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  1. Aiiiiiiiii

    Change Resolution 2160p -> 1440p not working

    Fullscreen(windowed) is probably what you call 'borderless window' means that the game will render itself fullscreen in desktop resolution. To get 1440p your only choice is windowed and fullscreen or lowering the desktop to 1440p for fullscreen (windowed).
  2. Aiiiiiiiii

    New to here, not new to PUBG

    Hi @Qaulity! Welcome to the forums
  3. Aiiiiiiiii


    Welcome to the forums PUBG-Fan-35!
  4. Aiiiiiiiii

    Im new to the community

    Hi PauloVacaLive Late, but warm welcome to the forums
  5. Aiiiiiiiii

    PUBG doesn't connect back into main lobby after game

    Download and install the 2015 and see if that helps
  6. Aiiiiiiiii

    PUBG doesn't connect back into main lobby after game

    They provide runtime components (compatibility) that are required for applications written with Visual C++
  7. Aiiiiiiiii

    PUBG doesn't connect back into main lobby after game

    First go into Windows settings / Apps and uninstall Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable. And then follow the steps below: a. Go here to Select your Language and Download https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145 b. Next you will want to choose the file that is the best fit for your system. Either x64 for 64bit systems or x86 for 32bit systems. I have a 64bit so I am going to choose vc_redist.x64.exe and choose "Next" to start the Download. c. Once the file is done downloading you will want to run it. You should see a screen like this: d.) Go ahead and install.
  8. Aiiiiiiiii

    PUBG doesn't connect back into main lobby after game

    Maybe one of these will help you out: Worth a shot at least. Others said that their Windows was messed up and reinstalling the OS helped, but that's quite a task and not a desirable thing to do.
  9. Aiiiiiiiii

    How long to hold the grenade?

    Did you pull off the pin when you started to hold it? You do this by pressing R. Timer only starts when the pin is pulled
  10. It does say that there was an issue with the payment method you used to acquire the code from a third-party seller, or a problem with how the third-party seller acquired the product code. So you should contact the seller you bought the code from like the text advice you to.
  11. Aiiiiiiiii

    Dual-Monitor FPS Issues

    Hi! Might be worth a shot making sure that your 'Nvidia control panel / Adjust desktop size and Position / Perform scaling on' is set to GPU on both displays. I recall some Nvidia user having similar issues if the other display was set to 'display'. Does the 60hz lock only happen if you have a browser open on the second monitor?
  12. Aiiiiiiiii

    Kill distance

    c^2 = a^2 + b^2 The shooter would have to be 980meters higher than the target for a 1.1km shot. So 1.1km shot with 500m distance on a x plane is unlikely Math is fun ❤️ Whether elevation is factored in the kill range I do not know, but 1.1km with those parameters is not going to happen. I don't think there are any landmarks on pubg that rise above couple hundred meters from the ocean level. Perhaps you guys can check the real kill distance from some pubg tracker page like pubg.gg.op. Have fun! I've heard that too and boy oh boy it could not be further from the truth. Well maybe you can do without using it, but it sure helps if you do
  13. Aiiiiiiiii

    Jungle snake documentary

    Excellent work @geras Love Attenborough and good job on positioning/situational awareness. Grats for the W!
  14. Aiiiiiiiii

    low fps high end specs

    Yea possibly a heat issue or maybe your RAM is not running at the rated speed and therefore bottlenecking your computer?
  15. Aiiiiiiiii

    PC capability question

    That CPU is more than likely going to cause the performance to fluctuate a bit. There are some videos of a similar setup on youtube that show the fps range to be from high 50's to high 70's running around the map at 1440p resolution. I'd imagine 1080p could give you solid 60fps or close in combat. You should be able to find them by googling for 'amd 8370 1080 pubg'