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  1. Is the loot gui going to be changed?

    haha just as Phyne i knew you were talking about Aculite immediatly he has been saying that and i really wondered myself. Thanks for getting it answered for me.
  2. I've added you. - I'm very interested and from DK. I have competed in games like this for 10 years now.
  3. Looking for 4th guy squad [EU]

    Do you have ambitions about playing in tournaments? Whats u guys ranks? (highest achieved in both seasons). edit: do you have other accounts that this: https://pubg.me/player/Abduction?season=2017-pre2&region=eu ? or are you just a new player.
  4. Remove the double barrel shotgun

    Double barrel is beyond useful. It's just not OP anymore.
  5. We really need an easier way to report teamers. It takes like 15-20 minutes to make a report and then we dont even get information about whether the report made them receive a punishment. In the video below the turds named EpicPantsy and Graul13 were teaming but failed hard. And i even hipfired only.
  6. The most tilted I've been

    haha lol, I had the exact same feeling when this car rubberbanded so much he ran me over 3-4 times in 2 seconds. I have never tilted to much either and will not play untill next patch which luckily is soon.
  7. Let's Talk: Best Team Size & Clans?

    Yeah i miss that too. So the team or clan you are creating can be compared to others. I think 5 is at least a necessity to cater to team from many other games to come play. e.g. a team of players from dota will not play pub.g because then they will leave a friend out so they go play another game casually. Furthermore i like the long fights when 4 man but i think it would benefit even more with 5-6 man teams so the fights get a little longer but even more because it makes it possible to diversify the teambuild even more. With only 4 guys its harder to diversify team composition like 2 snipers, 2 rushers. where as in tith 5-6 teams you could have 2 long range, 2 3 rushers and a guy calling out shots and nading for example. It's just much more strategy and which i like having a lot of as 4man teams. Furthermore it makes camping a less viable strategy since 5-6 men camping a house is a lot harder to defend imo which is only a plus in my book. I also love the fact that it will force most teams to drive in more than 1 car.
  8. Frag grenades already does a ton of damage and with the ability to destroy doors. Guys.. Clearing buildings is not that hard. It takes strategy sure but I would never say the camping team inside a house has the advantage. Unless the attacking team is all in long range weapons.
  9. Let's Talk: Best Team Size & Clans?

    I think 5 or 6 man squads will be ideal. A custom game with 15 squads would be funny though but not as a standard competitive size.
  10. How to approach silently?

    lol thats a common tactic some of my friends and i do. Go 2-3 guys into a house.. let 2 guys leave.. 1 will stay to take the camper.
  11. States of EU's servers

    This is the state of the fucking EU Servers.. Desync and rubberbanding all over the place. And in before you say i should not get run over, its squad so my worst fear was kinda being knocked down. Instead of this i was run over 3-4 times. I'm completely tilted and will go off this game untill its fixed for sure.
  12. You know what the community content category us for? Take a guess and look it up. You will be surprised how off category you are. Unless you posted your advertisement here for extra viewers recklessly
  13. sup guys.. I'd think we should gather all our best, funniest and worst plays to 1 database, so we could make some nice top 10 videos. Planning to release a weekly top 10 but in the start it will just be when we have enough videos. Submit all your plays (with youtube links) and share with your friends. www.top10pubg.com :).
  14. Going alone in SQUAD

    If im not playing with friends im always soloing in squad and Even have a few wins in it. Regarding your problem about reviving. Always kill them when you down them. This is especially easy with double Barrell.
  15. That is the dumbest thing ever written on this forum. Sorry for being mean. But it's true. I'm speechless to how i should respond to it because it makes no sense.