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  1. Shotguns damage inconsistent

    I cannot agree more. shotguns should be removed until they fixed this! I played the double barrel for a long time but then all of a sudden it was broken! Its like a 50/50 chance if the shotgun hits.
  2. Shotgun shots sometimes doesnt kill

    Yes the Shotguns are not working sometimes. I used to play the Double Barrel for a long time some patches ago but suddenly it was all wrong with it. I loved the double barrel but don't play any shotgun anymore because I and my clan mates are 100% sure they did something with it wrong! Because of this I even quitted the game two days ago and did not even play it since then. While I am still thinking of this phenomenon I ask myself some questions like does the shotgun have real projectiles like all the other guns? Might this be a problem if they have not?
  3. Camera Improvements/Shoulder Switching

    well if its always desync entering a vehicle or collecting a weapon then its a permanent thing in my game. At the moment I am already not playing it because some shots don't even hit the enemy. I also get hits after I am already 3 meters around the edge of a building.
  4. Camera Improvements/Shoulder Switching

    Following situaiton: I was inside a shed after being revived. An enemy was outside the shed reloading. i went out and moved around the corner and stood with my back against the wall of the shed while aiming at him. At this moment I saw my head filling the wole monitor but not my crosshair! I was unable to kill the reloading guy cause i could just not aim. A second later he killed me! This would hve been an easy kill but the camera was totaly weird in that moment. p.s.: Also can you please allow us to prone when we are directly standing at a wall? It takes time and highers risks to step back before we can prone! Well in generall everytthing needs to feel just smoother but priority has the camera views while aiming plus the wall glitch thing! And why do we have to wait a second before we can enter a car? Make the "F" to enter the car visible when its ready to enter at least!!!! otherwise people enter and leave and enter the car again.
  5. 1vs1 situation but no enemy left?!

    so if I understand this right... the white cross is the spot where the zone moves finaly and vanishes completly? Or is it the spot where the last enemy is hiding?
  6. 1vs1 situation but no enemy left?!

    Yeah possibly right... but what has this to do with the popped up white little cross marker on the map near me? Will enemies marked in the final zone or something?
  7. Hey Guys I was checking the bugs section but I am still not sure if it was! I was going to win the game for my team and was in a 1vs1 situation. the circle went tiny and the was no place to hide anymore but there was just no enemy visible! The zone killed me finally as I had no space to go anymore and the other team won the game. At the showdown suddenly a small white cross appeard on the map near me and I wa wondering what it was. The enemy maybe?? Well I looked in the direction but there was just nothing - no tree or something where the enemy could have been hidden. WHAT DID THIS WHITE CROSS MEAN ?? And what just happend here??