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  1. I wish i get old map that often. New one is trash. Or rather very very leaned toward particular gameplay style. Due to map layout you either jump in the middle of nowhere - and "nowhere" is much more unforgiving than on old map or you're forced to jump in 2-3 town along the way and this way each of those towns became Sosnovka/School immediately. So you either rely on luck to get the good gun first or on you godly skills that allow you to headshot people with M1911.
  2. Discussion: September Update

    it's not about single or whatever fire. It's about rarity of attachments. And rarity of gun itself. If it's supposed to be "rare" gun as other SRs and DMRs it's even more useless. I don't need a slightly more accurate DMR with a damage model of AR, because ARs themselves are accurate enough to hit targets at any reasonable range as long as your own aim isn't potato. If it is, no "uber gun" will help.
  3. Discussion: September Update

    Bad decision. It should use AR attachments.
  4. Grenade Improvements & Additions

    HE need to be made into that they actually are - a tool to clear houses/trenches, etc. For this to work, instead of magic dead zone they need to release shrapnel that is a physical object in game so it can ricochet from walls. This way grenades will be deadly indoors or near and other obstacles but much more safe in open field, especially if player is prone. As in IRL.
  5. Redzones in the forcefield?!

    Punish people who sits in one spot of prolonged period of time, obviously.
  6. Redzones in the forcefield?!

    Yep, the Red Zone is dump. In most cases when it "hunts" me, i'm already on the move (actually running from another horrible white circle spawn) desperately seeking for a car. Or it hits places like Pochinki where players are camping anyway, and force them to move even less. So red zone actually do exact opposite of what it supposed to do - killing people who are on the move in the open, and force the campers to camp even more.
  7. I strongly believe that the game future is in adding a huge variety of weapons, and not because "the guns are fun", but because true battle-royale game is about playing with that you got, not aiming at the same setup again and again (ofc, not to the degree of craziness presented in original film though ), and it could only be achieved by having a huge variety.
  8. I think it's important to preserve at least a bit of realism in this area. But i think someday 5.45 will be added to game anyway, so we'll probably see more of AK-family or maybe even something like PRK. While current AKM will be nerfed a bit.
  9. Well, i dunno why they included SKS instead of M14 to begin with (as they, rightfully, don't care much about calibers being 100% realistic so it's not about m14 being 7,62x51). SKS, tacticooled or not, isn't a DMR. It's was a decent gun for it's time, but in the end, it was something to throw in, while USSR realized they cannot yet produce enough AK to satisfy military needs. Long-range precise fire wasn't the role SKS was designed for, it's kicking like a mule in-game, but actually should lick like 10 times more.
  10. The "74" part imply that it's chambered with 5.45, not 7,62.
  11. Sorry, but, from gameplay standpoint, that would be difference between current in-game SKS and M14? Same role, same cartridge (again from in-game realities). Just another DMR? Make it more precise with more attachments and bipods? Make it a drop-only loot? I, personally, wish for AR to be less common, and some weapons to "fill the gap". Like some 5.56 y bolt-action rifle portrayed after RL hunting ones. Or maybe some semi-auto gun chambered with pistol caliber for yearly-game mid-range engagement? Something like M1 Carbine (yeah, technically it doesn't use pistol cartridges, but neither VSS)?
  12. Dunno. I saw a lot of video of people ripping people with UMP full-auto at something like looks like "mid-range". Seems a bit way to effective. Now, it looks like you'll have to use burst mode on UMP to be able to effectively hit targets at that distance.
  13. Suggestion for Campers

    Want players to stop camping? Fix the servers. Tried to play aggressively - killed one, killed second, wounded a third a couple of shots, cornered him and start another shootout... only to see my health dropped from 100 to 0 in one tick (level 3 helmet included, no headshot). Ambushed a guy with UZI, managed to put him down and as soon as his body hit the floor, i lose the half of my health. Shoot one with pump-action shotty, shoot the second. The third shoot just disappeared, and i died a good second later after HIS shotty blast. Everyone have the stories like this. Together with very low recoil and spread on most weapons, that allow players with good aim and reflexes simply outgun everyone else, it force people to camp as it's the only solid ways to get kills\survive till the end of round.
  14. Item Spawn Balancing - First Pass - June 27

    The loot system must be improved. Right now, it has some weird chunks system - basically if you loot 3-4 nearby houses, you can 90% guess that will be in next 10 or so around (mostly actual for big cities), unless you change your location quite radically. Sure, you CAN get different stuff, but from my observation, it because that items are from different level loot table (like if you can't find a single sight but suddenly stumble on x8, or no helmets at all, but suddenly a wild level 3 helmet appears, etc). It result in not very pleasant hit-or-miss situations, where you can get unlimited supply of AR from a bunch of farm houses (anf for some reasons those are the same ARs, like the bunch of M16 or SCARs or even S12k), and next time, loot the entire Hospital in Georgopol without single AR. Swiming in Meds in Yasnaya but without Guns, looting 3 SKS in Pochinky, but without any sights. Worst offender to me is the Police station and nearby School (or it's a Town hall?) in Yasnaya. It's supposed to have high-grade loot, but 50% of time it's shotties and heaps of the same lvl 1 stuff on each floor.
  15. Spread the good loot all over

    When i started playing i thought that Military Base on an island is some kind of "high loot" location with a lot of risks attached to it, like Circle never goes there, plane rarely fly near it, etc. But in fact, 75% of my games starts with plane over of said Base or you can fly to it from the plane on shute. Quite frankly i'm disappointed by it. It literally cuts players count in half in first couple of minutes and the most controversial thing is that i rarely see that supposedly "over-bloated with loot" people in last part of the game. By draining 50% of player base that early it allows other loot as much as they want (aside from people who decided to camp in something like Pochinky or School) without any risks. Aside from Pochinky and School area, other parts of the map rarely and massive firefights. Like Yasnaya Poliana that is filled with almost the same level of loot is much more quite place. And about low loot areas. Lately i started to drop along the main roads in a search for cars. Sometimes no cars spawn at all and i'm forced to loot small groups of the 2-3 houses along the road. I rarely came out from them without AR+shotty(SMG) + helmet amour and meds. On the other hand those "good" 3-store multi-flat houses usually leave me with shit loot after looting 2 or more of them, no matter be them near School, in Yasnaya or in Georgopol.