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  1. If you've had a better Grenade than this.. I wana see it! These are the #moments that make PUBG! Channel: www.twitch.tv/pcgonemad It's the end of a long night.. This is our last game.. Everyone else is dead.. All I have is ONE GRENADE!
  2. When the kill gets you a little too hyped...
  3. What's happening people! We're making a real push to get to that big 500 follower milestone by the end of August and, to help, I have a wee giveaway on the go for when we do. If you fancy supporting other Scottish / UK based streamers then I'm live again tonight from 8:30pm UK time. I'd love to see you there Channel: www.twitch.tv/pcgonemad What might you see? Well.. A mix of the following 2x + Kar98k + Distance Target = ? Double M24 Headshots Be Like.. Flick of the wrist, Double Barrel Shotgun, Shroud style! Reaction Overload?!
  4. I think this says it all.. Really..
  5. What's happening strangers! Been a while since I've posted some of our Stream highlights and thought now would be a great time as I push forward for that big 500 follower goal! If you guys like what you see below, then be sure to stop by sometime and check me out live @ www.twitch.tv/pcgonemad - I'll post my Schedule at the bottom too! 2 Snipers 1 Chicken Duo partner and I snipe our way to glory! Hungover SKS Battle for that Last 2 Finish! My longest ever SLR headshot.. Moving target too! WAR MODE Double Barrel Goodness!
  6. PCGoneMAD

    Tense 1v1 Sniper Battle FTW

    It's 1V1 to see who takes home the Chicken Dinner.. He's already taken my helmet off me with a decent shot of his own.. I dont care how many dinners I get.. I still love them like I loved my first! Channel: www.twitch.tv/pcgonemad
  7. It's been a while since I posted some of the ups and downs of Life in PUBG, so thought I'd post some of my own personal favourite clips One Man... One AK.. Luckily everyone was close range as I am HOPELESS with the AK! 60 Seconds of classic PUBG chaos.. SURELY I'm not the only one to have wound up their mates with a suppressor? You've parked up at a crossroads. You think you're winning at life.. Until your not...! Without A Doubt... My biggest jump scare yet. I almost go face first into the screen! And when its not all fun and games.. some cheeky wins along the way!
  8. PCGoneMAD

    WIN to FAIL in 60 seconds!!

    So yeah... This happened...! lol
  9. I don't know if this is just a weird new glitch.. But I always have the in game voice chat completely muted.. and then THIS happens!!! W.T.F! LOL! And yeh.. that reaction though... and