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  1. POLL: We want the Weather back! Rain and Fog!

    I would be for adding a very quiet midnight mode and a midnight with thunder+lightening (no rain). The darkness can be achieved with dark shades of blue and some larger house have their lights on so that can be a 'light zone'. Where it can be easier to see players. Adding a mode with lightening and thunder like before a storm in darkness would also be cool.
  2. Is that normal?

    No, they cheat. Somebody should remove their right thumb.
  3. They won't allow it since this is a battle royal game and you need to he ready for anytning, like the game selecting a different map. Then again you can just leave and rejoin.
  4. This game is awesome

    It's a fantastic game without cheaters, taking damage from parachuting, dsync, and the good ole dying from falling when getting stuck in a small space.
  5. Damn, 800 hours and they never get past the bottom 50?
  6. Cheating Discussion

    There is nothing 'new' just a battleye update. So long story short it's just as useless as before.
  7. They should at least test this in the test server. I am for having grass render very far by default for all players and it cannot be edited. I mean isn't that what a test server is for?
  8. Hit Detection or ????

    Because the game depends on each players client. It was likley lag or dsync. The player probably saw you first on his screen and you got killed. The server may have skipped over your command of shooting the shotgun. It's frustrating that the PvP in this game is ass backwards.
  9. Serious hacking going on..

    I don't see what's wrong, just normal pubg to me.
  10. Cheating Discussion

    Here we go again.. nothing ever changes. They only updated battleye back on 2/7. We all just have to deal with it or just not play the game. I really wished this would be a good weekend for me to play, but it looks like that's not the case. Oh well nothing new
  11. Seriously Anti-Cheat ??!!?

    What are you taking about? There are of course no cheaters in fpp. That's crazy talk!
  12. Cheating Discussion

    So they did say in their last sream post 1.0 #5 that there is a new anti cheat. However, when you look at the live server files there is no xenuine added to the current build, it's only on the test server files. The update on 2/7 updated beclientx64.dll and beservice.exe for the game. That's simply looking at file signatures.
  13. Cheating Discussion

    There have been bans for people using .pak mods and recoil modifications. There is not a new a.c. yet, just battleye update which may have added new detection algorithms. The new a.c. xenuine is not present on live servers yet, it's on test server.
  14. Cheating Discussion

    Because they literally just came out with the update, wait 12hrs-2days more and we'll see how bad it will get again. It's literally the same story with evey update. They delay them, have an issue, release it, and then in 2 days it's bypassed. It's always a work in progress, but after 31 cheat report videos I give up.
  15. Cheating Discussion

    They have added server checks for recoil, but they never actually added Xenuine to the game, which is the new A.C. Only battleye client and exe got an update on our end. You can still inject .paks and make your own esp easily. Just repack a cheat engine and battleye won't detect it.