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  1. Hit detection is way off on desert map

    Just reporting a bug on test server new map Hit detection is way off and damage register is not working as it should. clearly have sights on target but no blood splatter and some times it take 2 shots to kill and other times about 8 That's with a vest on. it works fine on the normal server. Great game, love playing the new map, please please please get it sorted for the big 1.0 launch. Cant wait Thanks
  2. Hackers everywhere

    Take money and the leader-board out of the game and cheaters will not want to play. I just think everyone at the top end of the leader-board are cheaters anyway. People only look at there own position in the leader-board , and its that much of a joke that there is no point in having one. That fact is, if your cheating your not very good at the game. Cheating did drop for a few week but its on the increase again. it gets to the point that you think everyone is cheating lol I love this game but cheating is a big spoiler.
  3. Dev's don't read forums and moderators are only here to use the little authority they have to give out warnings etc. Your right, if the forums were run bit better there would be more on here for sure, whats the point in going to the forums if there is no info there. AND if you do ask a question which has all ready been answered three months ago in the forums - there is a place in hell reserved for you
  4. Why not just do this PUBG?

    Trusted Gamers lol.....that's like knights Templer right?
  5. You dont get this on xbox...why? because you cant sell the stuff you unlock....no money involved...no cheats (well not as many anyway). its simple, as long as there is money involved there will be criminals, and thats what they are. Criminals
  6. New Map

    Will we be able to pick which map we play on, or will it be random?
  7. dunno, it changes every patch lol
  8. Dont post a video on here otherwise you will have worse players than you giving you tips. Its not your age either... Its a game where a lot of luck is needed. My only tip on here for you is land in populate area, same one every time so you know the layout, not with intention of winning, but with the intention of killing as many as you can. If you are experiencing pauses as you called them, try re installing the game, or check your internet speed.
  9. Was this the work of hackers?

    You didnt heal buddy, you moved before it could take affect
  10. Stop cheating all you.

    same as above
  11. Forums are just for feedback...Devs don't read forums lol, and Moderators s are just people who play the game and have all day to read these and assert the little power they have. Your better off asking Santa for what ever prize you was looking for? Nice win though, well done
  12. PUBG merchandise

    Who was put in charge of PUBG merchandise? With all the artistic ideas you could have from PUBG you make 3 items I could get made on Ebay for half the price or less. and one more thing while i'm here..If your still struggling with FPS....Buy a new computer
  13. I have only noticed the cheaters to be honest in the last month or so.. It seems to be anyone with a load of nonsense numbers after there name, and basically as soon as the land they are killing everyone, through walls at silly distances . Up until now I have heard players say they were killed by a cheater but now I have seen it nearly every night for myself. If there is money to be made then cheaters will stay. Its one of the best games I have played and its being spoiled by money.
  14. Least favorite way to die?

    The Circle and Reloading
  15. Clan Support & Integration