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  1. Why i gave up playing PUBG

    Yup... because every fight is the same...
  2. Why i gave up playing PUBG

    Ok, sure buddy. Believe what you want.
  3. Still waiting for Kar nerf....

    I've already started opting for the SKS over the Kar for the quicker follow up shot.
  4. Still waiting for Kar nerf....

    Wait wait...You want the gun nerfed because the guy made a good shot on you? You peeked when you shouldn't have. You didn't even assess the situation before peeking to even determine if it was a good idea to peek. He happened to scope in on the correct side of the tree and you peeked right into his crosshair. Easy shot for him. And you want the gun nerfed? This is joking post and you're just trolling us right? Right?? Buehler... Buehler...
  5. What happened to ...

    What is the point of having official PUBG forum if they're going to do the questions on reddit? I can't stand reddit...
  6. Red Zone more dangerous post patch?

    I run through it like it's not even there. I've never been killed by it. All my teammates are like we gotta get into a building. I'm like pfft, this is the perfect time to go ambush that squad in the next compound. Course I probably just jinxed myself now. lol
  7. Cheating has killed this game

    That's because the amount of damage output will be more than the damage reduction that the armor provides. Hence the one shot capability. Maybe you know that, but it's a relevant point to provide.
  8. Why i gave up playing PUBG

    Where have I ever denied there were cheaters? The issue I have is that people use it as a crutch for why they lost, blaming cheating at every turn. Cheaters everywhere, every game, no matter what happens. That is absolutely not true. There are cheaters. I know they exist. But they are not in every game and are not the reason someone loses or that only cheaters win games. Me and my squad mates are living proof of that alone. We don't hack yet we can get wins. According to some posters, If only cheaters are winning how is it us non cheaters can win a game?
  9. Why i gave up playing PUBG

    Dang. I must be really good then to have gotten 3 chicken dinners over the weekend. So good I beat out cheaters! /patsselfonback
  10. A grown up conversation about cheats

    I don't agree with the poll options. I'm a believer that cheats are not as bad as some make it out to be, but do not think there is zero cheating going on. There are going to be rounds with zero cheaters, but then the next round you might get 1. I think on average it's going to be less than 0.5 cheaters per round. And I think that will be high. This is all my opinion of course.
  11. Why i gave up playing PUBG

    This I agree with. There does need to be more.... brushy areas that are taller than the player so that they can sneak/hide. I can understand this, and do agree to a point. I know that, especially in squads, we'll see a squad moving across an open field at range (say 150-200m) and it's often not worth the effort to shoot at them. Unless you can get your squad all on target in time to coordinate fire on a single player in that group, you often are just wasting bullets. And giving away your position. There's a difference when moving into or through a circle about knowing that there IS a squad over to your right over the ridge versus not knowing anything. I do disagree that you cannot setup ambushes or flank. I've had many engagements where I, or a squadmate, are effectively able to flank and increase the pressure on the enemy. I'm sure you know, being an Arma 3 player, that a simple flank can make sure the enemy is in someone's LOS to get shot from. In this game keeping the angles to constantly keep someone under fire, and prevent them from healing/reviving, is extremely advantageous.
  12. Cheating has killed this game

    I see they did. Reading your previous post in regards to mine... If i'm mistaken, I apologize. I'm not trying to spread bad information. I do believe it's possible, however, I will look at my settings and see if I am able to. As far as the devs putting something in place to check for super fast firing guns... I agree that I would think there would be, could be something coded to flag a player if they shoot a weapon faster than what the rate of fire specs say is possible. But... i'm not a dev, so I don't know if that's something that could be done. But based on what they've said they could check previously I would think this should be possible.
  13. I know that building! LOL But, that really sucks that happened. I hate when i'm trying to shoot while peeking around a rock and the gun barrel still things it's behind the rock. Grrr. Nothing like having first headshot opportunity and then you're nothing but a noise maker.
  14. Cheating has killed this game

    All good information... that I already knew. Because you assumed I don't know what to look for. I have yet to encounter any of the rapid fire single shot people. I have yet to encounter the speed demons others have encountered, or the masses of people dying to being punched while parachuting. I have encountered some, repeat some, players in the 300+ hours i've played, that have raised some flags. I have encountered some players that never seem to miss a shot, or they knew exactly where to go (maybe their buildings didn't load), or every squad member having L3 helmets or vests within the first 2 minutes of landing. While it was suspicious, I have no way of knowing for sure they were cheating. And I encounter those players maybe once in 10 rounds, and that is putting it on the high side of encounters. Realistically it's probably one in 20-25 or more rounds. There is a way to bind your mouse wheel with profiles (like logitech mouse software) to allow you to make your guns shoot rapid fire. I don't do this, but it's just like back in COD4 with the G3. Single shot gun that people would bind their fire button to the mouse wheel to turn it into an automatic weapon. I think that is an exploit that should not be allowed. Whether or not people are doing that in this game or using some other kind of cheat to do it, I don't know. You dying to one shot from an auto shotty while wearing a L3 helmet and L2 vest... were you at full health? How do you know you didn't have some desync happening? Did you record your gameplay and look back on it in slow motion? You'd probably see your health go down in chunks. We see that with other people on these boards who say they died in one shot, then when you look at the video they post you clearly see the health go down do to multiple hits in quick succession. I don't proclaim to be an expert in this game, but I have 300+ hours, and am a good student to learning what I did wrong/right by analyzing my play. I give props to players that outplayed me by making the right move at the right time. I also have a lot of experience over the years playing online games. I've been a server admin who has had to look into players on our serves to determine if they're cheating. Some are obvious, some are not. I never banned anyone just because they were good or because they shot the admin. Currently, in this game, you cannot know 100% for sure that someone is cheating unless they are doing something so obviously blatant that it leaves, literally, no doubt. Like superspeed running, or the firing of a weapon faster than the game mechanics were designed for. Wallhacking is a suspicion players will have but can't prove, and may have been due to the buildings not rendering bug. Aimbots, while things can be suspicious with some people never seeming to miss, maybe they're just that good or got extremely lucky in your encounter. Lord knows i've had some lucky shots that saved my should of been dead ass. I'm sure those players immediately called bullshit on me.