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    Team Reviving/DBNO Thread

    No thanks. This is already fine with the way you bleed out faster after each knock out and at one poikt you bleed so fast that you dont have time anymore to get in cover and get revived. Also blue zone does part of the job, if you knock out people they need to be revived and that slows the movement of a team down. If they dont move they will get caught by the blue zone in the end game.
  2. Date Seen: 28 April 2017 Information: Windows 10 64 bit Intel i5 3570K GTX770 8GB Ram Bug Description: Game freeze while I was taking painkillers. Server was 45A279. No idea what could have caused the freeze. I was running outside the zone just getting inside while I was getting shot. Took cover behind a tree outside the zone. Medded up and while I was taking painkillers the game froze with 4.5 seconds in the timer. No CTD. Game just froze on the screen and I was unable to do anything. Left it in that state for 5 minutes which after I killed the game from task management. Troubleshooting/Testing Steps Attempted: Waiting.. Hard to really do anything on this one. If it freezes randomly, it freezes randomly. No launch options. E: typo
  3. Nicrative

    Shot through trees glitch?

    Typical example of server lag. Even though on your screen you seemed to be behind a tree, on the enemy screen you weren't there yet. As he got a clear shot and it registered as a hit. Game bases the shots from the shooters point of view. So for example if shooter saw a building without walls and you were inside seeing walls, the shooter can kill you through those walls. Same thing happens here basically except no walls glitched. Shooter just still saw you on the open even though you saw yourself behind a tree.
  4. Nicrative


    It takes some time for the statistics to udpate. So if you tried checking right after game they weren't just updated at that moment.
  5. Nicrative

    I Won...But i Lost?

    Alright, I get your point. I like the way they are, which is of course just me. Also, in the end attachments should have a reason. I don't think any attachments on this game degreases any of the gun stats but rather increases them. And in the end here you have to find the attachment before you can use it. And finding AR suppressor is not that easy (I maybe get one every 5 games). On battlefield etc. you can choose your loadout before spawning, so obviously everything has to be in a balance of some kind. Here however you have to loot all your stuff and luck, or RNG as many people like to express it, has a small role as well on this game. If you loot well, you have a small advantage. Talking about RNG being good or bad on this game is whole another discussion but to get completely rid of it BF kind of system of spawning with your loadout would be needed, which would just kill the main idea of BR game anyways, in my opinion. Also, to really test something you would need to hit all your bullets exactly on the same spot and see if they have any difference. In the end I trust game stats more than a inaccurate feeling. You might just hit your bullets on arms and legs or the enemy might just have had better body armor. And also, as you said you thought that the power of the bullets would decrease with usppressor, it might have been just placebo effect/illusion. I haven't noticed any difference in suppressed and non-suppressed shots when it comes to gun mechanics.
  6. Nicrative

    I Won...But i Lost?

    Taken that this game has SCAR-L we can tell that it's at least taking place in modern times. (Manufactured 2004-, in service 2009-). You can also see on the gun stats that currently suppressors doesn't have any effect on the gun statistics, not making any part lower or greater. On your first message you talked about realism or realistic setting, that's why I wanted to correct you because with realistic setting sit should increase power, range and stability but devs decided to keep it from changing the guns stats and just suppressing your shots which is reasonable. In too many games suppressors are way too nerfed because of the fact that balance for the suppression has to be found.
  7. Nicrative

    I Won...But i Lost?

    No, no and once again NO! Suppressor does not output any damage, in fact it should increase damage because modern suppressors increase the velocity of the bullet. As we know from basic physics E=mv^2 where the bullet mass is standard and velocity increases increasing the energy increasing the damage in real life. But in the end we are talking about few per cent increases in velocity, so it's not that big difference anyways. But main point is that suppressors don't decrease bullet velocity and therefore doesn't output range nor damage. http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2012/05/foghorn/ask-foghorn-does-a-silencer-effect-the-velocity-of-the-bullet/ Then on the clip. What happens is a classical example of the server delay. The guy got the shot before you and headshotted. Even though you also shot him, you were a bit behind that guy. It seems like you got the shot first because of the server delay. Also as far as I know at current stage there is no kill trading implemented. Bullets take some time to travel and once the deadly shot has been fired, all the shots you fire after that shot gets unregistered. So to conclude. Enemy pulled the trigger first with the shot that kills you. Before that shot kills you, you get to shoot bullet to him but it doesn't register anymore because for him you are already dead. It's early access and I am sure that it will get better when the server lag is fixed and devs implement some kind of kill trading system, if they are planning on implementing one. Also, ItsDan, you can see on the clip that the enemy has level 2 helmet.
  8. I can confirm this with my system as well. Report copied above as most of it applies. Changed Launch options and system specs Description: Rain sounds (or any other ambient sounds) weren't present from the beginning of the pregame lobby. Thunder was still rolling, I gained a huge sound advantage over the other players. Date seen: 21.04.17, late evening. Server: Happened on stable. Troubleshooting attempted: None. Launch options: None. My rig: Windows 10 64 bit i5-3570K NVIDIA GTX770 Z97 motherboard (using motherboard built-in sound card). HyperX Cloud stereo Headset with aux line-in/out RAM: 8GB E: Typo
  9. Nicrative

    Could not use boost items

    Hello, ran into this issue on my latest game. I was not able to use any boost items. I was in a pretty bad situation where I had to escape a small shed and run across open field to the next zone. Ideal situation to use maximum boost. However I was unable to use any of my boost items. Bug Description: Could not use Boost items. I don't know about healing items because heal bar was above the limit to use them. Date Seen: 23/4/17 Troubleshooting Attempted: Tried using keybinding and different positions like crouch, standing, proning etc. Other Information: Video of the issue: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4k47v4etu47fj8n/2017-04-23 19-44-26.flv?dl=0 (no idea what happened to quality) Launch Options: nonre System Specifications: Operating System: windows 10 Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX770 CPU: i5 3570K Ram: 8GB
  10. 1. No 2. Low or very low on everything. My computer is a potato. 3. Viewdistance = low. 4. Default game, no shaders. Newest nvidia drivers.
  11. @hitem Here are two pictures that probably tell more than thousand words.. 1st picture, you can see grains on the field but they suddenly cut about mid field 150 meters from character position. 2nd picture. I have moved back about 50 meters. Now there is no grains on the field anymore what-so-ever. So hiding in that grain on the field by proning. Well maybe someone running past you cannot see you but someone on these hills will definitely shoot you.