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  1. Aiiiiiiiii

    New keyboard advice

    @r0eladn Steelseries APEX M800 that I have doesn't have the obnoxious clickety clackety. Also the key's aren't tall and require very little force so it's quick and pretty quiet
  2. Aiiiiiiiii

    Your game tried to kill my graphics card.

    These type of random issues/incompatibilities are the risk you take by using third party overclocking software. That said, have you given Radeon's Wattman a go? Granted you can't control the actual curve, but you can (assuming r9 390 is supported these days) adjust the min and max rpm. And set the max/target temperature to avoid overheating.
  3. Aiiiiiiiii

    Sound volume help needed

    Many streamers have external mixers/amplifiers that they use to control the volume levels coming from and going in to the PC
  4. Wasn't the first game, but probably one of the first few. MrGrimmmz did a nice sniper headshot on me after I mistakenly drove to a crate a wee bit too late. Made it into one of the closed beta highlights. Dunno if I should consider that as the pinnacle or the low point of my PUBG career:)
  5. Aiiiiiiiii

    Crashing and Sound issues

    Hard to say when you don't provide any information about your system configuration, but I would start troubleshooting by rebooting and having no other audio related applications running like discord or what not. Then taking one of the issues out of the game, disabling sound all together in this case, and see if the FPS still behave the same without sound. If the FPS drops disappear then it's pretty safe to say that you need to take a more in depth look into the audio drivers/system. If not, then I guess it could be low RAM/VRAM or overwhelmed CPU/GPU. Are there common things that both you and your friend have on your rigs and/or programs you're running while gaming?
  6. Aiiiiiiiii


    Hi. These are the forums for PC and XBOX so please read the following article. At the end you can find methods of contacting the people behind PUBG Mobile Have a nice day https://support.pubg.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002193033-PUBG-Mobile-questions-notices-and-more
  7. Use the round arrow symbol above the daily missions, select the mission or missions you want to reroll and press the green check mark
  8. Aiiiiiiiii

    Crashing and Sound issues

    Have you tried running the game on another GPU on the computer that's giving you hard time? Also disconnect all the unnecessary peripherals if and when you try that. PSU's shut down on hardware faults/heat so it's very unlikely software would have anything to do with this issue. Software issues cause hardlocks/restarts/bsod's, not shut downs. First thing that came to my mind when I read your symptoms was improperly seated motherboard (assuming you use the on-board sound) that could cause a short/disconnection under heat due to PCB thermal expansion. Same thing applies to the GPU.
  9. That particular crash looks to be related to the PhysX stuff. Try setting your physx processor to GPU in the nvidia settings or disabling it and see if that helps https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2700/~/disabling-nvidia-physx-gpu-acceleration
  10. I'd recommend you run the command SFC /Scannow in command prompt with administrative privileges to see if some of your OS files are corrupted or modified. That should replace the shell32.dll if it's not valid.
  11. Yea all the red MSI cards are overclocked at the factory. If you don't want to use Afterburner or anything similar, you can easily remove the overclocks for troubleshooting purposes by setting the card in 'Silent mode' on the MSI Gaming app
  12. You did not specify when the crashes happen or are they just random ones during the game, so I assume they're random. Have you tried running the 1060 at stock clock speeds which i believe after short searching are 1506 MHz for Core, 1709 MHz for Boost and 2002 MHz for memory? Looks like MSI upped the core and boost up to 1544 MHz and 1759 MHz. I recall some nvidia users finding help on random crashes by underclocking their factory oc'd cards by 50MHz.
  13. Aiiiiiiiii

    Game Crashes everytime after today's update

    Have you verified the game files? Also make sure you have not set any files read-only so that the game can overwrite anything that it needs to update properly.
  14. Aiiiiiiiii

    Duplicate sound

    Would the microphone happen to be set to listen to a playback device? And is he using stuff like voicemeeter or similar to control audio? Which headset is he using?
  15. Aiiiiiiiii

    Duplicate sound

    He is using speakers to playback his sounds combined with open microphone aka not using push-to-talk? His recording source is his stereo mix or some other source that is also playing his game sounds? Those scenarios came to my mind.