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  1. New Vehicle suggestions

    Maybe now Ice Cream truck but some kind of van. Would be pretty unrealistic to just see 20 ice cream trucks roaming around on a small island. Or then people that used to live on that island must have really liked ice cream
  2. C4

    No thank you. Plastic explosives are used mainly for demolition, not for killing people. It has just been made so because of the gaming world finding it as an easy way to set up a trap for the enemy. Claymore would be better but even that would have some problems with people camping in buildings. In best case it would be something you only find from crates, you can disarm relatively quickly if you spot one (even if it's put there by someone else) and pick it up for your own use. That way it would become a risk to use a claymore because every time you spot one, you basically know 100% there is enemy inside.
  3. Team Reviving/DBNO Thread

    No thanks. This is already fine with the way you bleed out faster after each knock out and at one poikt you bleed so fast that you dont have time anymore to get in cover and get revived. Also blue zone does part of the job, if you knock out people they need to be revived and that slows the movement of a team down. If they dont move they will get caught by the blue zone in the end game.
  4. Special Vehicles from Supply Drops...?

    No, no no... first, how would you fit that kind of vehicle realistically in that red box and obtain it quickly? Second, gives massive advantage for the players who get it and kills the game immediately..
  5. Need to up the damage points. Too low

    If you loot for 15 minutes and then die on two bullets, you have done something wrong because you never picked up any armor. The current damage system imo is really good. Forget to watch your back and someone surprises you, yes you deserve to be killed. Not that you forget to check your back. Someone pops you with 3-4 bullets but you still have enough health to run into cover, heal up and fight back.. that would seriously kill the game because no-one will no longer shoot anyone.. especially in longer ranges because there is always risk that the enemy manages to fight back and you lose your advantage always.
  6. Final Circle Needs to be faster OR avoid tunnels

    At least do NOT make the circle faster. They already slowed down the end circles because they were too fast in the end game reducing the gameplay from strategy more on just running and avoiding the circle. So only option would be that end circle avoids tunnels so it doesn't collapse on top of one. That leaves pretty big "no end zone" area in the main tunnel area where end zone would not be possible. Don't know if this is good either. So I would say the end zones are good as they are right now. Sometimes they collapse on themselves because there is people on two levels and this is unavoidable. In the end this can also happen inside a building where the staircase is blocked by the zone and there is two teams on two different levels.
  7. Team Killing Penalties

    Also, at this point as the game crashes every now and then for one of the players in my squad (only playing with friends withvoice on discord) I do kill the crashed teammate to gain his ooot because there is no way for him to join back the game after a crash. Should I be punished also for doing that. I understand that team killing can be annyoing when playing with strangers, but sometimes it's intended and doesn't cause any harm and it should not be penalised for. I never team kill a rondom guy in my team, only if I know that killing my teammate doesn't affect on his gameplay on any way.
  8. Gun skins for free

    Gun skins... the most useless thing in the game that in my opinion ruins the good and realistic looking game. H1Z1 already looks like a halloween costume party ith all the cartoon shit going on with the gun skins and costumes.. like where in real world you see such guns.. same thing with CS:GO skins... Devs figured out another way to make money with ridiculous looking skins by making them collectables and stupid people are buying it.. and also.. how the hell you would find exactly the gun you have skins for on an abandoned island realistically.. You work with what you find and finding a gun that has a skin from the simpsons or shit is just ridiculous and useless.. That is my opinion and I think it just ruins the game.
  9. Date Seen: 28 April 2017 Information: Windows 10 64 bit Intel i5 3570K GTX770 8GB Ram Bug Description: Game freeze while I was taking painkillers. Server was 45A279. No idea what could have caused the freeze. I was running outside the zone just getting inside while I was getting shot. Took cover behind a tree outside the zone. Medded up and while I was taking painkillers the game froze with 4.5 seconds in the timer. No CTD. Game just froze on the screen and I was unable to do anything. Left it in that state for 5 minutes which after I killed the game from task management. Troubleshooting/Testing Steps Attempted: Waiting.. Hard to really do anything on this one. If it freezes randomly, it freezes randomly. No launch options. E: typo
  10. Get rid of bullet proof water

    i find the current way fine. Shooting from air to water is very unpredictable. If the bullet makes it into water without shattering, it loses it's lethal power to even a bare skin within few feet. There is no way it will penetrate any kind of body armor within few inches after entry. Another thing is that bullet entering water will change direction drastically and that again is very unoredictable. With low angles of impact bullet can even bounce off from the surface. So yeah. Firing a bullet in water is very unoredictable and the change of surviving such a shot is pretty high.
  11. Get rid of bullet proof water

    It's pretty realistic that when a bullet hits the water it loses its power. Higher caliber shots usually shatter when they hit water and therefore don't cause any harm. Also you didn't lose the round because of that. You would have lost in anyways, no matter if you got that kill or not because third person shot you from your left side before you were able to do anything. So yeah...
  12. Shot through trees glitch?

    Typical example of server lag. Even though on your screen you seemed to be behind a tree, on the enemy screen you weren't there yet. As he got a clear shot and it registered as a hit. Game bases the shots from the shooters point of view. So for example if shooter saw a building without walls and you were inside seeing walls, the shooter can kill you through those walls. Same thing happens here basically except no walls glitched. Shooter just still saw you on the open even though you saw yourself behind a tree.
  13. Statistics

    It takes some time for the statistics to udpate. So if you tried checking right after game they weren't just updated at that moment.
  14. Host closed connection wtf

    You have to remember that this game is still in early access and there is still problems with the servers. Developers are optimizing them daily to keep the lag and crashes away but there is still change for a server to crash suddenly. However I have noticed it to get less and less frequent all the time.
  15. Electro-field-damage-Suggestion

    There is other side on this coin as well. If on later phases the damage is not that hard, people would be camping outside the circle with their meds and shoot people there. You just have to make your move a bit faster so you don't get caught by the end phase circles. There is also another big circle discussion pinned on top of the suggestions where people are free to make their suggestions at.