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  1. These game modes are so dumb. You either get shot out of the sky, or get shot while leaving the super clunky, slow, and buggy parachute animation. The 30 fps is a nice bonus too.
  2. I have an i7 6700, 16gb of RAM , windows 10, and a 1060. I get anywhere from 40-90 FPS but whenever I get in a gunfight or go past any spot that has more than a couple buildings it drops down to 5-15 FPS. How am i expected to play whenever I get in a gun fight I only have 10ish frames? I put up with it at first because of it was early access and I just liked the game but now I even if I want to play I can't. How long am I expected to wait before the games runs?
  3. Derrake


    No all items are cosmetic only
  4. Derrake

    Cars getting stuck.

    I was in a duo and we drove a dacia through a metal barrier, but then got stuck on the second one and the car blew up and I died. The thing is weird is that we drove through the first section fine but then got stuck in the second one. There are a lot of issues with cars and I would like to see vehicles as the next main focus regarding vehicles interacting with environment and how buggy it is when you jump out of a car.
  5. Derrake

    Option is misleading

    In the option the setting "previous weapon" is set to scroll wheel down, and it doesn't equip your previously used weapon it just scrolls chronologically from what weapon you have on. So if you have weapon 2 equipped, it will equip your 3rd weapon despite if you just used your 1st weapon then switched to your 2nd. I just lost a game because I switched to a pan instead of an akm...
  6. Derrake

    Vehicles still don't work

    This still happens way too often
  7. Derrake

    Stuck inside buildings

    There was a building in the sunken city with a piece of metal in front of the door i jumped on the piece of metal and crouch walked in. Once i got inside I was stuck because I couldn't jump back on the piece of metal and the other door had a car and tree in front of it. After a few minutes of trying my game crashed.
  8. Derrake

    Aim down sights bug

    There is still a bug when you are shooting while aiming down sights the recoil kicks down to your feet. This was an issue awhile ago and I haven't seen a post about an update on it.
  9. Derrake

    Hit detection

    I don't think there was any lag because as you can see i just killed a guy to my right in the beginning of the video and noticed nothing irregular. I had 55 frames throughout so it was not a performance drop either. Another thing to point out is that he hit me which leads me to believe that neither of us were lagging.
  10. Happened to me twice.
  11. Derrake

    Hit detection is broken

    I had 55 frames at the time of the shot, so it wasn't lag or performance issues...
  12. Derrake

    Hit Detection

    Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure my sight was on him when I shot.
  13. Derrake

    Shot through trees glitch?

    I had a full lvl 2 vest and lvl 3 helmet so I'm not sure how he killed me in 2 shots. It seems like he shot me through the 2 trees in front of me and when I die you can't even see him in frame.
  14. Derrake

    Map opens when shot

    I've encountered this glitch where my map opens when I get shot, especially when in vehicles .