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  1. MrPinesol


    Don't worry, any game trying to resemble pubg will get sued. Waiting for cuisine royal to get sued too. That game is actually what pubg should visually look like. But hey, we have locked crates for $2.5
  2. MrPinesol


    Yeah it's kinda stupid they gave him his own skin after he threatened them saying he won't play the game, how desperate must a company be.
  3. MrPinesol


    This cheat is so old, I thought they would have patched this by now. Glad to see they didn't haha. https://youtu.be/Wkyr3Q9Ktoo I just moved onto quake, it's gotten alot better. Pubg has just been a money grab with this ridiculous crate system. Next I'm sure they'll make you pay monthly to get skins like what is on pubg mobile battle pass.
  4. Wait a sec. Are you saying they should actually keep map selection and listen to the community? Like do what the community ASKS and that will keep them playing? What a stupid idea that blue hole listens to players (sarcasm). This is part of the reason I stopped even coming on here. They di what they think is best and that's the end of it. What's the point of listening to your customers is clearly their mentality.
  5. MrPinesol

    I miss it, anyone else?

    Shoot yourself up with an epipen when your top 5 i guess.
  6. The reason those files are being blocked is because the game is either calling them when loading or they are hooking to the game when it loads. Those should not be loading when the game loads. It could be malware as the pubg menu is essentially a webpage. Possible try using malware bytes or using a legit ms product key. Most windows activation methods done to pirate it will modify the kernel or install some service that keeps it active. If that will not work then maybe try renaming those files by adding 'old' in the name and see what happens.
  7. Yes, I have noticed this too and it is a little annoying. Hopefully they will address it in the next patch. As far as a fix, I do not think so, we need an actual patch.
  8. The cheating has gotten much less than what it was fall 2017. I only play fpp on NA now, so I do not know of the situation in tpp. In fpp there are almost no cheaters and I usually stay within top 100, sometimes top 200. I hope they keep up the efforts because it has helped.
  9. MrPinesol

    game performance

    The optimization really isn't bad now. Just turn off character render and you can be at a stable 130fps all the time. I have a 1080ti.
  10. MrPinesol


    They said this wasn't "at the top of their development list" back in May or June 2017. So expect in early 21st century if we're lucky.
  11. How would cheaters hide behind a name change when you're linked to a steam account. The Tslgame assigns a UUID to every player that you can find in replay files. Changing a screen name wouldn't change that, meaning that a cheater who changes a name will still be banned. Paying $30 is plain stupid.
  12. MrPinesol

    Cheating Discussion

    You're kidding yourself if they'll get a grip on cheating. This crap has been going on since August ever since it got popular in China. You know they won't remove the game from the Chinese market of it makes them more money, and they know that too. Honestly the next update will more than likley be a road map showcasing a new map and cosmetics. Ignoring all the issues with cheating and not even fixing the 2 current maps. Really any game released globally should not allow the Chinese market to connect to global servers. If they want to cheat, that's fine, leave the rest of the world alone.
  13. MrPinesol

    Cheating Discussion

    There is nothing 'new' just a battleye update. So long story short it's just as useless as before.
  14. MrPinesol

    Hit Detection or ????

    Because the game depends on each players client. It was likley lag or dsync. The player probably saw you first on his screen and you got killed. The server may have skipped over your command of shooting the shotgun. It's frustrating that the PvP in this game is ass backwards.
  15. MrPinesol

    Cheating Discussion

    Here we go again.. nothing ever changes. They only updated battleye back on 2/7. We all just have to deal with it or just not play the game. I really wished this would be a good weekend for me to play, but it looks like that's not the case. Oh well nothing new