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  1. Mrlag

    Weapon problems only

    am i the only guy that set the weapon to auto and when i start shooting the weapon fires 1 bullet and then stops?
  2. Mrlag


    so, after patch i cant end a match...already played 3 times and all the matches at random times i get disconnected from the match. game keeps running until i get a message saying something like conection time expired...tnk god we have motorcycles now
  3. Mrlag


    where can i see ping in the game? i played H1Z1 and this game feels 10 times more lag.
  4. Mrlag

    Anti cheat

    errrr, that seems like an evasive response...
  5. Mrlag

    Anti cheat

    hello since this is a new game played by 1M players, doesnt this game diserv a better anti cheat? its too easy to get around BE, just look at Battlefield 1, and there are some cheats selling in the internet... i remember PUBG saying that they were always 1 step ahead cheaters, doesnt seem the case