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  1. Kajautus

    Weird glitch in main menu.

    I have no idea how did this happen. Had to restrart game. 1/4 screen is in main menu / lobby what you want to call it and rest of the screen is in "waiting for response" screen.
  2. Kajautus

    When killed an u hit b...

    What language is this?
  3. Kajautus


  4. Kajautus

    Start timer

    omg just update potato pc's and put the timer to 10s. It's quite annoying
  5. Well to the op's problem, it ain't a very bad problem. Just play 5 matches more and it's done. Allthough it's weird that it reseted. Did you check that you haven't recieved them items allready?
  6. I've got 3x of those moron hats. :D
  7. Kajautus

    Patch #22 Common problems

    I believe there's a problem with this test server thing. Nobody seems to report anything. I mean, I went to check test server forum to see bug reports. There's 16 posts... 16??!
  8. Kajautus

    13 million people banned

    how much is it in china? Like in euros?
  9. Kajautus

    13 million people banned

    Cheating in online game should give a ban to every single game the cheater owns. For life.
  10. I don't get what would be the problem to select 2/3 maps you want? You have 3 queues. Erangel Miramar Sanhok. Choose 2 maps you wish to play and the client randomizes what maps queue you will enter.
  11. There used to be "You are in top xx%" Until you got high enough in the score board and was like "top 132" And like the head shots was 32(29%) and now its something like "0,2" Way less accurate. I like accurate stats
  12. Topic says it. Where the heck can I now see the "Top 1.34%" stat? And why they dropped the % and 1 digit of the stats?
  13. Kajautus

    Patch #22 Common problems

    I think I will, just gathering some sort of list first. This area is way more popular so ppl might talk here more first.
  14. Kajautus

    Patch #22 Common problems

    Allso you have to quite often restart lobby. We're playing duos and both are READY but nothing happens, until you restart lobby and hit ready button again.
  15. Kajautus

    Patch #22 Common problems

    Ok, so now you can't see secondary weapons ammo? Other problems: Pressing F before you can jump out from the plane, it forces you too look directly forward/backwards. Friend had 39 bullets on ump, and he could "reload" it indefinet times and it wouldn't go to 40. Drinkink too beers (energy drinks) and the second animation doesn't show. (always)