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  1. Title Just make it rare via crates. It would make sniping 10x better.
  2. Linux?

    I heard that Linux and Apple aren't in top priority for the developers right now since the player base is small and putting resources into now isn't worth it. Windows version first.
  3. Not a lot of Developers take advantage of this during Early Access, but I feel like PUBG should use this Beta Program to release stable LIVE updates and not buggy ones (maybe get rid of a possible bug that was missed during QA testing, but then these testers found it while in the testing server). Also, it's a neat way to test out new weapons, vehicles, gear, etc within the community and get instant feedback. Just think of it like Overwatch's PTB program or Battlefield's CTE program.
  4. Idea for the Player Drops

    I agree, like something like this. Where the whole map can be used.
  5. When you enter the lobby, you have a chance that your teammate you currently have might leave the game. Because of this, the game should allow the server to find you another teammate for you before the game starts. Doing Duo's literally Solo is pretty pointless. More or less, if another player in the server also doesn't have a teammate, the server puts you and that other player together for that match. If you don't have a teammate while your in the game, while a player is matchmaking they should join you in the plane (without going to the lobby and adding more time to the countdown clock).
  6. Partners and map

  7. Force field vision block

    Bumping this thread back up. This is still an issue.
  8. Have a tech support forum thread.

    Most people ask there Tech questions here: http://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/forum/12-new-player-help/
  9. Characters | Beards for the male characters

    Edit: I concur with what Mr.RoboDanjal stated. P.S. If you die by a Pan as well it gets removed.
  10. By just looking at the logo, I just noticed that all the men are baby faced like Justin Bieber. No beards, maybe a little of stubs and that's it. Take a look at Buck and Blackbeard for example in Siege. We don't need baby faces. Bring on the beards. We need them. Forget about everything else (keep optimization a key focus of course), this is an issue for the game. Very mensexist. Seriously though, beards. We need them.
  11. Last weekend I got the M16 and it had the ability to put the weapon into burst fire mode. Someone secretly added it in. ?
  12. Fellow players, With PUBG CBT nearing, when you livestream BATTLEGROUNDS, be sure to use (& bookmark it for later on) our community on Twitch. Here, you can livestream to the Official BATTLEGROUNDS community, find new streamers to watch, get more viewers or even get new fans within your own community/channel. Twitch Community: https://www.twitch.tv/communities/battlegrounds (Community is managed by Thompson) How to livestream under the community? Head to your dashboard; https://www.twitch.tv/dashboard Under 'Stream Information' in the text box named 'Community,' type/find in "Battlegrounds." Once done, press 'Update Information' and you are done.
  13. 2 of the most active Moderators got demoted.


  14. It depends, there's not many great looking 7.62 rifles for a, I guess, Modern militia that might use (based on the backstory of the game) in combat. ------ 7.62 Semi Assault Rifles: FN FAL SOCOM 16 (variant of the M1A) Heckler & Koch G3KA4 (has Semi and Full Auto) 7.62 LMG: RPD 7.62 Semi Sniper: KAC SR-25