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  1. L33R0Y

    Is a1050 to good for pubg

    1050 is the budget card, followed by 1060, 1070, 1080 and 1080ti as premium. The leap from one generation to the next isn't that extreme, so the new budget model can still perform worse than one of the older more higher tier ones. People always ask what card they should buy, but they never say which resolution and how many fps they wan't to have... Wait for the 2180ti and go for 144fps 4k HDR 😎
  2. L33R0Y

    Footsteps on snow map?

    You can already see footsteps and proning. But they are not permanent. Can be useful, but act more like an open door indicator. You know someone was there, but if you actually follow them you might just get jumped on from someone behind cover. Nice little feature, but nothing gamebreaking.
  3. L33R0Y


    That is why I am using a WTSG hoodie without hat. If the helmet breaks, it will always cover the head again, acting like a Ghillie suit light. ?
  4. L33R0Y

    Lvl 1 helmet = Lvl 3 v2.0?

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1r9HdpgmLHYQt0gxFotKHetbWBDQmYAyZ0sO8aKMc3aA/edit#gid=0 You can use this damage chart for calculations. Also if you shoot someone with a level 1 helmet in the face with a revolver, it is not a 1hit kill. The level 1 helmet does not cover the face, yet it still protects it. Magic? Beyond broken? No, this is working as intended since 1 1/2 years and never was broken. You just have get used to the idea of a neck hitzone and aim your shots higher. Just compare the back of your neck with the rest of the backside of your head too see how big it actually is. And believe me, you don't want to make PUBG corp mess with hitboxes
  5. L33R0Y

    Lvl 1 helmet = Lvl 3 v2.0?

    You are hitting the neck area, not the head. Takes only 75% dmg. Check out the damage and hitzone charts. Aim higher.
  6. Groza headshot vs t2 helmet = 69 dmg By the time you damaged him to 31hp, he already hit his spray on your torso and left you with like 15hp. He then hit you with a M4 headshot for another 45.5 dmg. You either need 2 headshots or 1 headshot + 2 body/limbshots. Only hitting 1 bullet won't make you win fights and spraydowns just because you are full t3. Durability doesn't matter at all. Don't know why you are mad at the game if you got the armor mechanic wrong.
  7. So people will see which houses/compounds are already taken and can savely move to empty buildings to camp. Giving everyone ESP rly?
  8. Community Content Share your livestream, videos or other PUBG content here. https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/forum/23-community-content/
  9. They kinda remind me of "the purge" costumes instead of halloween outfits.
  10. "Tactical advantage" in terms of extra input lag, accidental inputs, limitation on inputs, additional stress on your neck/back, ..., for only 50 bucks? no thanks. Quickscoping? Repeated quick peeks? Multiple inputs like scoping+leaning? Enjoy your concussion :'D Sorry for the harsh critic, but if you just imagine the real world use for one second, one would realize this product is a total failure/wasted cash. Products should benefit people and solve problems, so there is an added value to justify it's price. I don't see this here. Put it on top of a VR headset or combine it with a controller, but god forbid don't market it for competitive fps games like PUBG. That marketing offends me. It would be better suited for people with disabilities who might not can use their hands for too many inputs.
  11. L33R0Y

    Idea: Crate: Galil Ace

    It has even less dmg/dps than P18C. 22 dmg / bullet and 312dps. It is a pistol after all.
  12. L33R0Y

    GTX 1080 ti low fps

    Just download MSI Afterburner and you can display your CPU/GPU usage ingame and see where the problem is. You shouldn't go high end with only one part.
  13. L33R0Y

    Desync 101

    As far as I know, both LPP and HPP have advantages in different situations. For example the LPP has the peeking advantage, but the HPP can still hit you when you duck behind cover again, due to being out of sync. Wrong game, but good comparison.
  14. L33R0Y

    My Quest to play MIRAMAR....

    Why wait several minutes? Even month ago there was a queue bug already without any map selection, where the timer just keeps ticking. I just cancel and restart queue every 20 seconds, so I usually get in immediatly on the 3rd attempt.
  15. L33R0Y

    Controler use on PC

    There are no official numbers, as most people haven't plugged any controllers in when a hardware survery is collected. If you are talking about pc gamers: many (mainly for titles like dark souls etc.) If you are talking about pubg on pc: <0,01% I'd guess