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  1. L33R0Y

    GTX 1080 ti low fps

    Just download MSI Afterburner and you can display your CPU/GPU usage ingame and see where the problem is. You shouldn't go high end with only one part.
  2. L33R0Y

    Desync 101

    As far as I know, both LPP and HPP have advantages in different situations. For example the LPP has the peeking advantage, but the HPP can still hit you when you duck behind cover again, due to being out of sync. Wrong game, but good comparison.
  3. L33R0Y

    My Quest to play MIRAMAR....

    Why wait several minutes? Even month ago there was a queue bug already without any map selection, where the timer just keeps ticking. I just cancel and restart queue every 20 seconds, so I usually get in immediatly on the 3rd attempt.
  4. L33R0Y

    Controler use on PC

    There are no official numbers, as most people haven't plugged any controllers in when a hardware survery is collected. If you are talking about pc gamers: many (mainly for titles like dark souls etc.) If you are talking about pubg on pc: <0,01% I'd guess
  5. L33R0Y

    Hunting cheaters

  6. L33R0Y

    Hunting cheaters

    Manually looking for cheaters is the least effective method. Consider the millions of already banned accounts and the human work hours that are necessary. Alternatives like CS:GO overwatch exists already, where volunteers out of the community watch replays and can vote on convictions for accused people based on their individual correct verdict rate. But in the case of PUBG the support staff takes care of that, but there are still a ton of reports necessary until even somebody obviously hacking gets taken care of. You will always have much more false positives than correct reports, because there are millions of reports from buggy killcam alone, so this is still uneffective. At the end of october we will get the new anti-cheat on top of Battleye. In the near future we will have powerful AI to detect cheaters. It will be interesting too see how hackers will deal with that, when penetrating the software alone won't be enough anymore. But even then there will still be people out there with ESP and modified hardware looking "legit" who will only be detectable due to human error. So if you are still intrested in watching 8 hours of replays a day and fighting an impossible fight, you may keep looking for job offers at whatever the 3rd-party-support company is.
  7. L33R0Y


    Maybe this is the 1000th post and it has already been answered 10.000 times. Maybe the waiting time is necessary for the millions of people who still use crappy laptops and pc's to game and don't have access to a decent system. Maybe it also helps with a smooth start of the match. On faceit you have to wait 5 minutes+the normal wait time until a match starts, so feel lucky about your small waiting time
  8. L33R0Y

    Are healing items in training mode?

    There is a cross very close to the left where you spawn.
  9. L33R0Y

    Level 2 & 3 armor

    30/40/55 % less dmg you are not supposed to be a bullet sponge
  10. L33R0Y

    Cheating Discussion

    You are making things up or don't know it better. Nothing has changed at all, only the fact that you came across less cheaters for some time. The only change in the last weeks/month was the new notification feature. Everything else regarding anti-cheat is still in progress and is scheduled for end of october. https://fix.pubg.com/
  11. Survival Supply System Equipment skins: Image Name Category Biker Bone Mask Masks Blue Bandana Hat Blue Biker Boots Shoes Blue Biker Gloves Gloves Erangel Biker Jacket Jackets Erangel Biker Pants Pants Vintage Racer Helmet Helmets Just Ride Shirt Shirts Miramar Biker Jacket Jackets Miramar Biker Pants Pants Sleeveless Cheetah Top Shirts Sleeveless Skull top Shirts Tinted Biker Shades Glasses Wrangler Shirt Shirts
  12. L33R0Y

    BH would this be cheating..?

    God forbid any healthy human gains the power of a keyboard button that has the power of going into prone and crouch! It would summon a cataclysm of a million hackers for PUBG. Oh wait... that already... never mind... :X If you scroll down on the main page of the forums, you see the forum members that are online, including the devs in blue. Try to write them a direct message. Macros aren't mentioned in the rules of conduct, so ask them what program/keybinds would be save to use. https://www.pubg.com/de/rules-of-conduct/
  13. Placement and kill count will earn you rating points, doesn't matter who you are playing with like always before? Instead of 2048 rating you are now grandmaster with a rating of 2048. No other changes are mentioned in the patchnotes.
  14. There are many alternative shooters with different shooting mechanics. PUBG's USP is the bullet ballistic / weapon handling packed into battle royale. For me all other games are dumbed down and feel too arcade like. Also it is not the job of the devs to teach players how to use a mouse and play shooters. They released PUBG on xbox for those kind of players. I've met PUBG players with 2000 hours that still get only 1 kill in 5 rounds with 25 dmg average. All the information and help one needs is easy available any time for free, but if people simply don't care and won't ask for help and guidance? ... You are a prime example of adaptation and how quick and easy it can be if you master the basics. But some people keep being stuck because there is no natural selection anymore :'D
  15. "The developers" are sitting in multiple studios with multiple different teams for every aspect. Clothing and crates are optional and there are free alternatives. They also are the same people giving you free! updates, including multiple new weapons already, amongst new maps, vehicles, training mode, event modes and other new content. That argument gets reaaaaaaaally old. Only weapon I want to see is a P90 in a crate *_* ❤️