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  1. that's interesting because i've been monitoring my cpu usage in-game also and it goes up and down with the range of 60-90%. i guess you're playing with much higher settings then i lol. those settings must have large impact on cpu usage too, not just gpu. and to clarify a bit, the game sort of worked on the current live version, lot's of fps lag and stuttering. especially in the beginning of the match for a bout 2-3mins before i could basicly move or do anything.. but on the test server it works quite differently, for example i can turn that resolution scale back to 100% which i'm really happy and also, my new ram stick is coming tomorrow then i got a total of 8gb of ram again which will make things work on my toaster a bit better at least, and i was already looking for some new nvidia cards, i might go with something like gtx 1050 or similar. anyhow, do you play in NA or EU servers usually?
  2. yeah i know this well already lol, but really, i tested 4 matches on test server just now, and it works really nicely. i don't care if have to play very low settings, dont care. i'm planning on starting to build a completely new modern pc but it takes time as i'm not that much of a wealthy man.
  3. Got the game finally to work, some awesome dude on steam forums suggested i'd disable steam overlay and try then play the game. well it worked atleast for me!
  4. Greetings!

    Hey guys and gals! nice to be part of this awesome community if you need graphical stuff like logos, banners or even wallpapers, i'm your man. just message me here and i'll try to help you out
  5. ok good to know i'm not alone.
  6. Bug Description: I start the Test server version of the game.main menu works i can see my character with stupid haircut.i join a server, i can hear sounds playing, people talking in the lobby area, hear when i spawn to airplane, etc...but the game wont post actual gameplay, so the loading screen only thing i can see on my screen indefinitely. Date Seen: 19.4.2017 Troubleshooting Attempted: not much, deleted config files / restarted pc / installed older drivers (from latest nvidia beta back to 381.65 WHQL) Other Information: - Launch Options: no i tried only without those. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Creators update 1703 x64 Graphics Card: Gainward GTX 460 1gb vram CPU:Intel Xeon E5420 4-core @2.5ghz stock clocks. Ram:4gb of ram (i know its low but my other 4gb ram died a week ago, new comes via mail on friday :P.also the current main version of the game works somehow, not good but atleast im not stuck at loading screen..)
  7. Good headset (no need for mic)

    consided Koss Porta Pro, it has surprisingly detailed sounds and deep juicy bass. i can hear everything coming from miles away lol. AND i can take these with me anywhere as they fold to so very tiny space. my gaming headphones are 20 dollars Turtle Beach Earforce Z11 headphones, but they're also surprisingly good and nice, if you're on a budget consider those also and remember, before buying headphones ---> you need proper soundcard, preferably one with headphone amp.
  8. PUBG - Weapon Wallpaper

    That looks really great, it's clear i like it can i share my fan wallpaper here? can't make my own thread yet x)
  9. Newest addition to weapons - Vector

    i found first time ever a crowbar. HL3 confirmed.
  10. New Devblog Discussion

    Yeah i really wish it will be public. i guess they would have said if it is for them only. i mean they said on the bigpatch news that keep on eye on their twatter.