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  1. Olds just a number. But i'd like to see you guys battle it out with... Well back in my day sonny, I had to walk barefoot uphill both ways through cactus just to go to school in Los Leones!
  2. What did i do wrong here?

    Can you explain this? I fail to follow the logic with this statement.
  3. All good man. Lots of posts in here to read.
  4. What did i do wrong here?

    To suggest he couldn't get a kill there because he didn't go full auto is illogical. Full auto is not a requirement to get a kill in that setting.
  5. Apparently you can't read. So let me help you out with what I said. Because I clearly state that I am arguing against the idea of less cover.
  6. What did i do wrong here?

    So because we suggested he not go full auto in that situation with his current ability, he should not attack at all?
  7. FFS... where did I claim there was less cover? Please follow the conversation correctly if you're going to quote me.
  8. That is something they should fix. Replays should absolutely be allowed to just be uploaded straight into the report. That would be the quickest and easiest way to get the data needed to the admins. They have (well, should) the ability to view the file.
  9. What did i do wrong here?

    Where did we say not to shoot at all? We said his decision to start shooting at the time he did was a poor decision.
  10. @Ggd07 Some players are saying they don't like the new map due to lack of cover. I never said they didn't like it because of that. I just argued the notion that there is less cover on the new map. Don't put words in my mouth.
  11. What did i do wrong here?

    His current recoil ability is what made it too far for full auto. For him, in that situation. For me, I go full auto there. But I've learned to control the recoil compared to when I first started playing. Huge difference between saying it's too far for full auto versus it's too far for full auto for him at that time.
  12. LOL Not really. But to each his own.
  13. Poll: Lag Compensation

    The Chinese have been connecting to NA for 5 months with a lot of complaints and requests to not allow it.
  14. @Jestonlols So what would you have a player do? If they have the defensible position, should they just give that up to please players who complain about camping? They ended up with the best spot, now it's your job to take it from them. RNG creates different situations for you to figure out how to survive in.