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  1. Why are the no vehicles?

    I too have noticed that there seems to be less vehicles in your drop area when the circle is on the other side of the map. Conversely, when you drop and see vehicles, I am confident the circle will be on my side of the map (at least within running range). This though usually seems to happen when i drop on far corners of the map alone but there does seem to be a correlation. If this happens now, I just exit the game and re-queue.
  2. How to fix window shimmering

    I've found Nvidia Inspector and also Reshade FXAA...have been trying all sorts of different settings. Does anyone have any recommended settings for Reshade FXAA or any other Reshade AA app? Also, does anyone know if Inspector, when you apply changes, are they immediate or do I need to restart the game? Because when I've tried it with the game open, I am not seeing any kinds of changes. And restarting the game is too long to decipher very small changes. Thanks
  3. Matching failed try again

    Just hit the UI refresh button on the top right. Has been happening to me also.
  4. Practice Mode

    Exactly this.
  5. I don't understand why dev's haven't started utilizing everyone having multiple monitors. It would be sick if your primary monitor was just the game and then your second monitor had a larger minimap, your character loadout, etc all static on the screen.
  6. How to fix window shimmering

    yeah, I think there are things meant to distract like grass or trees moving. Which is fine, but I think it's just how the other things render that is what bothers me...just because there are so many. I turned AA up to 16x through Nvidia and also max in game but neither resolve it. It's better but not gone.
  7. I've searched online and found a few articles, but I'm still having an issue. As best I can describe, the edges of windows and fences give off a flickering or shimmering while moving. It happens mostly at longer ranges and interferes with trying to detect REAL movement of people. I currently have my in game AA on very low but then put AA on max through my Nvidia control panel along with some other AA settings. Although I'm still experiencing the issue. I just wanted to see if anyone else has had this problem and what they did to fix it. I can post up all my settings if needed. I also fiddled with reshade to see if that would help but doesn't. Thanks
  8. Just hide in bush

    I'm curious if he thinks chess is a skill game or not...and i'm not talking about using your major motor skills to move the piece on the board with your hand.
  9. Grace period in team games

    jb & I are in sync today...exactly what he said. i would probably quit and re-queue also.
  10. SUGGESTION: The next sniper rifle

    The cars would be anti-material, no? How far are we going back? Springfield 1903? I saw someone else suggested M1 Garand...that would be sexy, but don't think it fits into the theme currently. Maybe have completely different weapon sets for each map they come out with? Like implement the garand & springfield for a more american map?
  11. Just hide in bush

    This game is NOT call of doodie. COD is meant to run around full speed with no regard for your well being because you will respawn in 10 seconds or less. You can make it map edge to map edge in 2 minutes, if that. Not to say that there is no skill to it, but that is how it's designed. This game is about planning and thinking (ie tactics)...that's the skill in this game. It's also trying to maximize your advantage to win. If that means hiding in a bush in the center of the circle for 10 minutes and only killing the last player alive...well that's up to the player if they can handle that or not.
  12. SUGGESTION: The next sniper rifle

    mmm, or maybe the Barrett M82? Explodes a car on one hit?
  13. The next sniper rifle that should be implemented should be the Dragunov. Include it with a build in 4x scope that can't be replaced. Can even model the reticle after the real one. A benefit of this is it pairs really well with the soviet union theme of the current map. Or the H&K PSG-1 I'd also love to be able for more than one person to get/find/craft? a ghille suit, but maybe that would take away the uniqueness.
  14. Lobby Timer

    If there are 90+ people in the lobby, the timer NEEDS to be reduced to like 20 seconds. If 100, then start it immediately. It's silly to sit in the dumb lobby for 60 seconds waiting for no more people to show up.