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  1. kaynn

    "Died from falling" on rocks

    Bug Description: Pretty simple. I just get glued between 2 rocks while walking down a cliff, get stuck and i die from the so called "falling". Date Seen: 11/22/2017 9:55 PM Server: On the test server. I believe this occurs on the live server aswell. Other Information: Just a few screenshots. Launch Options: None. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: RX 480 8GB CPU: FX 8350 (OC'ed to 4.5 GHz) Ram: Ordinary 8GBs of Ram. Lost really good loot which is always nice
  2. kaynn

    Stuck / General Map Bugs - Post Here

    Found another bug, walls without a collision box.
  3. kaynn

    Game looking pixelated

    Using a 1980x1080 monitor, and selected the native resolution in-game. Been playing a couple of matches and looking closely at the task manager, PUBG isn't seeming to take that much memory usage.. might be capped or something. Would 12GB's be enough?
  4. kaynn

    Game looking pixelated

    For some reason my game looks really pixelated, changing screenscale up to 120 doesn't help, and turning AA Up to Ultra or High makes the game look blurry. Been trying tweaking settings in the config files, but nothing seemed to have fixed the issue. Maybe this game doesn't really like AMD Builds?.. My Rig: RX 480 FX 8350 OC'ed 8GB's of Ram (HyperX) Graphical Options: How the game looks:
  5. Don't know much about firearms, but i would add the Desert Eagle.. just because it's badass
  6. kaynn

    Wierd Map Start Graphics

    Could be anything really. Maybe a overheating or driver issue, maybe try reinstalling drivers?
  7. The only way to circumvent this bug is by simply restarting the game every 1 or 2 matches, worked for me. The game client seems to use more memory each time a new match is started. Once memory usage has reached a limit, the game will cut corners in order to run properly (as seen here).
  8. kaynn


    Pretty sure the invisible walls bug is caused by lack of memory, which will in turn disallow the game to allocate memory usage to textures. Every time you start a new match without starting the client, the game will use more memory for what ever reason. The way to prevent this from happening is by simply restarting the game client every 1 or 2 games, worked for me. As for that account issue, it was patched due to abuse from players. Pretty sure they patched it because players would enable family sharing, make a new account and start playing with a new scorebord rating, which is basically smurfing . There isn't any way to have seperate account stats on the same PC now, the only way to circumvent the patch is by playing on another PC sadly..
  9. kaynn

    AMD Users FPS Potential Help

    Was half expecting this to work, got a 30-40 fps boost. Great guide!
  10. Been experience frequent crashes aswell. Was reading a post today that showed PUBG taking more memory each time a new game was started, so i'd say try and just restart PUBG every 2-3, worked for me atleast
  11. kaynn

    FPS less than 60

    There isn't really much else to do other than lowering the graphical settings of the game and using launch commands. The only limiting factor with your specs is the GTX 1050. The GPU is on par with the GTX 660, which is noted as the minium required card to run PUBG. Coupled with your card having around 4GB of vram, which will make the game slightly unstable which will result in fps drops, you really should try and upgrade your GPU. The devs are going to optimise GPU usage as this game is quite CPU heavy at the moment, and getting a better more sufficent card will help you obtain a stable rate in the long run As for launch options, try -USEALLAVAILABLECORES and -malloc-system. Try -sm4 too, just keep in mind this forces the game to use DirectX 10 which will make textures a little less detailed.
  12. kaynn

    Small Loot Location Not On Map

    Recently found a couple of houses on the military island that aren't shown on the map. Haven't seen anyone talking about this bug, just click delete if someone found this first ʅ('- ')ʃ
  13. kaynn

    Player Duplicating Ammo

    He isn't duplicating the ammo, just droping a single bullet. Still shows up as an ammo pack though.
  14. kaynn

    Plane Kills

    Thats one unlucky case of severe desync i'm afraid. When in the lobby island, before you get TP'ed to the plane, theres a small amount of time were you're vulnerable to damage from other players. I'm pretty sure the way players achieve an extended amount of time in the lobby after getting TP'ed, is by probably slowing their internet connection down intentionally or unintentionally. The only way to counteract getting killed by these players is by jumping in the water.. Probably one of the most scummy bugs ever