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  1. So true And the fact that these threads are still popping up after they already made it easier for the simpletons who can't prioritize. Ridiculous. Feels like it's just the certain type of players bringing this up constantly who are too afraid to get involved and take the risks/make the moves that are _needed_ to get to the endgame at consistent basis. The circle is perfect. It's doing what it's meant to. Push people and kill the weak one trick ponies who lay in the grass at the blue until the last second (or even the worse kind who always swim inside the blue).
  2. Still lagging after this 1 GB update

  3. Well tldr was that at minimum specs it's not reasonable to expect a premium playing experience like solid framerate at 1080p for example. But the game will continue to change and so at times there's some optimization that will improve your fps and sometimes there will be additions that will lower your framerate. Have fun
  4. Still lagging after this 1 GB update

    Your system specs have very little to do with latency. And you cannot expect to get a good ping in game B just because you have a good ping in game A. Unfortunately teh interwebs does not work that way. Mostly the routing, congestion and distance (server locations) dictate what your minimum ping ends up being. If you get the in game lag warning then you're most likely above 300ms (or what ever the limit is set to) to what ever server you were connected to. What type of pings you get by pinging the game servers on the website?
  5. It's a bit unrealistic to expect good framerates like stable 60fps@1080p with minimum specs don't you think? Recommended specs in other games usually mean the specs required for good frame rates like 60. I'd imagine minimum spec could mean 30+ fps so it's in freesync/g-sync monitor range to get smoother gameplay via those features. But who knows. What I noticed was that the Ultra view distance seems to render further now. Maybe your fps hit is due to something like that if you're using higher than very low view distance? Since you're close to minimum specs you're perhaps on a laptop? In that case the screen size is so small than it would not make a huge difference visually if you turned down your ingame resolution and gained fps by having less pixels to render. 1600x900 for example is pretty much on point on something like a 17" widescreen laptop screen unless you're into placebo 1366x768 works reasonably well on 14-15". But again it comes down to the minimum specs and what your CPU/GPU is really able to produce. Hope you find the settings that'll work for you
  6. Fix BattleEye Blocking Reshad

    Don't be stupid. Battleye has nothing to do with Bluehole. Go whine to the battleye forums instead of filling the PUBG forums with rubbish.
  7. You need to listen more

    I've felt they merge too much tbh. But then again I'm in it for helping people that have issues with the game/their computers and merging is just making it that much harder. The forum rules are quite clear and enforcing them does not seem like a crime or overreaction to me. Dunno what incidents you're referring to but I doubt any guidelines were overstepped. There's no telling what the lead up to that moment was and the warning history of the player(s) in question. Who knows. What comes to keeping your cool applies to the members too in my opinion. We have our rules and we must behave accordingly. I for one will never understand WHY anyone would come to this forum in a state of mind where they're just have to throw a tantrum and type nonsense. Do what people normally do. Get off your ass, walk out the door, breathe some fresh air and calm down. Do what ever you would did before you learned how to type on a keyboard Maybe it's because I'm "old school" or something, but the whole idea of going to a public forum and write garbage because you feel bad about x,y,z is just idiotic. And one thing it will not create is constructive posts heh
  8. You need to listen more

    Constructive posts? How many constructive posts do you recon there is in a day on these forums.. 1/100, 1/1000? Point being there are not many truly constructive posts being made. Mainly kids and people with similar ignorant mindsets telling the team how to do their jobs, complaining about the game mechanics they can't overcome, demanding the game to be fixed because their computers/connections are a mess and just riling up others like them. There are issues sure and I believe each one of them have been acknowledged in one forum or another, but then comes this thing you call community making multiple threads about the same thing day in day out. Take this thread for example. Just nonsense since the OP. Has no clue about the inner workings of the team/company behind the game, suggest that players should have saying on how to develop the game.. players voting.. seriously Where do these goofs come from.
  9. soo this happend in my game!!! legal?

    Seems more likely that you queued on a streamers private server ruining their 10vs90 type games or what ever
  10. Still lagging after this 1 GB update

    What have you done so far to fix your computer to eliminate that it's not your computer that's the cause for the lag? Latency issues are more often than not caused by your own computer/internet connection.
  11. Certain sounds only audible when facing it

    Not sure how G933 handles things and how you've configured your sound settings, but I've been playing with sound settings a lot lately to get the in game spatial sounds work properly and previously i had set my stereo mix (speakers) to pass through audio into USB headset to have them both work at the same time. Now if I set the windows speakers to 7.1 the game would use the Wwise engine in 7.1 mode and because there's no 7.1 to stereo downmix in windows I'd lose all the sounds coming from center, sides, surrounds and back. And that would result the situation you're describing. Perhaps there's something you can do by playing around with those windows audio playback settings and the logitech gaming software Surround mixer.
  12. Parachutes not always rendering

    This is definitely a thing that's going on. I've had multiple times where I don't seemingly have anyone within 100meters from me only to land with someone touching down at the same time. So we must've been coming down side by side or close enough to each other for him to show on the screen. These simultaneous landings have happened with a guy appearing out of nowhere 10m in front of me (on top of a gun i thought i did not need to rush to ). No doubt that sometimes or maybe even always some models are not rendered until touchdown. Kinda like the weapons that would be really nice to see before you touch down. Going down at terminal velocity and touching early usually leaves you hanging for 2-4 seconds or so before stuff is spawned. Could also be location dependent. Old habits die hard so I tend to do the same jump location 90% of the times. Also you seem to lose your ability to see some people parachuting down after you land (could be wrong, but seems like it).
  13. game client forced shut down (no report)

    @BattleBot If you're not going to use the template, then at least provide all the information asked in it, including the screenshots. Overclocks etc.
  14. Chat programs/internet/game slow down once PUBG is launched

    Glad you found a workaround Copy paste the bug report template here and fill it up with all the info and screenshots too. And add the Sound 1 tab as a screenshot too so the devs can look into the PUBG/Discord conflict. Happy hunting!
  15. FAQ

    @Suspicious Pixel Adding a recommended system setup along with the minimum specs would go a long way giving the less experienced people heads up about what they should expect. So many players get the game with systems similar to minimum specs and are dumbfounded when they get 30fps or less. Those specs may be the minimum to run the game, but definitely not the minimum to play and enjoy it without issues. Especially now with hard-coded shadows and foliage.