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  1. TheLastNinja

    Entering vehicles in solo match

    Why does the game not put me on the front of the bike ready to ride rather than on the back like some sitting duck lol. Why does the game put me in the back of a car when I'm obviously the one going to drive as i'm in a solo match. Is this a bug or deliberate? id say if it is deliberate it seems like a bug.
  2. TheLastNinja

    Hit detection is way off on desert map

    Just reporting a bug on test server new map Hit detection is way off and damage register is not working as it should. clearly have sights on target but no blood splatter and some times it take 2 shots to kill and other times about 8 That's with a vest on. it works fine on the normal server. Great game, love playing the new map, please please please get it sorted for the big 1.0 launch. Cant wait Thanks
  3. TheLastNinja

    First person hardcore discussion

    Now your doing it lol, only messing buddy. I'm all for different game modes. both have there advantages. personal preference is what it is. I just find it strange to call it Hardcore mode as if its harder or something. The game is designed to be third person, hardcore would mean higher hit damage, no scopes, and no map, things like that. So I do apologise for my attitude and hope you all have a lovely day
  4. TheLastNinja

    First person hardcore discussion

    This game is a third person survival game, not a first person game. I understand that people are struggling with third person and I'm all for a first person mode but don't go on about it as if it was meant to first person and the devs got it wrong because they haven't. And why call it hardcore mode as if its harder or something. should be called beginners mode if your struggling with the settings. I like playing total war but I'm not on there forums asking the devs to make a FPS version of it lol.
  5. TheLastNinja

    Punched and insta-died right after jumping out of plane

    Recreate??? how can I re-create something that didn't happen to me. I wasn't hitting him. I have no clue how it happened but who ever punched him got the kill. I just thought id mention it on here.
  6. TheLastNinja

    Game becomes unplayable once i reach the ground

    I also get this problem and others I play with do. It's not all the time, I'd say about 50% of landings. Fps drops very low to start then picks up after about 20/30 seconds. Seems like an hour when everyone is frantically looking for a gun to shoot you
  7. This happened to a team mate in squad. He was being punched in the lobby island continuesly, when we jumped from the plane he was downed by a punch. Player animation had him on his hands and knees free falling, died when hitting the ground.