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  1. Airdrop on the roof!

  2. Airdrop on the roof!

  3. Airdrop on the roof!

  4. Airdrop on the roof!

    Yeah so that happend
  5. Yeah the kill should go to that player how downed that enemy.
  6. I cant be the only one that noticed this

    Show thouse shooters some banhammer! Even if its flaw in the game that dosent mean you shoud use it.
  7. Are you playing anything else besides PUBG?

    Payday2 Arma 3
  8. Favorite Gun

    UMP + SKS!
  9. Killing on Sight

    This would be very good addition to game.
  10. M416 or scar?

    M16, i like that burst mode.
  11. Solo Squadding

    Nice shooting
  12. The Random Factor

    Been there many times.
  13. I think the circle shouldn't stop at all after 3 circles, just move all the time but slowly so game time would not change. Middle point of the circle should of course change on same intervals as now.
  14. Is it possible to find a safe spot OUTSIDE the playzone?

    LOL Well if you have video how you ended underground you should post that to devs so they can fix that.