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  1. AUTO stuck on AS server.

    Dito. Getting matched on AS by default everytime, even if I played a match on EU before.
  2. My experience so far...

    I prefer stealth over Rambo as well, which results in fewer kills, but longer survival. My funniest stealth round was around Lipovka. The circle was until circle 7 half water half land. So I stayed almost the entire game underwater near the beach at Lipovka. I managed to backstab 4 players who tried to take cover at the beach but didn't check the water. For the final circle I had to move out of the water, but my opponent didn't expect me to come from this side, so I was able to kill him, too. Best Chicken Dinner I had so far, I felt like a Navy Seal
  3. How in the world is this an unfair advantage if you can just look at this spwanmap for 5 mins and then memorize it? Play more than 10 rounds and you KNOW where shit might spawn.
  4. Literally spawned like this. Game pls.
  5. Money Farming Ideas?

    I see how the skins might raise in value, if there wont be any similar skins in future. But crates? There is only one expensive CSGO crate (operation Bravo ~10€). Every other CSGO crate is worth 1€ or less.
  6. Requesting a refund

    Thx to the Gamescom Crate I already earned 30 € on steam which matches the price I payed for the game.
  7. Money Farming Ideas?

    Don't you think that the skins coming with release are far more popular than those shitty early access skins? Meaning that those Gamescom crates wont be worth a lot.. I sold as much as possible today, got 16€ from it. Still I will save at least 2 or 3 crates, just in case they are getting that expensive like you are expecting
  8. Just had this sound stuttering in 3rd Person as well. Had to play top10 in Yasnaya CQC without sounds... Still won tho
  9. New Crates 7 day trade lock question.

    Did you buy the item or its crate ingame or on steam market? If you buy sth. on steam market you have a 7 day delay to resell it.
  10. I really don't like the LoL skin system. I have so many (kinda expensive) skins in my hextech loot, that i will never use bc i don't play the champ or don't like the skin. I would love to sell them or at least trade them for other skins. Getting the free chests occasionally is cool tho, maybe they could add this in PUBG too. For every chickendinner 1 free skin^^
  11. Holy moly, didnt expect players to go that mental on freaking ingame clothing. I play the game for its actual gameplay and PLEASE add the microtransactions in order to improve the gamepla even more.
  12. Driving sucks + bugs and all other crap

    Driving fkin SUCKS. Every other round im geting killed bc my car decides to flip at random stuff in the open field. After performance, driving should be priority #1. Unplayable like this ffs.
  13. Need Tips for Sound Detection

    Yeah I sometimes have problems telling how far those shots are, but I think that is mainly because I'm not very good, there is definitely a difference between close and far shots. But in CQC it's great, I'm hearing opponents in close buildings way earlier then they hear me so that I can trap them easily
  14. Need Tips for Sound Detection

    Right click on your speaker, select Playback Devices, go to Properties, there you click on the Enhancements tab and check Enable Loudness Equalization. I can pinpoint footsteps and gunsounds so much better with this setting.
  15. My loot after this big antenna in Sosnovka airfield + couple of garages and halls in Novo. Thats not how it's supposed to be right?