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  1. Many guns are able to use different calibers. But it's not about that, it's about changing the barrel. You can't just put a different bullet size down it.
  2. a few questions from a new player

    A mod went out of his way to specifically mention to me that the War game mode was not an official source. Particularly from the wiki or whatever it was. I haven't been up to date with news recently though, so if there has been something recent, my bad. I'd love to see the War mode, though, and it seems that many many people do.
  3. Parachute Reflecting your Kill rating?

    Something along these lines would definitely be interesting.
  4. Car spawns... Seriously..

    Almost every time I land in Georgepool, there is never a car around. I like landing there, but I hate running for 10 minutes straight afterwards.
  5. This. Just don't take it off? lol. You keep other people's clothes if you grab them off the ground, too.
  6. The SKS : Yay or Nay?

    It's definitely a "shoot, pause, shoot, pause" weapon. Every time I try to shoot quickly, I miss everything. But taking my time I've downed entire squads with it.
  7. 1- InsightKnight makes a topic complaining about stuff. Usually posting things that don't add to his cause at all. 2- A couple people who don't see his dozens of posts agree with him. Many others disagree. 3- InsightKnight calls them stupid, tells them they know nothing, specifies that he is some all knowing person about everything he talks about, claims he has some moral highground because he bought an early access game, then gets increasingly upset when more and more people call him out. At least in this topic he posted a video that is actually relevant, and not just him missing shots. He actually has a point in this one, if not for the fact that it's all he ever posts about, when the devs are already very aware of the problems. I'm just ready to block this dude. lol
  8. Bars on windows

    That isn't the point. You can't raise or lower the barrel even an inch. There is no angle you can shoot from to hit your target there. And crouching just makes you hit the window sill. The only way to hit people out of those windows is if they're on a hill or way beneath you. That's not "how guns work".
  9. Wait, you can do that here?
  10. Uh, not? Upgrading from an i5 to an i7 gave me absolutely no performance increase. Upgrading from an R9 280x to a gti 1070 went from 40 fps to 70. With that being the sole change. It wasn't really the sentence structure. It's the abbreviations. And a few commas would help. Even broken english is easy to read if it isn't a long running sentence. lol. I have a ton of respect for those who can talk/write in multiple languages, but it just looked like you typed it on an old flip phone, haha. The point was that this shouldn't be compared to BF. Compare it to Rust, DayZ, H1Z1... Open world survivals have always had horrible optimization at the start. Some obviously getting much more stable than others. You're also comparing early access games to Full Release, fully optimized games. And don't get me wrong, I don't think the game is currently perfectly optimized. Far from it. But even with the lower end specs, even when it reaches its ideal optimizations, it just isn't going to run well. These kinds of games will always be a huge strain on your PC. Edit: Sorry for the random order of replies. I bamboozled myself, haha.
  11. God your typing is hard to read. This isn't texting, Jesus. An R9 270 is getting pretty damn low, man. This game requires a lot from the GPU, more than the CPU and RAM. This game isn't Battlefield. It isn't static images. It has to render all the landscape, buildings, item spawns, players (100 of them), and their actions. All while being a similar, if not bigger size of map. Survival open world MMOs are notorious for their huge GPU demand. While shooters will benefit from a good GPU, the CPU and RAM are often a bigger factor. --- Anyways, I believe you are in quite the minority for the FPS getting worse. There have been a couple topics about it, but the majority of players are getting more and more stable. Myself and many of my friends included. Moral of the story: It's time for a new graphics card, for a game like this.
  12. add 50 more players?

    I'd love to see the cap increased to 200. Two planes flying at some kind of randomized X across the map, means all areas of the map are covered, and everyone will be evenly distributed, meaning everyone gets gear and their own share of combat. Will make the traveling less dull, as there will be less instances of absolutely no one being near you for 10+ minutes. Once the game gets more stabilized and optimized, there is no real reason it wouldn't work.
  13. I suggest you add 50 vs 50 and chat box

    A team chat box wouldn't be bad. Especially for people who are deaf, hence OP. Global chat? Definitely not. Team? Why not.
  14. Sprint.

    If anything, I'd rather the current sprint be a "running" and have an additional button to actually "sprint". Which would drain the breath gauge. The current sprint isn't all that fast, and you could easily run it at a steady pace for quite a long period of time (if your body is trained for it, which, depending on what the eventual story plot is, could very well be the case). But if I was getting shot at irl, I'd be sprinting to my absolute max speed. But this would make it hard to zigzag. So the extra sprint would be harder to control, and drain breath. Btw, if you didn't know, if you drain your breath (holding shift while ADS/swimming), you can't sprint right afterwards until you rest. I like this mechanic, but the current sprint speed just isn't fast enough to warrant a drain, imo.
  15. Add Shotgun Slugs into PUBG?

    I was gonna say. lol You can already silence the S12K. The others aren't really compatable unless it's a homebrew suppressor.