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  1. ShatterNL's PUBG Map v0.8

    Hey guys, it's been a while but with the new update to the map (North East) I updated my map again Two versions: ShatterNL's PUBG Map and Caturner's GIS Overlay! You can also find this guide on Steam Or discuss it on the official Battlegrounds forum Clarification on the legend: Garages: Garage buildings that have a High % of spawning vehicles (Dacia/Motorbike-Sidecar) Vehicle Spawn %: Possible locations where vehicles can spawn. Boat Spawn %: Possible locations where boats can spawn. Military Loot: Places where there's a higher % chance of finding Military Grade equipment. (Lvl 3 Gear, Attachments) High % Loot (Red): High Risk, High Reward locations - Lots of players will go here if the airplane flies over or near it. Medium % Loot (Yellow): Medium Risk, Medium Reward locations - Good for a squad of 3-4 players, but can vary based on RNG. Main map legend idea inspired by /u/Pvtjace 0.8 Changes: Added the new Stalber and new town Kameshki, both Medium Loot in my opinion + an Observatory building with nice high % of Military loot. Changed my custom location names to the official ones (Shelter/Prison/Ferry Pier/Mansion) Added a couple of vehicle spawns, thanks /u/samwalton9 and others of course!
  2. "Improved Camera transition"

    Would be nice if it was toggeable or configurable with a slider to make the speed increase. I prefer an instant snap back instead of a smooth transition.
  3. Stream Snipe Discussion

    I agree fully with what you said, my previous reply was to the OP claiming a Community Member/Admin should respond to certain situations, which they clearly did. They're also quite active on the PUBG Discord with answering questions etc. And in the individual situation of the stream sniper, there was apparently clear evidence of him leaving a couple of games (that's what I took from the story) to make sure he entered the same game as the streamers. If you follow rules then it is stream sniping and they have the right to ban. I still don't agree with stream sniping being a bannable offense, I think it should be the streamer's job to make sure he sets up a proper delay etc., and otherwise: deal with stream snipers. They decide themselves to show their game and make themselves vulnerable to stream sniping, there's always gonna be annoying people online.
  4. Colour Blind options

    Woah that is amazing! This will definitely help me a lot! Maybe next time in the patch notes it could be added a bit more specific what kind of features are added in for that. "Added colorblind mode" was kinda vague, don't be afraid to show these amazing fixes! As a colorblind person (deuteranopia) I thank the devs This will help me out tremendously.
  5. Hey, so you might know me from making my ShatterNL's PUBG Map with extra names + loot locations etc! Look I'm not claiming to be a genius or master in naming locations on the map (I do like what I called most locations + some amazing suggestions by Reddit/Forum here), but some of the "official" new location names on the map that are added in this Monthly's Patch are kinda disappointing to me. First off: somehow the text always seems really unsharp if you don't zoom in on the general map, it's some kind of weird thing with the font or something not scaling well when the image is zoomed out? Second: Some names are just way too general and not specific to the location they are near or something. Why is something that is so close to Mylta just called "Farm", why not "Mylta Farm" or whatever. It just seems way too general, there's multiple of the same kind of farm locations in PUBG, why aren't those called Farm also then? See the issue I'm having? Then you have things like this: An epic tunnel bunker system with supposedly Military ties and Military loot sometimes, let's call it "Shelter" ? Just feels so unepic and silly to me, right next to it you have: "prison" all lower cased, that just seems like a sloppy mistake to me. Last but not least, "Ferry pier", lower cased "pier" feels kinda sloppy, and you are telling me that this ENTIRE town doesn't deserve like a proper name? You are just naming the Pier only? Like I said, I'm not saying I'm the inventor of amazing names on my map, but I do feel that a lot of the names that are picked on the current Monthly Patch are not well thought through, they sound silly, are way too vague for the surround location they have, have been typed in lower case and just in general feel really sloppy and made up by 1 guy. Like: Has PlayerUnknown confirmed that he calls all these locations this way? He comes up with amazing city names and then just randomly names other locations "Ferry pier, prison" etc? I refuse to believe that
  6. Colour Blind options

    Will have to test it out on the live server tomorrow with a bunch of friends, from what I saw in the 1 short game I played on the Test Server is that it changes the marker colours? Maybe more? Haven't had to time to check it out properly will let you know tomorrow
  7. But you can still Drag and Drop, just with the same speed that you have when pressing F, hence the balance. You looting faster than people pressing F was just them unknowing of a small hidden bug that made it that Drag Looting was instant instead of also having a delay, they tried to fix the issue in the previous monthly as well but reverted it due to a bunch of bugs/crashes. I seriously don't feel like discussing it more with you, since you clearly are salty that your hidden "drag looting" speed that a lot of players didn't know about (I used it as well) is no longer a "feature" that you can abuse.
  8. I would've loved to see zombies as an A.I. horde, but man is A.I. extremely tricky to develop. The development team has enough issues with the current game to fix already, AI is definitely way too out of scope and too difficult for them to be even thinking about is my guess
  9. Of course there is something to balance, if Drag and Drop loot is faster than pressing F --> Drag 'n Drop > Pressing F. Them adjusting it to make them both the same speed is balancing it. Next up: How is looting a skill? It's just you randomly walking from house to house and finding items based on RNG, there's nothing "skilled" about it, maybe that you feel satisfied quickly drag and dropping, but that is in no way a giant "skill"
  10. What does the $2.50 get me?

    Not true Nearly a week ago PlayerUnknown confirmed all skins being unisex on Discord:
  11. What does the $2.50 get me?

    Nearly a week ago PlayerUnknown confirmed all skins being unisex on Discord:
  12. New Update Live on Test Servers

    @rav-kz, valid points. I guess they have some work to do on a lot of things for 1PP Yeah I believe this is intended, picking something up should stop your current action. As for bikes, I 100% agree. It's a major issue that you mostly get thrown off the bike WAY too early in general. I've had multiple jumps/landings where I felt I could've easily controlled the landing and the game then decides BEFORE I land that I should just get thrown off the bike
  13. Stream Snipe Discussion

    But this is exactly what they did right? They communicated through Admins and the Community Manager about the exact issue on Stream Sniping. It was just a very small Reddit + Forum playerbase that was extremely vocal about the issue without having any legit evidence. And then when they did respond after investigating the issue it became clear the player was EXTREMELY stream sniping in the end (leaving multiple games to make sure he was in the same lobby as the streamers). Another discussion is of course that stream sniping shouldn't be bannable, it's the streamer's responsibility (in my opinion) to prevent this by adding delays. "But this will prevent viewer interaction", oh yeah, because a streamer reading a bunch of donations/comments from time to time is SO much interaction...
  14. Reduce RNG

    I agree that the Military buildings have a weird RNG at the moment, I have a feeling they should have a higher % chance of spawning good weapons/attachments/gear, but in every other building the RNG is just fine. Maybe a bit too clustered from time to time (finding 3 4x scopes in 1 house etc.), but RNG is and always will be part of the game.
  15. The entire picking up loot system was never meant to have a fast Drag and Drop function if I'm correct anyways. They tried to fix it multiple times already and now they finally have somehow I guess? I for one am happy that both F + Tab dragging is now the same speed. Sure I'll have to get used to it a little bit, but in the end it'll be more balanced.