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  1. They seem to have a lot of trouble putting an offline mode into the client, as they never intended to do this in the first place. However, they have their very own developer shooting range at least since vaulting was in development. A shooting range would be nice to warmup, however if you are new to the game that won't help you much in terms of getting a chicken dinner. At least the new players now have Sanhok instead of EA Erangel 😛
  2. L33R0Y


    Vector already has enough disadvantages: Pretty much useless without any attachements, big disadvantage even with only 1 ( grip/compensator/magazine) missing. Very likely to run out of bullets in the endgame. You need to be lucky/ reloot / swap it. Slow bullets, high bullet drop, hard to lead shots. You can't prefire or use supressive fire, spam bullets. Needs proper positioning against multiple targets, unlikely to spray down 2 targets with 1 mag. Etc. My favourite weapon for Sanhok, but a high risk for Erangel/Miramar.
  3. So you can survive unlimited shots by having a buddy to pick you up and you are able to fully recover with energydrinks, but surviving a neckshot is the dealbreaker for you? For me PUBG is perfectly fine except for knockouts. Other "realistic" hardcore shooters like EFT aren't exactly much more fun and still suffer from broken weapon mechanics and let you sprint with 2 broken legs and some painkillers. It makes sense to have a larger neck hitzone on the backside than on the front. It makes sense to have helmets protect the neck, as they also protect the face. By now there must be thousands of threads like this one. Just try to hit the helmet and avoid the spine if a player turns his back on you. And if the player actually survives in the rare event of a neckshot, you should be able to easily spray him down with that little hp remaining.
  4. L33R0Y

    CornerShot Gun? ITS REAL

    We already have cornershot-guns and even shoot-through-whole-huts-and-walls-guns, called DESYNC. 😓
  5. L33R0Y

    How true is this video?

  6. L33R0Y

    I like the new Miramar sky

    Haven't encountered it yet, but it is basically dynamic weather from Sanhok. If you have a clear sky in the lobby, nothing will happen. If it is cloudy, the weather will change randomly. But in the trailer it looks more like the usual fog, not like a sandstorm.
  7. If grass isn't rendered, everything proned will pop out, except a bush breaks LOS. But you usually only go for the full prone no backpack/2nd weapon/pan try hard mode in the endgame if you end up with no cover. All in all this is just tryhards trying hard and taking every advantage possible Here at @3:15 you have one guy pulling off the snake tactic after getting no circle luck / cover. In a 1vs1 having the option to drop everything to go into ghillie mode and wait for circle shrinking / opponent moving out of cover / looking in another direction etc. already saved my butt quite a few times and the hoodie further improves your camouflage level. The advantage over the 2 camo jackets is that the hoodie is actually green and matches the grass. And the big game changer for me is that you can now cover the head+face. While going prone your highest point is always your head that will stick out of the grass/facing the enemy. Also the outline of the backside of the body will pop out between grass spots, where anything black/beige/brown is more noticable than a green tone. And some bright hawaiian shirt + bald white head / black afro / red hair etc. will always pop out more. Especially when you scan the grass in the endgame and aren't just running by someone in your peripheral vision. Ghillie suit works with helmets+backpacks and is superior camouflage if you look on it from above/arent moving. But because of the thicker outline and the rendering/AA in PUBG it does pop out more while moving for me. Also it is basically T3 loot that you have to get from an airdrop first. With the high grass especially on Sanhok the hoodie is for me the most useful/best skin. For about 10 bucks the Snake Suit is for me personally more valuable/useful than the red wasteland/doomsday set.
  8. Wanted to share my experience and thoughts about the Sneaky Snake Suit. WTSG / Welcome To South Georgopol was decent and valiant enough to ask for a green colour for their PGI 2018 hoodies. Combined with some other cheap items, we might have just gotten access to a 24/7 ghillie suit. It won't cover armour+backpacks like the Ghillie does, but the experienced snakes are dropping their backpacks+secondary weapons anyways. But it does cover the head, which is useful if your helmet breaks during the endgame. Some might argue that snakes are camping cowards and noobs, however we saw lots of final circles during the PGI with multiple snakes proning in the grass amongst the best of the best. I was always playing with some sort of camo outfit on every map and I am always happy to take out redshirts and yellow jumpsuits. In direct comparison the Snake Suit can keep up with the Ghillie and in some aspects even outperform it. This is how it looks and plays like: And someone already took the time for a in depth comparison with the Ghillie and different AA settings. If you are interested, the hoodies will only be for sale for another week. And you might consider buying the Ghost/Liquid hoodie for the upcoming snow map too. What do you think is better, the good old bush wookiee suit or the sneaky snake one? And is it too op?
  9. L33R0Y

    new marker

    They are currently reworking it, so that people can still use it, but not exploit it anymore. It will return at least as 2D marker or possibly as a 3D marker with much more restrictions. I am no fan of streamers either, but those people usually have around 3000 hours playtime in PUBG and should know what is broken or beneficial Also the discussion in the forums wasn't one sided either.
  10. L33R0Y

    TK for racism

    I am aware of Jordan Peterson, Steven Crowder etc. But by exercising freedom of speech, you will always suffer the concequences in some ways. It may not be forbidden by law, but we still have common sense and social norms. And neither does it protect anyone from the rules of conduct. I just have to think about "Who is America?" 😂 I just can't understand why those rules were not applied to a justified case... Do Not Discriminate Against Others (e.g. racial or sexual discrimination) Do Not Use Inappropriate Nicknames Offensive nicknames or those that may provoke negative imagery are considered to be violating the Rules of Conduct and appropriate action may be taken against users who create them. – A nickname that is discriminatory in nature; – A nickname that is sensitive or causes offence for any other reason not mentioned above Penalty Criteria for Misconduct 1st Attempt 2nd Attempt 3rd Attempt Discriminatory Act (e.g. racial and sexual discrimination) 3 Days Ban 7 Days Ban 30 Days Ban Usage of Inappropriate Nicknames 7 Days Ban Nickname will be changed at our sole discretion. If the account was refunded, the account will be permanently banned 30 Days Ban, Nickname will be changed at our sole discretion. If the account was refunded, the account will be permanently banned –
  11. L33R0Y

    TK for racism

    You should leave the match and report them instead of teamkilling them. But it is unlikely that your first teamkill will get you banned. I had a situation during the season pass. Player was griefing, just sitting on a rock afk farming exp. He had the name from the deputy of Hitler as a nickname, his buddys in his match history had similiar nazi names with 88 (=Heil Hitler) in their names. And I recorded him shouting the N word to me >10 times, along with other harassment. I reported them all manually, but they are still playing for weeks without namechange. Apparently pubg support is okay with this kind of community, despite rassism being against the rules? Being german myself, I regularly see those kind of nicknames in PUBG. Just because free speech allows you to say everything, doesn't mean that everyone else has to tolerate it. And specifically in germany, most things regarding Nazis are forbidden in public. You can't walk around with swastikas and do the HH Führergruß in public, but apparently it is ok on the battlegrounds
  12. Currently it is somewhat quiet, despite their new anti cheat being still only on the testserver. Currently I only see streamsniper harrypotter cars flying around. But if you ask people from NA 3PP, they will be much more likely to see someone hacking. But we have had huge hacking waves on EU too. And there are still quite a lot of ESP users out there, who can't be banned. So this summer I haven't seen more than 5 either. But within my 1000 hours it would be easily >100 hackers on EU. It was really bad around late autumn/winter 2017.
  13. L33R0Y

    4k Anti-Aliasing, options other than Jaggy and Blurry?

    Out of curiosity, what monitor + GPU are u using? I thought pretty much every 4k monitor has only 60hz anyways, except the new Asus and Predator 144hz ones, but those are only 27 inch. My Asus PG27UQ and GTX1080ti Strix O11C are getting over 100 fps, but ultra and screenscale + nvidia shadowplay recording will crush FPS down to about ~60 Currently playing PUBG in 1440p max settings for 144hz until the new gpu generation arrives.
  14. L33R0Y

    4k Anti-Aliasing, options other than Jaggy and Blurry?

    Why would you need 120 screenscaling+AA on ultra when you are already using 4k? Are you playing on some super large monitor? For me 4k with AA+textures on medium, rest on very low and 100 screen scale is perfectly sharp. You can see some jagged lines in the distance, but only if you zoom in close enough. But with 4k @27inch the PPI is so high that it is not visible to me. I only increased AA because it helps with the flickering of some thin outlines.
  15. My concerns are rather that any high skilled squad will abuse the hell out of it. You can use it to prefire people that you haven't even spotted yourself. Also any clutch situation will become much more difficult, because anybody else will instantly know your position, no more benefit of the doubt, missing the right tree, less reaction time, ... . RIP solo squad mode. Random squads are already much more likely to lose teammembers or aren't grouping up together, flanking, properly communicating, etc. Where on the other end of the spectrum your typical "annihilating hardcore clan" already have superior spotting/aiming/movement/grenade throwing/situational awareness skills and now have in addition ESP like features. It just prevents flanking and clutching and promotes prefiring and getting insta naded by people who don't even need to spot you first or at least communicate. The 3D marker has just way too much potential to be abused heavily. Reduce it to minimap only, otherwise randoms and casuals might suffer more from it than they benefit. Also we will have a much harder time telling who is using hacks.