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  1. Real life the AKM has a muzzle velocity of about 715 m/s. And that velocity drops the further out it gets.
  2. This should be about the mechanics of the game. The mechanics can be utilized in both views, so view preference should not be included. All it does is get FPP elitist spouting their crap about how they think they're so much better.
  3. And specifically talks about damage mechanics and removing the hud. Not about the view preferences a player may have. You can have those realistic mechanics while still playing TPP.
  4. Please point out in the OP where he talks about FPP vs TPP. Otherwise you're just spewing more elitist crap about FPP being the end all be all.
  5. Wow, so enlightening. TPP is what it is same as FPP is what it is. Don't like it don't play it. This is not about TPP or FPP preferences.
  6. I like Hardcore on BF (normal mode is a joke) because TTK is short. But... that is a different game and EA decided to split the playerbase because they wanted to cater to casuals. PUBG is already a hardcore type of game. You get one life. There are a lot more variables involved in PUBG that make the game very different from BF (or others) that creating a separate style is not needed. Edit: To add, you need a compass to help accurately communicate positions properly. You need a mini map to help you with circles. It's more of a game mechanic necessity.
  7. That's too bad. Apparently quitting and pressing play again is too much work. You'd rather take your ball and go home. So... take your ball and go home already if you don't want to play 1.0. Because it's here to stay. I know what automute means. But again. You're asking for some trivial thing when there is already a way to solve the problem. But again, the issue is too difficult for you to handle apparently. Ctrl-M is a tough key combo to do. It's not a pressing need to implement an automute to satisfy your desires when Ctrl-M works just fine. What is the point of this issue? It's been in game for a long long time. If Bluehole decides to change it then i'd be fine with it and adapt. I doubt they change it. So again, either deal with it or take your ball and leave. Basically what I see from you and your list is that you (and your squad) don't like the game. So... stop playing it. You'll feel better. I am enjoying the game quite a bit and plan to keep playing it. If you don't want to have a discussion of the opinions you have in your list, then don't post it. You posted your opinions, I posted mine in response to yours. Discuss or don't post.
  8. I love the new map. Different tactics and strategies need to be utilized. Learn and adapt. What? The devs don't want you to choose right now. Design. But map selection is supposed to be coming. And... some nights I get old map more than new map. Other nights I get new map more than old map. Seem's fairly balanced to 50/50 in my opinion. Oh, and there are clothes laying around. You could loot those if you want to change according to the map. Adapting. Disagree. Weapons feel a lot better to me. I'm not a fan of the vector (I suck with it) but a lot of my squad mates love it now and pick it up when they can. UMP I used to not pick up hardly at all. Now it seems to be a rockstar again. Lag has mostly disappeared for me since 1.0. Games are fairly smooth, and any lag I do experience is right at the beginning and disappears fairly quick. I feel like the game became much better with 1.0. The one thing I don't like is the parachuting change. But, while I dislike the change I've learned to deal with it and overcome it's short falls. The only issue I really have with downed players is the amount of hits it takes to finish them off. It's like they get twice the armor when they're downed. But if they made downed players not be able to see anything it would take away an element of the game. Decisions of either finishing them off or letting them crawl around and hopefully draw their buddies in. Which is going to be more beneficial to you? Decisions are the name of the game. Hitting Ctrl-M is difficult. I understand. As I mentioned above, I don't like the parachuting change. But I've learned to adapt and overcome it's short falls so that I can do what I must to win the game. I've never had any issue of only being able to fall straight down. And sometimes you have to make hard decisions to survive. Run for the road and hope for a vehicle or start hoofing it across the desert/field? Which is the better decision to your survival at that point in time? Lucky you. Seemed like the other night I got Erangel 10 times in a row. I like the dynamics of the new map versus the old map. My preferences. But the next night i'll get Miramar more often. 50/50 chance is 50/50 chance. Sometimes you flip heads 10 times in a row.
  9. xTekx

    Your ideal loadout

    My ideal loadout these days is: Weapons: #1 Option - M416 and a Kar98k #2 Option - Any other AR and any Sniper gun #3 Option - SMG and any Sniper gun #4 Option - Anything that will shoot and kill the enemy. #5 Option Robin Hood - Crossbow in the fog...wait a minute... where'd the fog go??? To help save space I try to keep the ammo for SMG's and AR's around 160-180 rounds. If I have an DMR sniper gun i'll carry around the same for that ammo type. If I have a Kar98k, then I generally keep only about 50 rounds of 7.62. If I have a 4x or 8x on my AR I try to keep an extra Red dot in my inventory to switch to for close fights where I need to go fully automatic. For my CQC weapons, unless I have an extended quickdraw, I have found I like the quickdraw better than the extended. I feel that reloading faster is a greater benefit than having the extra bullets. How often do you completely get to empty a mag before reloading? Meds: I try not to pick up more than 10-15 bandages max. I'll carry as many First Aid kits as I can, and any Med Kits I may find. Stims, I always pick them up and will try to make room, unless I already have a crap ton. By limiting my ammo above, i'm allowing space for the meds, which can be oh so necessary if you're late getting out of a mid-end game BZ.
  10. xTekx

    Drowned Because I Couldn't Surface

    Stuck? The water is much much deeper now. So when you dive and start swimming forward, if you're not careful you'll keep swimming at a slightly downward angle. Then when you need to surface you have a long ways to go and looks like you're not going up.
  11. xTekx

    Cant Look Up And Down In 3P

    Just had this bug tonight, 7/23. I got some video I can post of it. But tough to play when you can't look around, or 3p up and down.
  12. I don't know how it can be considered lame and static when it's in a new spot each time and the intensity of the situation at the end is always high. I'm always on the edge of my seat when in fights, especially when down to the last 15 players or so.
  13. xTekx

    Team Reviving/DBNO Thread

    What does it matter if you're not the one getting knocked out? I once had to revive a teammate 4 or 5 times in a row (he was right next to me). Time was spent reviving him that could have been used to return fire. It's a choice that has to be made.
  14. How would it force players to move if it doesn't kill them?
  15. Red zones kill? Shoot... I run through them like a little kid in a sprinkler during summer. Masks sounds, people tend to not look at the red zones, or their hunkered down in a building. Great time to move in and setup an ambush. I ain't scared of no zone (red).