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  1. I came to the same conclusion. Or, loot's generated based on number of people who dropped over particular area, that will give mostly the same results. But if it's true, it's an absolutely horrible mechanic - it gives "the hot-drop ppl" the feeling that loot is "good", and give them more and more loot after they kill other guys, while those who drop on edges, or drive there after landing, came be stuck in constant "loot hunt", because they really cannot find any. If anything, such mechanic is the one that contribute to "boring mid-game" since "hot drop ppl" can, well, hotdop and do find enough loot for almost every of them. If the loot was even spread, people will start to spread too, since one place won't be able to provide enough loot. So early game shoot-out will be more interesting (no shooting at unarmed people), more use of not "top" weapons, more people alive for mid-game because of initial spread and such.
  2. Madzai

    Discussion: September Update

    it's not about single or whatever fire. It's about rarity of attachments. And rarity of gun itself. If it's supposed to be "rare" gun as other SRs and DMRs it's even more useless. I don't need a slightly more accurate DMR with a damage model of AR, because ARs themselves are accurate enough to hit targets at any reasonable range as long as your own aim isn't potato. If it is, no "uber gun" will help.
  3. Madzai

    Discussion: September Update

    Bad decision. It should use AR attachments.
  4. I strongly believe that the game future is in adding a huge variety of weapons, and not because "the guns are fun", but because true battle-royale game is about playing with that you got, not aiming at the same setup again and again (ofc, not to the degree of craziness presented in original film though ), and it could only be achieved by having a huge variety.
  5. I think it's important to preserve at least a bit of realism in this area. But i think someday 5.45 will be added to game anyway, so we'll probably see more of AK-family or maybe even something like PRK. While current AKM will be nerfed a bit.
  6. Well, i dunno why they included SKS instead of M14 to begin with (as they, rightfully, don't care much about calibers being 100% realistic so it's not about m14 being 7,62x51). SKS, tacticooled or not, isn't a DMR. It's was a decent gun for it's time, but in the end, it was something to throw in, while USSR realized they cannot yet produce enough AK to satisfy military needs. Long-range precise fire wasn't the role SKS was designed for, it's kicking like a mule in-game, but actually should lick like 10 times more.
  7. The "74" part imply that it's chambered with 5.45, not 7,62.
  8. Sorry, but, from gameplay standpoint, that would be difference between current in-game SKS and M14? Same role, same cartridge (again from in-game realities). Just another DMR? Make it more precise with more attachments and bipods? Make it a drop-only loot? I, personally, wish for AR to be less common, and some weapons to "fill the gap". Like some 5.56 y bolt-action rifle portrayed after RL hunting ones. Or maybe some semi-auto gun chambered with pistol caliber for yearly-game mid-range engagement? Something like M1 Carbine (yeah, technically it doesn't use pistol cartridges, but neither VSS)?
  9. Dunno. I saw a lot of video of people ripping people with UMP full-auto at something like looks like "mid-range". Seems a bit way to effective. Now, it looks like you'll have to use burst mode on UMP to be able to effectively hit targets at that distance.
  10. Madzai


    Do "Lost connection to the host" and "Connection timeout" originate from the same problem or not? I never had "Lost connection..." but "Connection timeout" happens like once in 7-10 rounds.
  11. Madzai

    Major FPS Drop on High End PC ( Overnight )

    I'm having the same problem. 2x980Ti i76700k. Two weeks ago game was working with 60+ FPS (maybe numbers were different, but as i didn't notice any FPS problems it was decent). Used Nvidia inspector with custom PUBG profile. Now, i'm having an average FPS of 18 and it's unplayable. With SLI disabled, my FPS is decent. Tried various method (alternative Rendering, etc.) - nothing helps. The only things that changed is a couple of PUGB patches and NVidia driver version. Any help aside from Nvidia driver downgrade?
  12. I think we need a LMG suited for more range unlike m249. A RPK or something like M27 IAR.