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  1. Just found this. Very cool! LUL!
  2. After Sept 19, 2017 Patch check your key binds

    Yes, this dev team is a mess...
  3. After Sept 19, 2017 Patch check your key binds

    Thank god I made screenshots of all my prefered settings in-game long time ago...
  4. Gfx settings always changing back

    That's why I added the "(optional)" to "Set Gameusersettings.ini to read-only again ".
  5. I compare it only when it kills the fun. And it does in this case.
  6. Got fixed in the new patch.
  7. Gfx settings always changing back

    This. Change file to Writable. Load up the game. Make the changes in-game. Exit the game. Set Gameusersettings.ini to read-only again (optional). By doing this you're not breaking the new cheating rules.
  8. I second this. It feels to me as well as if they changed the sensitivity. I had to make changes after the patch, and it still doesn't feel as good as before. My first thought was that the forced post-processing/DoF changes affected the sensitivity parameters in-game.
  9. Do I understand this numbers correctly? Does this mean that the UMP has a higher recoil now than the SKS and all AR's?? It doesn't make sense...
  10. That the door moves and not the player's arm. Or that he stops moving... Or anything else... BUT DON'T SHOOT IN THE AIR!! It doesn't make sense at all! Imagine that IRL: Your life is at stake, you're about to die - and you just start shooting into the sky because there is a DOOR/WALL/WINDOW??? Come on devs - change that please.
  11. You deserve to be punished by playing every game on a low spec PC for the rest of your life.
  12. Kar98 far too OP Far Too Many of them.

    Dude, your keyboard is broken. Punctuation keys don't work...
  13. Kar98 far too OP Far Too Many of them.

    Snipers are fine as they are now.