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  1. FINALLY! Got round to editing another #PUBG #twitch #highlights #video! There was a LOT to choose from, so I just grabbed some personal finer moments Don't forget you can watch the action live on Twitch - www.twitch.tv/PCGoneMAD - If you can handle the #Scottish accent!
  2. If you've had a better Grenade than this.. I wana see it! These are the #moments that make PUBG! Channel: www.twitch.tv/pcgonemad It's the end of a long night.. This is our last game.. Everyone else is dead.. All I have is ONE GRENADE!
  3. When the kill gets you a little too hyped...
  4. What's happening people! We're making a real push to get to that big 500 follower milestone by the end of August and, to help, I have a wee giveaway on the go for when we do. If you fancy supporting other Scottish / UK based streamers then I'm live again tonight from 8:30pm UK time. I'd love to see you there Channel: www.twitch.tv/pcgonemad What might you see? Well.. A mix of the following 2x + Kar98k + Distance Target = ? Double M24 Headshots Be Like.. Flick of the wrist, Double Barrel Shotgun, Shroud style! Reaction Overload?!
  5. I think this says it all.. Really..