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  1. How can a map be luck based? Cover is there for strategic play, if you don't have tactical awareness, that's when luck actually comes In to play, being your fault not the map's.
  2. MIramar is s**t

    We fucking get it already, you get constantly killed and it's the map's fault. What a shitty fucking community jesus christ.
  3. Personally i've had allot of success with the new update. Comparing Miramar to Erangel is like comparing a bloody spaceship to a 1976 diesel, it's pretty clear that they've put quite allot of effort in the new map, so i don't really know where you're coming from. People are acting like this is the final product and the end of development, Breene stated himself that they will continue with improvements to the game on the same level, so these issues will be fixed. Even if they game is still slightly wonky, it's still a huge upgrade from what we had only a couple of updates ago. A single update can't fix every issue with a game and suddenly make it a E-Sport title, it just doesn't work like that.
  4. I actually had a few Erangel games myself yesterday, it definitely isn't out of the selection. The map's just been giving a really low chance of being picked, due to the focus being on Miramar. They most likely did this so that they can gather information about it and improve it further. Isn't the best way of doing things, but that's what they did.
  5. Enjoying looting

    Really agree, with the new map there's a hell of alot of variation compared to Erangel. Just makes exploring so much more fun!
  6. Google servers? I'm pretty sure they use Amazon. The servers there are pretty good, it just all comes down to the game's own netcode. Meaning switching providers won't fix the problem.. if only it was that easy
  7. Desert map is too big

    It just looks bigger because of the skybox outside of the map, it's still the same size as Erangel.
  8. With the servers already slumping down to an 7 average tick-rate, 150 players would just make the game unplayable. It would take quite allot of server optimization in order for the servers to even remotely handle 150 players, considering the servers struggling with 100 already
  9. Decided maybe to upgrade from an RX 480 to a GTX 1080 for 1440p gaming in PUBG. Just wondering if performance difference is worth it compared to the price of the 1080 card, should i upgrade?
  10. Why do we play this game?

    PUBG is probably one of the only games that constantly has desync, crashes and has a generally unpolished gun and movement system. Why do i play it though? It's just a whole load of fun, even if it ain't competitively viable in any way, shape or form. Even if i uninstall it, i keep coming back for more. It's just about the only game that has a decent approach to Battle Royale, with the exception of Fortnite, which i dislike due to it's seemlessly random bullet accuracy, bullets decide to hit something a mile away even if you have good aim in that game..
  11. Most likely just desync, godmode is pretty much non-existant this days. +1
  12. Give people a choice on what weather mode they'd like to play, that would significantly decrease the numbers of leavers per game. Punishing people for playing a mode that they don't like doesn't help anyone, it only decreases the user experience. Keep in mind this game is in early access, you find a bug, then you try to recreate it next match in hopes of reporting it. This game isn't finished. Adding a punishment for leaving the match, keep in mind theres technically nothing at stake as leaderboards get reset anyway, only gets in the way to gather information on potential bugs in the game. Adding it on full release makes sense, though.
  13. I actually made a post in the suggestions on the forums with the same idea as what they were talking about in that video, vaguely remembered one of the reasons people were against it was that Arma 3 had a better solution to the problem. Can't remember what that solution was though.
  14. Why not just give the option to enable/disable it? Then everyone's happy.