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  1. How can you change something, that isn't even officially released yet? Maybe roll back everything to alpha 2017 and abandon the game?
  2. He only has a T2 helmet. The fight happens under 100 meters distance. He fights against Kar98k. Also he could have gone for the spraydown to destroy the buggy, but plays it save because it takes to much time giving you a large window to headshot him. If he would cheat, he wouldn't have missed his entire spray. He would shoot much faster and down you in one sequence. He didn't even hit all his bullets and his overall accuracy isn't high at all. For me that are legit snapshots and decent movement.
  3. How 'bout you go and play DayZ / EFT / ROE / whatever until new content arrives instead of waiting 4 years for them to completly revamp PUBG?
  4. In the past, if you started a little bit late into the season you could get up to 170 rating points and more for 1 win. So from my point of view, they did not change the rating system, only the starting rank. So you reach your average rank quicker? Just recalculated a regulary top 10 leaderboard player and he started at 1700. Did they fix the rest too or do you still get matched with players way below your rank and do some of your wins still not get tracked? I had several chicken dinners that I never got any points for and they never appeared in my stats.
  5. 19k/d and 50% win rate from 2 matches only 😂 My highest kill round was like 13-14?? But while playing for leaderboard I got like max 6 kills while being top100. You only need the last kill anyways 😆
  6. Shroud has a K/D ratio of 5.xx at the end of seasons for solos. He has some amazing highlights, but if you consider his thousands of hours, playing fulltime everyday, dropping in hotzones and eradication unequipped players. And then you can account for streamsnipers / fankids / waduhek etc. : / meh If high K/D means being good, I have a season with 19 k/d and 50% win rate xP For me being good means high win/top10 rates and even more consecutive chicken dinners to proof to people that this game is not 99% rng and you don't have to pray to RNG -.-'' Top 10 is where you most likely will face skilled & experienced opponents, not unequipped randoms running around like headless chickens looking for a weapon.
  7. Rating hasn't changed afaik. Where did you read it in the patchnotes? Rating depends on the rank of you and your opponents. Unless you check the ranks of all players in the match, I wouldn't call that a proof. Haven't played much lately, but I could find match records with multiple consecutive chicken dinners, some of them with much less kills/dmg but more than double the ratingpoints. I don't trust in MMR as I often got matched with players who had -1k rating diffrence. Just pretty random and sometimes (even today) your wins do not get recorded at all... 🙄
  8. Knockouts are already a huge compromise that favours teamplay and goes against the Battle Royale rules. And you can already exploit it by simply using walls / windows / balconys etc. as cover without risking to be finished off. So it should be rather nerfed than buffed.
  9. Knockouts are silly enough. Battle Royale = Last Man Standing but apparently it is last man standing after getting picked up by your mates because you got owned 10 times in a row already 😑 In solo you are out immediately, no best friend who kisses your ouchi 🤕😭 And you want to have invulnerability? 🙄
  10. L33R0Y

    Lag and aiming HELP

    Upload your shooting, maybe you are right, maybe you just shoot holes in the air and blame it on cheaters because of bugged killcam? How are we supposed to tell? Also there is already pingbased matchmaking and I don't have any issues landing shots on people driving 300 meters away? And what about people like Shroud pulling off those crazy killrounds in Hacienda with lots of other players? Hit registration seems fine to me for the most parts. Sometimes the server goes potato, but then you can clearly tell if there is lag. You should always react to what is happening on your end. Sounds like your aim is just off, how are you supposed to hit if you just make up some random numbers to compensate for some pseudo lag? Sounds very sketchy -> show us footage
  11. L33R0Y


    Same for me, even happens if you are top1000 player. You pretty much always play against 99 randoms. But during prime time the % of experienced players is higher. Also skilled players had no access to a practice mode either, but somehow managed to git gud. On the other hand you have lot's of custom matches and warmode available now. Much more efficient than a shooting range? Even if you could practice your aim, you would most likely still be outplayed by veterans during a normal match there are more important things than perfect aim. You have to put in the hours if you want your daily chicken dinners.
  12. L33R0Y

    Request a possible new vehicle

    I just managed to turn the 3seater bike into a blazing fireball while going 0 km/h. Can you imagine what would happen if they add airplanes to the game?
  13. Miramar plays great, but Erangel in comparison feels dull and empty. They added new streets+intresting locations+tons of high loot buildings and new compounds across the map. You can always go for a safe jump and end up fully geared + car. I hope they do the same to Erangel : /
  14. L33R0Y

    Optimization over?

    Even inside the town I have to flick to the southern part to drop below 100 and provocate framedrops for a short tick. I got a 120hz monitor, so I don't mind those little drops. 120fps while walking the mainroad, if I look outside of town, I get my solid 144fps. @ High settings, 120% screenscale. 1080ti/7700k No comparison to early access. Haven't tested sniping / being scoped in, but should be even more stable? At least it is stable for me >99% of time and I can't notice any drops during normal gameplay.