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  1. Looting bug

    Thank you for your reply. Interesting. My Windows is in german, but I play PUBG in english. Hmmm, is that the reason...?
  2. Looting bug

    I have a bug literally in every game, 50% of the time when I pick up something from the floor. While looting items with an amount bigger than 1 (e.g. 5 bandages, 30 9mm rounds, 3 painkillers dropped by a squad member...) a lot of times the "Split items" screen opens up and I have to enter an amount (for example enter 5 to pick up 5 bandages). BUT I AM NOT PRESSING THE CTRL KEY (split items key)! (And no, I didn't change the key in my settings) This of course doesn't happen when the amount of items is only 1, only when is more than 1. It happens almost half of the time when I loot. And it doesn't make a difference whether I use mouse right-click or drag for picking up the items. And it's not predictable; sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. Does any of you know a solution? A workaround? What is the reason for this behaviour?
  3. Are you suggesting the dev team should consist of only 1 person to reduce bugs?
  4. Early Access is not a free pass to sell sh*t!!
  5. Please, stop rebalancing all the weapons with every second patch. It's very annoying having to accommodate the weapon handling after each update.
  6. @Zaphat and @Vegeta Thank you for all the clarification.
  7. I don't think this. I didn't register but I'm still being tracked by pubgtracker.com.
  8. I thought you are ranked after playing the first match already...
  9. Which actually makes me wonder, because this means your region has only aprox. 215.000 players. The number appears to be to low... Edit: Probably the people in the region that never played solo are not being considered in this number, but still appears to low.
  10. You are place 429 in the list of all players in your region. If for example your region has 3.000.000 players (number just guessed for the sake of this example). Then: 3.000.000 -> 100% 1.500.000 -> 50% 300.000 -> 10% ... 429 -> 0,2% (I know the math doesn't close correctly in this case. This is just because I just took 3 Mio as a starting number.) But this is the way to look at the "Top ..." percentage.
  11. Please remove fog

    Dev team, don't waste your valuable time on non-sense requests. Please, use your time and resources for important, high-priority bug fixes. Thank you.
  12. Just found this. Very cool! LUL!
  13. Yes, this dev team is a mess...