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  1. Unfortunately, the Event Mode this week has been cancelled due to a critical error. We apologize for any frustration or disappointment this has caused. Event Mode: Platoon will not be returning next week, but will return at a later date. - For this week's event mode, we're debuting something new to events. In Platoon Mode, you'll join one of 5 10-person squads that make up your Platoon. Normal game objectives still apply, except on a massive 50 vs. 50 scale. Loot up and coordinate to be the last Platoon standing! EVENT SCHEDULE STARTS: Oct 18, 7pm PDT / Oct 19, 4am CEST / Oct 19, 11am KST ENDS: Oct 21, 7pm PDT / Oct 22, 4am CEST / Oct 22, 11am KST AVAILABLE QUEUES TPP/FPP RULES Two teams (Platoons) of 50 players will fight in Erangel. Each Platoon is comprised of 5 squads, and each squad has 10 players. Players in your Platoon, but not in your squad, will have a blue circle above their head. Players in your Platoon, but not in your squad, are marked with a blue circle on the minimap. Other rules are same as public match. OTHER EVENT RULES 10-man squads only. Auto-matching is forced. Weather is set to Sunny. Red zones are enabled. General care packages are enabled. Killer Spectating is disabled. Friendly fire is disabled (Including Platoon members).
  2. PUBG_Extol

    Training Map Glitch is causing false BattleEye/VAC Bans

    Hey, are you be able to provide your replay file for the match this happened?
  3. PUBG_Extol

    Update #21 not working /Lobby broken

    Hey guys, It seems this issue is occurring because you are not seeing the update in Steam, please try following the troubleshooting steps on this page and see if you can get the update to show.
  4. Welcome to Silent and Violent, this week’s VSS themed event mode. Scurry through the hills of Sahnok with a fully loaded out VSS and eliminate as many enemies as possible in this squad-based war mode event. Read on for full details on rules and when you can participate! EVENT SCHEDULE STARTS: Sep 6, 7pm PDT / Sep 7, 4am CEST / Sep 7, 11am KST ENDS: Sep 9, 7pm PDT / Sep 10, 4am CEST / Sep 10, 11am KST AVAILABLE QUEUES 4-man squads on Sahnok (All Regions) NA/EU/AS: TPP & FPP KR/JP/SEA/OC/SA: TPP RULES War mode All players spawn with a fully modified VSS, along with Lvl 1 helmet and vest. Players are also given 5 bandages, 1 energy drink, 1 stun grenade and 1 smoke grenade. Killed players respawn in planes that fly by every 30 seconds Eliminating an enemy earns your team 3 points, while knocking out an enemy earns your team 1 point. If no team reaches 150 points after 15 minutes, the team with the most point wins. No vehicles respawns OTHER EVENT RULES 4-person squads only. Maximum 40 players. (Auto-matching is forced) Weather is Overcast Red zones are disabled Care packages are disabled Killer Spectating is enabled Friendly fire is disabled
  5. Ghillie Crossing has returned! Stealth is key here as you take to the Erangel countryside with crossbows and ghillie suits. Normal weapons do not spawn in this event, and instead you will only be able to rely on Crossbows, Throwables (minus grenades), and melee weapons. Ghillie suits spawn alongside normal loot and there are no vehicles or care packages. Battle it out against other squads in the ultimate stealth war game, where every bush or field of grass can mean a silent and unexpected death! EVENT SCHEDULE STARTS: Aug 30, 7pm PDT / Aug 31, 4am CEST / Aug 31, 11am KST ENDS: Sep 2, 7pm PDT / Sep 3, 4am CEST / Sep 3, 11am KST AVAILABLE QUEUES 4-man squads on Erangel (All Regions) NA/EU/AS: TPP & FPP KR/JP/SEA/OC/SA: TPP RULES World spawn weapons include only crossbows, melee weapons, and throwable weapons with the exception of grenades. Ghillie Suits spawn alongside other world loot. No vehicles spawn. Blue zone damage increases exponentially as the endgame approaches. Because there are no vehicles, the first safe zone always forms around the center of the map, then shrinks randomly as normal. OTHER EVENT RULES 4-person squads only. Auto-matching can be On/Off Weather is Sunny Red zones are disabled Care packages are disabled Killer Spectating is enabled Friendly fire is disabled
  6. PUBG_Extol

    PC 1.0 Update #18

    ____________ UPDATE 3 (7/18/18) PGI: PGI Booklet information added ____________ UPDATE 2 (7/18/18) Bug Fixes: Implemented a change to reduce instances where the character would un-ADS unexpectedly. ____________ UPDATE 1 (7/17/18) Custom Match: At least 10 players are required to start the match. While this update is on the test servers, only 2 players will be required to start matches. ____________ Hey everyone, PUBG 1.0 patch #18 has just been deployed to test servers. This patch features a new, Sanhok-exclusive DMR and vehicle, as well as custom matches for everyone via the new custom match open beta. As always, the patch will deploy to live servers once the testing period is complete. Without further ado, let’s get into it! PGI PGI: Booklet To celebrate PGI (PUBG Global Invitational), we’ve added an in-game booklet which provides more detailed information about PGI You can find info about prize money, rules, maps, schedule, team info, ranking, and videos Click the right upper banner in the lobby to access the booklet Once PGI matches are live, you will be able to click on a banner to view the stream New Weapon: QBU (Sanhok Exclusive) The QBU is a new, Sanhok-exclusive DMR with a standard magazine of 10 rounds of 5.56mm ammo, which can be increased to 20 with an extended magazine. There is bipod attached to QBU—it will greatly reduce recoil when you shoot while prone. The QBU replaces the Mini 14 on Sanhok. New Vehicle: Rony (Sanhok Exclusive) The Rony is a new pickup truck that can only be found on Sanhok (from the automaker that brought you the Mirado)! This truck holds up to 4 passengers and excels at moving across Sanhok's hilly landscapes. The Rony is one of the larger vehicles on Sanhok, so it can be used for cover as well as transportation! Custom Match Custom match UI has been updated and custom match creation is available for all player, in open beta on our test servers. Our plan is to expand this test to live servers, once the system is proven to be stable. Read the full details in our Custom Match Update - Open Beta Test announcement. Custom match list can now be viewed after selecting custom match game mode. Normal mode: Classic battle royale rules—be the last person (or team) standing Zombie mode: Play as either humans or zombies. Only one faction can win. War mode: Team deathmatch with respawns. The team with the most points (kills and knocks) wins. eSports mode: PGI 2018 eSports rule will be applied After selecting your preferred game mode, custom matches can now be created using presets. Each game mode currently has one default preset available. Additional presets which will allow you to easily enjoy other game modes will be added in the future. After creating the match, the settings can be adjusted using the options in the BASIC, RULES, and SPAWNS menus. BASIC: Set session name, game mode, password, server region, map, weather, etc. RULES: Set number of players, team size, gameplay, Blue Zone settings. SPAWN: Set the types of weapons available and spawn rates. Things to keep in mind when creating custom matches: The number of total created custom games at once are limited. At least 10 players are required to start the match. While this update is on the test servers, only 2 players will be required to start matches. You can keep the game in a waiting room for up to two hours Custom game spectating feature has been disabled temporarily. This feature will be reopened after maintenance work. UI / UX In Options > Control tab, now gamepad related options will only be displayed when the gamepad is connected Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where, when dragging items from a loot crate or the field, players couldn’t acquire items because the item amounts were automatically divided Fixed an issue where, when the backpack was full, players couldn’t throw away extended mags Fixed an issue where the camera would rotate 180 degrees upon death, making it difficult to understand which direction you were killed from. Fixed an issue allowing players to see through some buildings on Sanhok The crossbow zeroing will always remain at 25m even with a scope attached. Thanks everyone, The PUBG Team
  7. PUBG_Extol

    Issue: "Cannot change username."

    Hey Gorg, Unfortunately, the name you want has already been taken by another player, that's why you are unable to change your name. Apologies for the delay in providing an answer to you on this topic.
  8. PUBG_Extol

    DBNO/Kill Bug

    Bug Description: Due to the changes to the DBNO/Kill Reward system in the monthly update, there is a bug with the kill reward in a specific situation. If you down a player, they get tagged as your kill, then if they get revived and don't get knocked down by anyone else and their whole squad dies then someone else kills them instantly, they are still tagged as your kill so you get the kill reward. Date Seen: 1/7/2017.