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  1. xTekx

    Drowned Because I Couldn't Surface

    Stuck? The water is much much deeper now. So when you dive and start swimming forward, if you're not careful you'll keep swimming at a slightly downward angle. Then when you need to surface you have a long ways to go and looks like you're not going up.
  2. xTekx

    Cant Look Up And Down In 3P

    Just had this bug tonight, 7/23. I got some video I can post of it. But tough to play when you can't look around, or 3p up and down.
  3. I don't know how it can be considered lame and static when it's in a new spot each time and the intensity of the situation at the end is always high. I'm always on the edge of my seat when in fights, especially when down to the last 15 players or so.
  4. xTekx

    Team Reviving/DBNO Thread

    What does it matter if you're not the one getting knocked out? I once had to revive a teammate 4 or 5 times in a row (he was right next to me). Time was spent reviving him that could have been used to return fire. It's a choice that has to be made.
  5. How would it force players to move if it doesn't kill them?
  6. Red zones kill? Shoot... I run through them like a little kid in a sprinkler during summer. Masks sounds, people tend to not look at the red zones, or their hunkered down in a building. Great time to move in and setup an ambush. I ain't scared of no zone (red).
  7. What do you mean I have to think? Different situations? Pfft. Who wants that? I want predictable, stagnant and plain boring. In all seriousness, the circles need to be RNG to keep things interesting. That is what makes it exciting.
  8. Looks good! This one has me confused a little though. Is this reducing the amount of data be sent per packet? Or reducing the number of packets being sent in X-amount of time? Wouldn't this increase desync? Or something else?
  9. xTekx

    Just had a solo pub match with 11 people

    Dang... That would be fun! Could hunt others with relative ease. I have never been in a match with less than 94 people.
  10. I'd rather they remove the red zone completely. Doesn't serve much of a purpose and you can literally run through the red zone without fear. At least I do. I want deaths to be to PvP or you being a bad driver and flipping your car into a tree. Not because some random computer code decided to drop an artillery strike on your head.
  11. Oh I agree that if you don't plan ahead you're screwed, that's the nature of the game. But the BZ moves way to fast, even when you HAVE planned accordingly but you have a long ways to go and are moving that way. You watch the BZ pass right by you and you're left hoping you can make it. I will always be on the side that forces the players to kill each other off with fighting, not because players can't keep up to the BZ edge right in front of them.
  12. The point of the circle is to restrict the play area. So having it move faster than you can run is sort of overkill, since you're already moving into/towards the smaller play area. What more do you want? Agreed. Your logic isn't very good here. As I mentioned above, the point of the circles is to make smaller and smaller play area's, thus forcing engagements. Last one standing becomes extremely difficult to force if you don't have circles. Being able to outrun the BZ circle should absolutely be possible. If you're too far out you risk not making it due to damage if you can't tank it. That is where the decision making comes into play. No, they're not. The damage output is fine, the speed the BZ moves is not fine.
  13. I agree, the game should be fixed. However, you took advantage of a problem that shouldn't have happened. My opinion of course.
  14. That sucks that buildings didn't fully render for you. But you shouldn't have shot them like that. That's pretty messed up and exploiting the problem.
  15. xTekx

    Game switching monitors after alt-tabbing

    Thanks. I must of missed the thread searching or I didn't keyword the search correctly. I play the game in full-screen mode. No windowed fullscreen or bordered mode. I want the game on the entire monitor! One of the times it happened I was in a duo match with a friend and we were in the plane already. So I toughed it out until the end, but it was extremely frustrating. Even though it went to the monitor, sometimes actions wouldn't work because the computer would think i'm trying to do something with my mouse on the other monitor. Trying to shoot at a player was... frustrating. While it was full-screen on the 2nd monitor it didn't seem to be synced up with where my mouse was either. For example, trying to drop a marker at a specific spot would instead drop the marker about 300-500m to the NW.