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  1. The Bridge

    Well, i do think that the whole Military base Island is a troublesome location: 1) A plane flying nearby means like -25 players after a minute, with another 25 camping each other there until circle press them out. 2) Circle on the Island if it was in the range of fly-path IS a major advantage, no matter how you treat it. 3) A circle on Island with fly-path far from it turn the round in friggin Benny Hill show with everyone running around trying to get transport being camped on bridges, while people on bridges being camped by people from Military base itself. 4) Swimming do work for like 90% of cases but it's slow (not because it slow, but due to the distance you have to swim). So imagine dropping to say Yasnaya and getting circle in military. 5 minutes of running\driving (if you manage to find a vehicle) only to swim for another 3-5 minutes. Fantastic and interesting round, right? Not to mention it severely cut time, you have to loot around. 5) Places available for landing after swimming or driving a boat a very limited and open. Area around bridges is open, shore on opposing side is mostly an open field. And somehow, i never saw, even after like 300 house, for circle to center on Novorepnoye, while a lot of time on Base\shore. I MO, a partial solution to the problem would be adaptive vehicle spawn depending on circle. So, if circle sapwn far away from fly-path//on the shore/island etc cause more vehicles/boats to spawn.
  2. Well, to be fair i start PUBG to step away from regular FPS mechanics and their dependency to pure aim\reflexes, but ppl around here are so eager for FP-mode so i really start wonder if game even supposed to give a relief from standard FPS-play to begin with....
  3. Maybe dealing with such situations instead of cutting round time is a better alternative? Reworked redzone and circles can lower camping in general instead of simply cutting the time you're able to camp?
  4. I'm all for more slow-paces rounds, but it looks like it's exactly the opposite of that the majority want. But i'm also not a fan of 1PP, so my opinion hardly matters
  5. being 3p Peeked is infuriating.

    Do you understand that' doing so is even easier in 1P? Just lay on the top of the stairs with shotty pointing at it, and wait till somebody come, then head-shot. If some one can 3P peeks you, most likely you can also 3P peek them, aside from inside house peeking. While you move around in 1P you vision is much limited, so it's actually more about luck if you saw someone\being saw someone first. While in 3P you can have higher chances to spot each other at the same time\spot enemy right after he start shooting. Same goes for house camping. After opening the door you have all the time to 3P peek inside. Not so in 1P. Sure, you see the person the same moment he sees you, but, the space around the door you open and now standing is much smaller, than number of place he can wait you inside. So he still have the upper hand. 1P really help with some situations like room camping and car abuse, but it seems like people have way too much expectations from 1P to reduce camping.
  6. What is this game supposed to be?

    Are they gone nuts or something? This basically means 90% of games to be centered around Sosnovka or School. Some places will be never visited again. Not to mention that this also means that Best players will always be in the circle center well prepared for other players to come with best loot available.
  7. I don't think "loot is toned down" that much. It's just loot distribution is messed up. So it gives you weird stuff like no decent weapon for ages, followed houses with 3+ ARs in the same room and other oddities. And it affect areas, not single spawn\houses. So this way it feels like it's toned down. But it's not like you have lesser ARs on the map, it's just half of those ARs are stored in secluded cabins on the map edges due to distribution bugs.
  8. High risk-reward locations

    This. One of the most interesting games happened when fly-path avoided both Military Base and School (and that's pretty tricky and rare). You think Pochinki mass shoot-out is fun? Wait till you participate in Yasnaya shoot-out with like 30+ ppl in there. The real city fight. The places like School, Military base and Pochinki (simply because it's in the map center and kind of hard to get away from it, due to open fields everywhere and lack of transport) are killing all the fun and making the mid-game so empty. And as mentioned above, it's hardy even worth it to go there. There are so many places with decent level loot that's easy to get and don't require 5 min camping (basically in first couple of minutes you either die or kill\force competitors too flee), unlike camping in, let's say, military base. And for what? At least chances to get crate loot will make it more reasonable.
  9. Circle always on the opposite side...

    This circle mechanic and loot system (i'm not writing "new" as it's with as for some time and patches already) promote a particular play-styles. Like jumping closer to center or for highest loot-rich areas. Surely you can parachute as far as you can or drive a car (if you find it) to a remote small town/particular place you like but it's not a best strategy. Map edges, aside from Sosnovka\Mylta\ Georgopol (well, Mylta is way too random nowadays, too) are bad places, as even with car (that can be unavailable if parachuting there) it can take ages to get even into the first circle. You loot for 2-4 minutes with quite random results, then have to travel for same 2-4 minutes (with vehicle) just to get into the same type of combat again and again - masses of people rushing into the circle engaging into chaotic fights with each other while being shot at by people who manage to find a spot faster\got lucky with circle. No strategy, no roaming in circle. Just get in white, wait till next circle and move. People aren't even fighting for a best spots in circles (i mean from tactical perspective) because the next circle can make your spot useless (and that's why i don't quite get all the anger at house campers - in 90% of cases you don't have to push them at all, there is another spot to hide). Just get in circle, crawl in a hole, if you don't really need any more loot (and this is another problem, by midgame , usually, where is almost no loot that's worth the risk if you already have a "minimum" reserve) and wait, because trying to do something "smart" is usually time-consuming and is severely punishable by circle.
  10. The thing that most frustrates you in pubg?

    Lags\desync and how inconsistent they are. Lagging from the start and dying? Well, shyt happens. Dying to clearly laggin player (no matter if his lag is intentional or not). He's not worth your anger. Having a decent shoot-out against a player with both of you taking hits normally, taking cover and healing. Then suddenly having a 100% drop in health without head shot and watching your bullet count going up after death? Now, that's frustrating. Even more frustrating that this type of things are making proper CQB a Russian Roulette with almost no correlation to skill. And after such things happens on a daily basis people complain about campers... Ofc, people will camp, if a "fair" fight can easily result in death due to lags\desyncs
  11. Loot not being distributed properly

    I agree with most of your your observation, but, IMO, highlighted area is wrong. I'm almost 100% sure some locations and some particular types of building have different and more promising spawn tables. Way too often i personally, looted half of Pochinki (killing 3-4 competitors with a handgun and pump, with other players parachuted elsewhere) only to find nothing. While next game turned the Pochinki in Mogadishu central market gunfight with everyone equipped with AR 30 seconds after landing. According to your logic places like Hospitals, crates in ports or Police stations - Town halls should have something top-tier almost 100% because they have a lot of spawns, but to my experience it only apply to Hangar buildings types, and its spawns are pretty limited. Not to mention the 3-store apartments common to Yasnaya Polana. To my experience, those are one of the worst places to loot - usually filled with same type of loot. Even if this loot will be ARs, you don't need 10 of the same with ammo.
  12. Stream Snipe Discussion

    Really? Don't care about it. There a downside for being famous. As in any other area it have upsides or downsides. To me it looks like an attempt to shoulder a downside part of common players. Harassing\real "steam sniping"\cheating to kill someone famous - no-no. Wanting to play alongside a streamer on PUBLIC SERVERS? My choice, that's not breaking any rules.
  13. Stream Snipe Discussion

    FFS, "the dude tried to join a lobby with a streamer multiply times" is an argument for a ban? If i want to get a screenshot "the X killed _THE_FAMOUS_STREAMER_ with...." to brag around and try to play at the same time with said streamer to do it it, now i'm treated as "stream sniper"? The f***? Now i have to record all my games to prove i'm innocent?
  14. Stream Snipe Discussion

    The most amusing part of stream sniping is that they only care if someone kills a streamer. If i stalk a streamer, f.e., to loot the people they killed and don't need themselves it OK. If i use stream to pin down the location of other players i see on their stream it's OK, no one care if i killed them using info from stream (or just avoid an are\houses knowing that someone's there) as long it isn't against the streamer himself. Not to mention that the whole thing is pretty dumb. As already being mentioned - it's possible to join with a streamer. But what if i do so because i like his playstyle and want to compete against him fairly - they are public figures and mostly good players, so why i don't want to try to play against them? Especially for a streamer with particular playstyles, it's not really hard to land into the place there they already are, by simply guessing. So i kill him a couple of times and now i'm stream sniping?
  15. Get rid of Burst Fire UMP

    Well, i used it a couple of times. If you only have a shotty and a UMP and you have to engage on a longer distances, for a not best player, single-fire is more accurate than tap-fire.