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    I'm down with C4. That could be cool, especially if it's noticeable once placed and not damn near invisible like in most games. Claymores I am not down with. Those things are just anti fun. You just place them somewhere and forget about them. They take no skill of any kind to use. They are also one of the most frustrating things to die to in a video game.
  2. Is the hit detection now working properly?

    I had pretty serious issues with hit detection while playing last night. I would see 6-7 blood clouds on a guy I'm shooting and he's still alive even with my first shots being headshots. Oh well, I know the servers need work and that the devs are aware.
  3. Loot Rarity/Spawn

    I agree. The loot rarity is poop right now and makes the game less fun.
  4. Loot Rarity/Spawn

    I'm all out of likes for the day so I'll throw in a comment saying I completely agree. The loot spawns right now are fuckin terrible.
  5. Am I the only one who loves the AR + 200+ ammo nerf?

    I can't stand this nerf. Not only is it harder to find AR's it's harder to find guns overall. Not just guns either, I've gone full games and only ever come across 2 or 3 first aid kits and 3 energy drinks. I personally find it to make gameplay really stale because you have to spend the entire game looting because you end up with a UMP and 90 bullets total after looting a whole town. Also, in 10 hours of gameplay since the patch, I only found one Kar98 and it was on a guy I killed. Used to be able to find one about every third game.
  6. Just FYI all helmets do cover the face. It's shown here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCQulQtwzFY Not sure what happened in your situation (could have been desync and he actually shot twice or something) but even a helmet with 1 durability will do it's job for another bullet.
  7. ADS issues

    What are you talking about? You can ADS in this game and look through your sights or scopes. Just tap right click (don't hold). Maybe I'm misunderstanding you..
  8. I definitely don't want my inventory screen to disappear when I start running. The majority of my inventory management is done while auto-running.. Also, that's the downside of being prone.. You can't just run away.
  9. Zooming

    That's not really how these scopes work my dude
  10. New Devblog Discussion

    Nah, I definitely agree that footsteps were way too loud after the most recent patch. I dunno, I suppose that the devs thought the footstep volumes were good but the actual players thought they were way too loud. But anyway, I like the way Bluehole is communicating with us and it seems like they are on the right track with updating this game
  11. New Devblog Discussion

    I'm 100% sure they do internal testing with their patches. The dev team for this game is small like you said so they can't have large scale testing. This is why they have implemented a test server. They admitted that they messed up when the last patch went live and people had memory leak crashes. That's why they rolled the patch back and said, "hey, we're gunna have a test server now so that this kind of thing doesn't happen anymore." I personally think having a test server for an early access game is a little bit silly. The game is a beta so in all reality, it is a test server in itself. Anyway, you're overreacting a bit here my dude.
  12. Help me upgrade my pc

    To be honest I would wait a little bit. The game has received no optimization as of yet and we will be receiving the first optimization pass this week. I wouldn't jump on spending $400 right now when your current specs may be able to run it fine. Especially if you can hold out for a year, Intel will be releasing their new architecture sometime next year.
  13. Help me upgrade my pc

    One of the easiest things to do if you don't understand the hardware is use pcpartpicker.com and just add the 2 parts you want and see if it gives you a compatibility error
  14. Help me upgrade my pc

    He would need a new motherboard if he was switching to Intel
  15. I hope this means you're done trying to argue because we're getting nowhere.