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  1. Outside Blue Zone

    i think most of you guys are familiar with the senario were you are runing towards white circle and behind u is the blue line and after that line a couple guys that will kill you and die outside the zone... some will say that is a valid tactic, i say its not, its just a dead sentenced guy kill a player. what if, players outside the BLUE zone werent able to shot? what do you guys think about it?
  2. Auto Fire

    yeah. weapon is in AUTO and i press the mouse button and it fires 1 bullet...
  3. Auto Fire

    i sugest you to implement auto fire option to automatic weapons tmks
  4. Weapon problems only

    any work arround?
  5. Weapon problems only

    am i the only guy that set the weapon to auto and when i start shooting the weapon fires 1 bullet and then stops?
  6. Blue circle damage

    maybe they have to find a mid term...i just think the damage in the end is too much and in the begining too low...
  7. Blue circle damage

    no, im saying that we should take more damage in the beggining and less in the end
  8. Blue circle damage

    shouldnt the amount of damage given by the blue circle be the opposite than it this now? i think it would make the game more tactical in the end, and more fast oaced in the begining. as is it its a bit more luck based in the end...
  9. Aplying to EA/BETA/PATCH tester!

    ofc there will be bugs, no one saying that. but this disconnect bug is just to damn obvious
  10. Aplying to EA/BETA/PATCH tester!

    you assume wrong. can you tell me how " 100.000 active testers in this EA" let this latest bug pass onto live server Mr imholdsoiknowwhatimsaying?
  11. Aplying to EA/BETA/PATCH tester!

    well then this patch wasnt on that server...
  12. hello im here offering my services as EA/BETA/PATCH tester! obviously this team have no testers otherwise they wouldnt release a patch with a "connection timout" bug... so, contact me, send me a PM, ill help you guys testing stuff

    so, after patch i cant end a match...already played 3 times and all the matches at random times i get disconnected from the match. game keeps running until i get a message saying something like conection time expired...tnk god we have motorcycles now
  14. when getting shot at...

    i think they should do something about this...image ur shooting someone at medium range and this guy turns to yoou and gives you HS...i think this shouldnt be an easy situation to happen. the guy that was getting shot at the first place should have extra sway in the weapon when zooming...my opinion