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  1. Invite Spam Abuse

    You can block invites. But anyway this is only a patch for a bug that should be fixed sooner or later
  2. Noo lootbox after killing someone in a car

    @vaiwalker this is true, but if you take your time to watch the video you will see that the guy goes through the place he killed the guy in the car. This is the exact point.
  3. Invite Spam Abuse

    This bug is simple: If I invite someone pressing the invite button like 50 times, the invited one will receive like 50 invite dialogs to accept or refuse.
  4. I've seen a lot of people recently joining this game as their first FPS and I have to say, that currently is the worst starting point ever for a simple reason: There is extremely low action in terms of combat. This doesn't mean is bad, but is a hindrance for getting better. Personally, I drop constantly in the military base or Pochinki in order to find some fast fights as a pseudo-deathmatch. But the problem is, that is extremely difficult to keep practicing with some sort of weapon (SMG, MG, snipers, pistols, shotguns, etc...) and most of the fights are fast fight with the first weapon you find (UMP, uzis, shotguns and pistols mostly). Since there are custom games, that I find an extremely awesome option, it would be great, if in the future there is a deathmatch system implemented: Its pretty easy: For example, everyone drops in the military base and it is restricted to the enclosure. A lot of the same weapon in the floor with bullets and nothing more (in case of snipers, the sniper with a 8x near for example). I know that there are thousands of games with this gamemode but since PUBG is completely different in gameplay one cannot, for example, train DM in Counter Strike and then apply his "abilities" in this game. I've seen CS:GO Global Elites that suck hard in this game with KD ratio under 1. This is just a suggestion that could be implemented in some months. I find that currently there are more priorities. This type of implementation could lead to a Pro scene in the future with people taking it really seriously.
  5. Stuck / General Map Bugs - Post Here

    New finding here:
  6. Stuck / General Map Bugs - Post Here

    One more screenshot
  7. Stuck / General Map Bugs - Post Here

    There is a squared gap in the map that you cannot escape if you fall in I attach some screenshots
  8. Jugar con 4GB RAM ¿Es posible?

    Veo ridiculo jugar con una 1060 y un E3-1231 y 4 Gb de RAM... la RAM no va a sufrir tanto dado que la capacidad de procesamiento (especialmente con todo a VERY LOW) es significativamente alta, y el tema es que con un sistema sobreoptimizado seguramente sea posible jugar manteniendo FPS, pero en ciertos momentos puntuales, que la carga sea grande pueden caerse (como se ve en el video) Pero por lo demas, con ese ordenador y algo mas de RAM (+8Gb) podría ir tirando perfectamente con muchos de los settings a ULTRA (texturas, anti-aliasing, distance) y no bajar casi nunca de 70-80FPS
  9. Latest Update/Patch Lagalicious 5-16-2017

    Bad news From this patch I've also dropped FPS like from 60-70 stable to 30-40.
  10. Reconnect button

    No specific reasons: "Unfair situations" is the only reason stated repeatedly. But there are no unfair situations stated. A pass the buck situation. I only can read between lines: "Since we are unable to develop it because it is extremely difficult we pass the buck to the players that may create unspecific player unknown unfair situations". ????
  11. Reconnect button

    There are no good reasons. Unless we consider a good reason the incapacity by the dev team of implementing it, that obviously is a great reason
  12. Reconnect button

    Reading this makes me believe that for some reason the development team has found huge issues to implement this type of reconnect system I remember with Heroes of the Storm when someone dropped there was a rubbish implemented system that had to do a playback of the whole game at 8x speed until it got to your position. So if you dropped in the first minute, you will reconnect immediately, but if you dropped within 30 minutes of game, you will not probably reconnect back So from this point, this made me think that reconnect in games was not a trivial fix. There might be plenty of complexity in the implementation. So It will be much easier to say that there is a disadvantage or whatever excuse for 3 reasons: 1. Mostly because it doesn't make any sense: - We join a 4 squad: One drop. He stands still in the middle of the city. - After 2 minutes, he reconnects. He doesn't have weapons, armor or whatever, he is still nearly naked. - And before that 2 minutes, there was a possibility of someone coming along and killing him. 2. Let's say that the developers could not develop a system to maintain the player in the battleground while disconnected: - What difference there will be, compared to a guy, that drops in a random place in a house in the middle of nowhere and sits down for 5 minutes? 3. Issues implementing: Client drops: First is not the same an Internet drop than a game crash. And this is not a Counter-Strike game that you only have to heartbeat 10 players: This is more like an MMO. When you drop connection in an MMO your char is still there most of the time in the middle of nowhere "brainless", and you may have to wait 1-5 minutes until you can reconnect back (the time until the server processes that you are not responding to pingbacks). I don't know if you have played games like Albion Online, that they could just kill you and rob all your things: When you disconnect you suffer more than when hitting the nightstand with the toes. I believe there is a no easy solution, to do this as fast as possible so that the player does not reconnect like in 10 minutes when the game is over... But looking forward in the future for a solution could be long-term implemented before game final release with a helpful solution that takes at most 3 minutes to the player to reconnect. Obviously, it's a pretty big disadvantage to that player to start 3 minutes late, but for example in Squad mode, the squad can easily provide this player of equipment to keep helping. Obviously in 1vs1 mode is completely useless a reconnect and in 2vs2 mode could be also helpful like in Squad mode. So I believe that just taking in consideration this future implementation will give a level of quality to the game for the excellence.
  13. This is the thread: Where shall I read? I can't see any info regarding this topic and why is a disadvantage.
  14. I recently posted in the suggestion forum that a re-connect system should be implemented But now I read this from the moderator: I cannot understand why this may create a disadvantage Anyone can explain me why?
  15. Reconnect button

    fI truly believe that a Reconnect system should be developed before Final Release. I've been reading some messages like this: And after playing a lot, with a lot of disconnections, a reconnect possibility is a must. It is incredibly frustrating (it happened me more than 5 times) to have a crash or a disconnection after 15 minutes of gameplay and not having the possibility of coming back into the game in progress. It's also a pain to play for example Squad match, and one fellow gets disconnected in the first 5-10 minutes and having to play 3 players the rest of the match or being forced to leave to get the disconnected guy back with us. This has happened to me like 20+ times easily. Is more boring for the guy to have to wait without even spectating for the next 5-15 minutes. Obviously with further optimization of the network, and stability fixes of the game client this issues will be less incidentally than currently. But implementing a re-connect system will be an easy fix meanwhile to have a better product. And we have to remember that disconnects do not have to forcibly be caused by game: Power Outages, Windows Memory leakages, or even micro-network cuts of the local internet provider could lead to a disconnection. So despite that currently we all have better computers and better online services, this still happens and a reconnect system could be a life-in game-saver. Even low-quality games like Battlerite have a re-connect system, so I feel this could be a major feature to improve this awesome game.