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  1. No Communication = No Teamplay

    Justified? Sure. Smart for the owner to insult players? No. Smart for them to ban one of their biggest players? No. A warning should have been issued. Fact is that PUBG's player base is getting smaller. People are sheep, and as soon as they see someone who's big in the community get removed, they'll lose interest or leave themselves.
  2. No Communication = No Teamplay

    I think it's dumb for them to ban Dr Disrespect over that. People state that breaking a rule's breaking a rule, but he was in character. In the end, it's PUBG that's going to suffer from an iconic streamer being removed. Dr Disrespect can simply just start another clique, especially with Pewdiepie backing him up. Good game, Bluehole, you fucked yourself! The community make the game. Removing one of the people that brought the most attention to the game? Bad idea. It's like removing a large portion of marketing from your business. The owner certainly should've remained professional and not responded with 'STFU'. Imbecile.
  3. Try and avoid deploying over mountains or high altitude areas if you're not landing on them.
  4. Adopt H1's ranking style

    I think what would be cooler would be when more servers are released, for there to be ranked and unranked servers (which is a high possibility with player-ran servers anyway).
  5. XP system

    Fact is that PUBG can have new game modes, etcetera. So it doesn't have to be limited to KOTH. There's a ton of opportunity that players will be able to create, along with the developers themselves. Just give it time. Before PUBG is able to progress into these fields, they first need to build a steady foundation from which new game modes and ideas can be built on.
  6. Got top 10 for the first time!

    I see it like this; Why do I need to work towards picking players off if I don't need to? I'd rather have someone else doing the dirty work for me and risking themselves, over risking my position and so on. Sometimes I follow people, watch them get in a gunfight and then pick them, or the other person off once one of them has killed the other. 2x the loot.
  7. What is The Best Strategy?

    The best strategy? Well, there's no single best strategy. There are good ways to start off, but late game, it's partly down to luck and your skill as a player. Generally I like to stick to a few general rules. 1) Try and stick to the thin edge of the circle if possible. 2) Never underestimate foliage (grass, etc). 3) Play defensively, not offensively if you're looking to win. 4) Take advantage of other players killing other players. What I mean by this is that if you have poor gear, try and stay low and avoid people if you can. Then once you've spotted someone get killed, and the other person move away, go and grab their gear. This pretty much applies to late game only, though, as people are less interested in gear later on.
  8. Yeah, my next video is being looked at. I'm trying to figure out what can actually help people and which hasn't been covered in a quick, efficient manner already. Thanks for all the feedback too!
  9. Got top 10 for the first time!

    I play defensively. Being aggressive can give away positions and cause more harm than good. Being passive gets you killed. Being defensive can keep you well hidden until the end of the match and save you when you're in a gunfight.
  10. Welcome to the community!
  11. Battlegrounds Steam Sale

    Probably not. Game's in Early Access and they need to pay for more due to the large amount of players and so on. Probably won't see a sale for a while.
  12. Have been looking into new video ideas. Want to make something genuinely useful every time! Have some nice footage that I can use, so will begin to make some new videos shortly. Will post the next at 1000 views!
  13. Haha, not really. I just begin to strafe like a mad man. Two steps sideways, four steps forwards, ten steps back, five steps to the right. Probably the most accurate representation of what I do if I panic, haha.
  14. Guy Claiming to be a developer.

    I think that the car spawns are pretty decent as they are. There are spots with guaranteed vehicles, so people can just go there if they really need a vehicle. The fact there are limited vehicles makes the game ten times better as people will have to battle and fight on the occasion, or will have to strategise to make their way to the safe zone. Decent loot isn't really needed to win. Many people can win through dominating late game instead of early game. Loot is also set to increase after the bug is fixed (presumably this week. I think a pretty common issue is that if everyone had vehicles and guns, then it would be boring for many players and wouldn't have a challenge. I, along with many other players enjoy the fact that there are only limited weapons and that you have to fight with what you have to dominate in the game. With the punches. Realistically, punches don't make that loud of a noise in real life. So there's not really much of a need to increase the sound.
  15. Help for buy system

    Generally a lot of high end computers do struggle at points due to the game being unoptimised to a great extent. As said before, if you could state how much you're willing to spend, it would be great.