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    You gotta wonder what Bluehole's smoking sometimes..
  2. 2 wants. Am I crazy?

    Need for Speed customization pls, i need a spoiler on mah dacia
  3. Desert Map - First Vehicle Revealed

    Looks pretty cool

    Why not implement a system where after a certain amount of damage is given to teammates, the offender gets kicked? If a player deals a consistent amount of damage to teammates every game, they get a kick or something more severe if they still proceed to break ToS.
  5. Favorite Weapon combo

    Mini 14, Tommy gun or Vector.
  6. Imagine A Natural Disaster Event

    Could be a future gamemode for release maybe?
  7. Shift+space crouch Jump Nerfed.

    Just do it manually, the crouch jump "mechanic" itself hasn't been removed.
  8. Fog is FUN !

    Would be cool if you could actually chose what weather option you'd like to play on
  9. I was just making a statement that post processing makes the game look alright, of course it ain't good for competitive games.. No need for essays
  10. Post processing is quite a good way of making a game look better, but i think forcing it on people (especially the ones with the mid-low end PCs) is the wrong thing to do. Decided to do a few benchmarks, lost 20-30 FPS on average
  11. No significant performance loss here at all, if anything i've actually got a performance increase. Can't talk for everyone of course.
  12. Small fog preview

    Yeah, a fog light on the lootboxes are really needed right now..
  13. FPP hight

    The game was made initially for thirdperson only, It was the community that wanted a firstperson mode in the first place. As such the characters in the game are scaled to thirdperson, and are actually pretty short due to thirdperson camera angles making characters in-game look taller than they actually are, meaning if they had taller characters they would most likely look like giants in comparison to what we have now which looks more natural at thirdperson view. The current firstperson camera view was just slapped onto the character model to accurately represent the height of the playermodels to obviously prevent people being able to spot players behind cover. They would have to redo scaling in the game to properly implement a first person view. I'm pretty sure that's how it works. (Correct me if i'm wrong of course)
  14. Offensive Names

    The game is rated 17+, they have no reason to censor anything. Anyone that plays this game under the recommened age is on their head, not the developer's.
  15. Saw something interesting in game

    The plane must have dropped some crates right at the start of the map and the guy was lucky enough to find both weapons. I'm pretty sure theres no way a hack can be made to spawn in weapons, it's all handled server side i think.