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  1. Kajautus

    Hold To ADS

    Well, you have experience with bolt action rifles. (So do I) But in game, you are just some random civilian being dropped to the islan.
  2. Kajautus

    Hold To ADS

    yep, there's no real solution to this annoying problem
  3. Kajautus


    There are cases when I play the edge game. The new zone just spawns directly to the opposite side from me and the running simulator starts. You get to the safe zone, heal up and immeadetly start running again and so on. It doesn't bother me so much, more like makes me laugh in "oh lawd not again!! " way.
  4. I heard that currently m-24 ironsights aree wayyy off. Your shot is meters above the spot you aim.
  5. Kajautus

    Is Erangel even a map anymore?

    How about some info below the map selection, how many players are queuing on selected map?
  6. I don't get this "waiting time" thing? You'll have to wait the darn 60s every time.
  7. Kajautus

    Is Erangel even a map anymore?

    Yeah, I have the same problem on EU server. Select all or mini royale = Sanhok only Select battle royal only = 90% of miramar.
  8. Yeah, please do tell how this can be done? Most annoying when you jump, hit land and ADS won't engage because you clicked 0,01ms too early. Or reaload a weapon and ADS wont come up back again. (Like toggle mode does)
  9. HAHHAHAHa omg the good old redeemer :D THIS!!
  10. Kajautus

    fix boat visiblity

    Actually it is realistic.
  11. Kajautus

    New weapon

    I agree. Maybe a door charge would be fun to use. Not necesserily very usefull but fun. Allso, big no for anykind of mines.
  12. Kajautus

    Why the new markers are great

    Yes you are able to "see" them through walls. Instead "behind the left rock on the hill blaa blaa" Aim for the marker, then look and you have sights straight where the enemy is. Rangefinding: "I wonder how far that tree/rock/bush/window is, incase enemy shows up there" *point, click, check map, done* No need to zoom map to check things like "i think that tree is about here.. maybe?" Just point and click. and for the not using it, that makes no sense. Then you only give the enemy an unneccery advantage. If this lame marker thing comes to live servers, ofc it needs to be used. That's just like playing from FPP in TPP game.
  13. Kajautus

    New weapon

    All I understood from that was Barret M107/M82 and .50 cal para and AWM. So he want's more AWM:s and autofire AWM.
  14. Atleast 3d marker shouldn't be seen if you don't have direct line of sight.
  15. Kajautus

    Why the new markers are great

    dumbs down game.. makes it possible to "see" enemies without any line of sight, insta marks drops, makes rangefinding super easy for anyone... yeah it's a problem allright. I really don't give a crap if someone can't speak becaus "has kids" or doesn't have a mic. I find this new marker system boring AF. Everything today must be "press X for awesome" blaah.