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  1. I feel like melee and melee weapons are just a gag and never a viable option. Most situations just end up like the way in the video. (did anyone else notice how the kar98k has a s12k sound at the end?)
  2. Jumping in water should negate most if not all fall damage if the water is deep enough to swim in.
  3. Cars getting stuck.

    I was in a duo and we drove a dacia through a metal barrier, but then got stuck on the second one and the car blew up and I died. The thing is weird is that we drove through the first section fine but then got stuck in the second one. There are a lot of issues with cars and I would like to see vehicles as the next main focus regarding vehicles interacting with environment and how buggy it is when you jump out of a car.
  4. I often find myself healing after running into zone, to then get shot from someone else in the circle and try to sprint away but to only keep healing. In all the games I've played you just sprint to cancel your current reload, heal, revive, etc. And I think this would be a nice simple feature to be added to pubg, as most players are already familiar with the mechanic.
  5. Blocked Indicator

    When you're ads behind cover is there a way to know if you're going to hit the thing in front of you. I have no idea if I am going to hit the cover in front of me. I've been told that bullets spawn from the barrel and not the sight and you can't always tell where the barrel is while ads. If you can see someone from cover but can't shoot them from cover it defeats the point of cover you shouldn't have to lean every time you are behind cover. I can't think of a way of fixing it without changing where the bullets spawns from, but i'm sure it's past that point.
  6. Groza Recoil

    It says in patch 15 that they adjusted the rail for the red dot and holo sight, so that may have been the problem.
  7. Groza Recoil

    I've had the groza a few times but can never manage to win a gunfight with it. Even though the recoil pattern is straight up and I compensate I still always get out dps'd by akm or m4 at close range. All I've heard about it is that it shreds armor, but can never manage to get kills with it.
  8. To the people asking I have the hyperX cloud Core headset.
  9. I've played 140 hours and still cant figure where i'm being shot from half the time. I can see bullets landing near me and hear the shots, but can still never manage to find who's shooting me
  10. Option is misleading

    In the option the setting "previous weapon" is set to scroll wheel down, and it doesn't equip your previously used weapon it just scrolls chronologically from what weapon you have on. So if you have weapon 2 equipped, it will equip your 3rd weapon despite if you just used your 1st weapon then switched to your 2nd. I just lost a game because I switched to a pan instead of an akm...
  11. Vehicles still don't work

    This still happens way too often
  12. Prone to standing speed

    Am I the only one who thinks that the prone to stand time should be a bit faster? I find myself in the "checked behind me then turn around then get shot from the spot I just checked" situation a lot, and if i could stand up just a bit faster I feel like I would have a bit more of a chance. I was playing a solo and checked one of the tunnel entrances then went prone to try and snipe some people at a nearby house, the guy came out of the tunnel and shot a good 20 bullets before I died. I might have been able to kill him considering his aim, but couldn't turn around or stand up fast enough.
  13. Stuck inside buildings

    There was a building in the sunken city with a piece of metal in front of the door i jumped on the piece of metal and crouch walked in. Once i got inside I was stuck because I couldn't jump back on the piece of metal and the other door had a car and tree in front of it. After a few minutes of trying my game crashed.
  14. Aim down sights bug

    There is still a bug when you are shooting while aiming down sights the recoil kicks down to your feet. This was an issue awhile ago and I haven't seen a post about an update on it.
  15. Hit detection

    I don't think there was any lag because as you can see i just killed a guy to my right in the beginning of the video and noticed nothing irregular. I had 55 frames throughout so it was not a performance drop either. Another thing to point out is that he hit me which leads me to believe that neither of us were lagging.