start shooting first in top 10 will be dead.
  5. Why i gave up playing PUBG

    Well i probably have like 10 Dinners solo, but my main problem is that due to reflexes and aim being so important game feels way random for not so good players. I mean doing the same thing tactically and actually achieving the same result before shooting (like same good position, same clueless opponents) result in wildly different results. Example from just yesterday DUO play: A lighthouse near bridge to Sosnovks. I with my partner was looting it, heard a car approaching. Took a a great position, i went a bit further from Lighthouse exit (hiding behind a rock with Thompson), he was inside small building. As a car approached close enough he start shooting, the guys slowed down and as soon as they out of car i started shooting the other guy. Result he killed one, i killed the second, they barely tried to react aside from hiding behind the car. But it was almost impossible due to our positioning. 5 minutes later (we hide the car). Next car approached. The same situation exactly. But instead, the guy who just jumped from the car landed a HS on me followed by chest shot. Dead. My partner was killed where he stands inside the house. And it wasn't cheaters, it's just the guys who utilize their aim and reflexes to the max, without being hindered by game mechanics (and teleporting out of car is also nice). And such thing happens constantly. No way to prepare for it. Exactly. I went into PUBG expecting it to be more mature ant tactical than Battlefield. How wrong i was.
  6. Why i gave up playing PUBG

    Because it seems that for some of us we can't get past some point at all? I mean it's 800 hours, after so much time one surely will be accustomed to weapon handling\aiming in the game and put it to use. I still remember how it was, how hard i sucked in BF:BC2 when i first stared playing the series. I sucked hard with like 1/10 k/d for 70+ hours until i started getting something from it. But PUBG is totally different. It's all about reflexes and aim, anyone can retaliate almost immediately if you have reflexes. If you don't land you first hit as HS, you f***ed. You aren't penalized for being hit, for moving, for jumping around. Why i can properly ambush people in, let's say, Battlefield? Because being hit means something - you can't (unless you skill is very high) respond with headshot or accurate fire - you basically put on the same level as your not so skilled attacker? Not fair? Duh, just don't get ambushed... But PUBG that's supposed to be tactical is actually so arcade that it require Arena shooter Skill rather than game with more tactical gameplay. Sure tactic IS important. But it's much easier to learn a proper tactic that getting some reflexes\outstanding aim.
  7. Meh... no wonder i can't hit sh*t with any weapon in full auto. Now CQB feels really random, i can't guess how it'll turn out until one of us is down. No matter the weapon. Single fire become more and more important. They either need no make full-auto more accurate OR make any shooting affected by surroundings - so AD-AD spam, jumping, running, being under fire\being hit, etc. affect accuracy and weapon handling. Because it's getting ridiculous.
  8. This one agitate me the most actually. Not about PUBG but in general, even if PUBG is also an offender with grass settings for example (you can get unfair advantage from changing ingame setting? that's OK!). They can make any unreasonable demands without any consequences. Countries like Korea are far ahead in law related to gaming with their IDs tied to real identity, laws about making a cheat programs a real crime (and probing into making cheating a crime) and such. But Developers at the same time still can do whatever they want. The one that actually doing something about it is China (but for very different reasons), but it still gave as some nice things like disclosing real drop rates of in-game items and such (even if some Devs like Blizzard are trying to outsmart it).
  9. You know, with this line of thinking we are walking on very thin ice. Sure, it isn't in game files. But what about macro commands for keyboard an mouse? It's not in game files, but it it's a part of official and legal software provided by official Manufacturer. Why game forbid me from using my legal software? What unfair advantage, i'm not modding anything, i'm using legal and available functions of my my mouse\keyboard i paid money for? So using logic and common sense is very important. You can stop people from modding settings files and using Software like Resharper, but what will happens if someone try to sue or just start spreading things like "i was banned for using necessary software for my mouse". Who would win? Some game developers or major hardware manufacturers.
  10. Why i gave up playing PUBG

    For a "tactical" game this game have to many arcade elements like ADAD spam (i mean even Casualfield 1 is cutting down ADAD spam in next patch, but in a "tactical" PUBG is the current meta - you can't do anything without constant wiggling) bunny-hopping and such. And aiming together with reflexes are way too important to the point that you basically can't deal with someone who's better at aiming and reflexes no matter how you outsmart or outplay them. Gunplay is too casual - you get max weapon accuracy instantly and it's not affect by any factors aside from aiming type. Don't get me wrong - PUBG is fun, but it's kinda not the game i expected it to be. I expected it to be a game that's in between game like ARMA and casual FPS based around reflexes and aiming.
  11. Discussion: September Update

    it's not about single or whatever fire. It's about rarity of attachments. And rarity of gun itself. If it's supposed to be "rare" gun as other SRs and DMRs it's even more useless. I don't need a slightly more accurate DMR with a damage model of AR, because ARs themselves are accurate enough to hit targets at any reasonable range as long as your own aim isn't potato. If it is, no "uber gun" will help.
  12. Discussion: September Update

    Bad decision. It should use AR attachments.
  13. Desync or Wallhack?

    You totally can. In this game so much info is client-side so it's totally possible. And it's not "invisible wall", it's "no wall" at all. had this bug quite a few times and each almost each time if, let's say, a wall or stairs is missing i can't move on it. Sometimes, again sometimes, moving around missing elements is wonky, maybe because some part of it actually there, but mostly "invisible wall" = "no wall".
  14. The Bridge

    I have nothing against high risk\high reward conception (but, btw, i don't think the reward is THAT high). I have problem with being pushed into area that is hard to get to.
  15. The Bridge

    Well, i do think that the whole Military base Island is a troublesome location: 1) A plane flying nearby means like -25 players after a minute, with another 25 camping each other there until circle press them out. 2) Circle on the Island if it was in the range of fly-path IS a major advantage, no matter how you treat it. 3) A circle on Island with fly-path far from it turn the round in friggin Benny Hill show with everyone running around trying to get transport being camped on bridges, while people on bridges being camped by people from Military base itself. 4) Swimming do work for like 90% of cases but it's slow (not because it slow, but due to the distance you have to swim). So imagine dropping to say Yasnaya and getting circle in military. 5 minutes of running\driving (if you manage to find a vehicle) only to swim for another 3-5 minutes. Fantastic and interesting round, right? Not to mention it severely cut time, you have to loot around. 5) Places available for landing after swimming or driving a boat a very limited and open. Area around bridges is open, shore on opposing side is mostly an open field. And somehow, i never saw, even after like 300 house, for circle to center on Novorepnoye, while a lot of time on Base\shore. I MO, a partial solution to the problem would be adaptive vehicle spawn depending on circle. So, if circle sapwn far away from fly-path//on the shore/island etc cause more vehicles/boats to spawn.