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  1. Interface Design & Suggestions

    so my post was merged here but i dont see it but here is what i proposed for the "Med inventory UI" suggestions
  2. A request for feedback regarding the in-game UI

    Below is my proposed idea if Meds in the UI became a thing - of course better icons would be used and I know religious people hate seeing a cross on medical supplies(really?) But here you go Simple, small, and out of the way If it was on the sides I feel it would get in the way, i like the simplicity of the games UI
  3. Curtains OP - Wont render within 100m

    WIthin 100m range and the curtains wont render thus blocking shots - all settings maxed including rendering distance. post processing is low https://www.twitch.tv/videos/158917372
  4. So theres been an increase in custom games and I would have to say only 5% actually get started in a match via someones channel There needs to be an anti-spam/griefing mechanic in place My suggestion is this: Certain amount of inactivity at 0 players or consistently at a certain number of players for too long results in the server getting timed out When players are filling up an OPEN lobby after reaching the MINIMUM required a pop up will appear on the host with "Minimum Players Reached. Start Match?" and give the option to "START" or "WAIT FOR MORE PLAYERS" and use this tool to show that the lobby leader is active...as time passes and it still hasnt started then have it pop up again...if no button is pressed...the lobby gets closed. Theres too many Custom Game creators that are using this feature to their advantage to advertise their Twitch/Youtube or just to grief by creating multiple servers with no intentions of starting them. If there is a constant abuse of this feature they should be revoked by those individuals, especially when there are those that would LOVE having access to this feature and would use it to actually play a match
  5. Expected Modding Kit Release?

    Was just curious when open modding would start - Im pretty stoked to see if a Survival Mod surfaces
  6. Allow Rebinding of Splitting Stacks

    So i like using CTRL to crouch - but it doesnt allow me to rebind the split stack function and CTRL wont do both tasks unfortunately
  7. Heres a video of a spot on the map at the Quarry that could be exploited N2-B8 https://clips.twitch.tv/CoyBlazingIcecreamOneHand
  8. Content Tools? Fonts, Images, Etc

    Was wondering if there already was or can be a section of useful tools from the devs for us Content Creators to use. Like Fonts used, Images, etc Images are easy to come by via google But would be nice to have a 1 stop shop for these tools so we can show off the game using everyones creativity
  9. Do you plan on having Invitationals in the future? Do you have plans on doing bigger teams? or just duos?
  10. 5 = Grenades or weapon 5 but it cant be rebound Wanted so badly to rebind it to G D:
  11. TunerSteve @ Twitch

    You all know who it is Twitch: www.Twitch.tv/tunersteve Twitter: @TheTunerSteve