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  1. I don't find that to be the case. I've had a lot of end game circles where proning is not needed. And could even be considered detrimental in the situation. But, the great thing is that players have a choice of FPP or TPP. Each player finds they like different things for different reasons.
  2. Well that's nice.... but if you don't already understand that someone could be hiding behind a tree and see you, then you aren't playing the game accordingly. It is what it is. If you don't like it you don't play it. You obviously aren't so good for you. It's not a hardcore mode vs easy mode. It's just a different mode, with a different approach.
  3. It is what it is. You learn to adapt your playstyle knowing that people can peek. You obviously don't like it so you play FPP. That's great. I've tried playing FPP in this game but it just annoys me with how it's setup.
  4. Every time I die it's to a hacker. /sarcasm I don't know how many times i've died this past week, but I think a good 25-30% of my games encountered a hacker or at least a highly suspicious player.
  5. banned for no reason

    Macro users getting banned. Glorious work by the anti-cheat. Keep it up!
  6. Just a heads up.

    What can I say? I have an aversion to cheating. I don't wish ill will on anyone, but their machine? They don't deserve it.
  7. Just a heads up.

    Pitchfork your computer instead. You don't deserve one. Just the simple fact that you got banned is proof enough. Falsely banned? I highly highly doubt it. You used a recoil macro, you got caught.
  8. Just a heads up.

    Using a gaming mouse is not cheating. Using the software from the gaming mouse to circumvent an INTENDED game design (recoil) is cheating. Go pour water on your computer you effing cheat.
  9. Just a heads up.

    And another one bites the dust. /cuequeensong Yes. No recoil macro IS cheating. So enjoy your ban. Oh and go throw your computer into a fire. You don't deserve it.
  10. I played last night and had 45-70 fps. No problemo for me.
  11. Well that's good that they're not being ignored. I agree it is too long when all you have to do is watch the video, take a quick look at the stats, and hit ban button. Could be done in less than 5 minutes. So the question I have then is, are they understaffed to handle the amount? There is a lot happening. Or are they taking too long with each one?
  12. And yet, a few blatant hackers I encountered early in the month are still not banned. Provided concrete video evidence as well. Nope, they're still playing. Makes me wonder just how many were actually caught, or if they're just throwing numbers at a wall. GG Bluehole.
  13. I played a round early and it seemed like the volume over all was lowered a little? May have just been me, but it seemed... less. All my volume settings that I could control were still the same. Gameplay seemed smoother. Vaulting seemed to work, but only did it about 3 times, including once out of a window in a barn.
  14. Nice one Bluehole

    I'd rather their CPU and GPU suddenly started smoking for no apparent reason. But that's just me.
  15. Are you a jerk in PUBG?

    I thought you were a jerk in this game if you shot someone with any weapon or camped in any way shape or form.