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    Welcome to the game, it's a lot of cheaters!
  2. 4 times, this is out of control. What's the point in playing to get to top 10 and get killed by an aimbot? I recorded and reported every one and nobody is banned. I had high hopes for battleye protecting this game but that is clearly not the case.
  3. Can't stand this game anymore

    At least overwatch is 50% off now. This game is just a waste of fucking time. I'm so tired of being killed with an aimbot in the top 10. Honestly, fuck this game. I've been optimistic about the anti cheat but its just worse and worse. All I can say is that I got my $30 out of it before it turned into a hackfest.
  4. Tecent now China publisher for PUBG

    Or is there going to be a different PUBG version for china that only the china servers will be able to host?
  5. Tecent now China publisher for PUBG

    So if the game is to have more socialist values in China, is the china server going to be different than all others? This would probably mean region locking the Chinese player base to stay in compliance with these values. Or will this mean changing the game for all regions to cater to Chinese values? I hope that's not the case, but the Chinese can just VPN to NA or EU servers and get a non socialist experience.
  6. Cheating has killed this game

    I'm about ready too, ran into another cheater when I got on to play with my buddies. It's getting really fucking dumb. Made a cheat report on the 11th with concrete video proof and the guy is currently in game now with no game ban. I just want them to region lock at this point and have battleye block any vpn that is running. Just have the Asian cheaters sit in their server and ruin the game there. I don't know what else to say, you remove the cheaters and they all come back in like a day.
  7. Last update killed my FPS

    Themida is interesting, it protects the decrypted code in memory before one can extract it to a disk. So they're running the code in their own secure kernel based 'capsule'. Not sure how they dump the entire capsule and decrypt it, but it's probably been done.
  8. Last update killed my FPS

    I don't think they fire them, to implement changes to the game you need to digitally sign and publish the update to steam. That will not happen without review. So if anyone was to be fired it would be prior to the digital signing of the application. They would not allow anyone in the office to sign an update with Symantec's server and publish it. BUT I'm not use how their offices work so who the hell knows
  9. Last update killed my FPS

    They didn't screw it up perse, it's just how Themida works. If code is going to be executed in a separate, encrypted decompiler then of course their will be a hit. The only systems that will not notice anything is maybe X299 builds. BH probably did this (maybe) temporarily while they figure out what to do with cheaters that decomplile the code to run the cheat in the exe. It could be used against the cheats that load about 1 min prior to launching the game exe, therefore allowing them to be injected. I do not think anyone would keep this as a permanent thing as any protection on a game this popular will be cracked eventually.
  10. I mean yeah that's true. Until the game is fully encapsulated there will always be cheaters, and even then there is big problems. Our best bet is to have something like ESEA always running in the kernel as a system dependency. And then people will cause uproar about performance impacts and privacy issues (I can see the privacy issue, but what else can you do?).
  11. Or it is likely that people are able to spoof the connection to battleye master server allowing them to cheat by modifying the executable that has BE integrated into it. Or it may have something to do with how individuals can acquire the game for so cheap (like $2), a way to crack this game, spoof the connection to steam and BE and be be able to still play on it while connecting to the games Azure services. Who knows
  12. The Thermida software isn't really an anti cheat. It's a source code protection suite along with its own source code execution environment that runs in the kernel. It was developed to stop the hacking of programs to prevent people from pirating them or injecting their own code into it. I guess some cheats are running in the actual application itself which is why they did this. Or it will give battleye more time to detect which users are trying to reverse engineer the tslgame file while it is running. It's a good idea but it's a matter of time before it gets cracked.
  13. Runs fine for me. Get about 100-112 fps when nobody is really near and falls to about 70ish when there are more people like in later circles. Running at 1440p with some ultra settings.
  14. I record all my games and it takes me like 2 min to make a clip using the razor tool in Adobe premier and moving the rest of the vid to 00:00. Uploading to twitch is the longest which isn't long still. But I get your point, we shouldn't have to do this but I want the game to be as fair as possible