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  1. Same for me, trying to join DUO... nothing so far for about 10 min
  2. Split the Planes/People up when dropping.

    Yeah i think that's the problem... all it would do, is that people now all try to jump early to not get to already looted areas..
  3. Sad to see no vaulting in this update (: But I could have guessed they need more time. And thats fine with me. Better later, than a broken system too early.
  4. Suggestion for Campers

    Well... there are a lot variables to it... Let's say he jumps a town in the middle of the map like Pochinki (because the possibility he has to move because of the Zone is lesser in the beginning and he can camp longer) and he sits there and waits. Maybe he gets 1-2 Kills, but usually these big citys are hot spots. So there will be more people, and there will be people hearing the fight and there will be people aggresive enough to start hunting and looking for him. But i'd say, if this tactics makes you survive against 5-10 people in the same Region... why not? Possibility two: If he jumps somewhere not so highly populated with peeps. Well, then he really has to wait 10-20 Minutes to MAYBE get one Kill out of it. IF someone even comes by. If this location is somewhere far of the circle he has to move anyways. Maybe he Jumps and loots and starts camping when he knows where the circle is closing. That is a valid tactic. Nobody likes to get shot in the back. So what i try to say... Yeah there will be campers. But I think most of them "camp" because they spotted you running towards him and waits for you to run by to get a clean shot on you. If someone feels the urge to camp all the game. He will have to move at some point. So this won't bring much fun for him i guess. If someone camps to get on tactical high-ground. Why not. And IF (big IF) someone manages to land and camp the whole game in one building and he is sitting where the last zone is going to be... well, he kind of deserved the win greets
  5. Crouch spam

    I like the mechanic they introduced to CS:GO I think. You can spam it, but the time it needs you to get from standing to crouching increases massively the more you try to spam it. The first 2 crouches or so go quite fast, like you would expect them to. After that it gets much slower and can't really be spammed. Maybe some mechanic like this would help.
  6. Variable-magnification scopes

    Hello, last night I had a dream, where I was in a world like PUBG and "playing" the game in real life. In my dream I found a weapon with a variable-magnification. I loved the idea having this in PUBG! Do you guys know the game "Medal of Honor: Warfighter"? They had extreme weapon-customization and i loved the possibilitys. There were Variable-magnification scopes, as well as scopes with a "piggyback" reflex sight on top, and Surefire RTS 45-degree canted iron sights used in conjunction with scopes. Reflex sights with swing-in/swing-out 3x magnifiers were included as well. I dont think we need this much. But maybe add one Scope featuring something like this: It should be a extrem rare or even loot-drop only attachment. At the moment many players do the same manually by switching scopes from 4x to Red-Dot. At least I do it quite often depending on the situation and my loadout. These are just ideas, but what do you guys think? greets
  7. Love to have Vault/Mantle

    They are aware... ETA end of May(be)
  8. I like! Looks like they are working on some kind of Replay-Function:
  9. Seriously... you should be on the Dev-Team haha... I have seen many suggestions, most of the time quite forward solutions or just Topics like "FIX THIS" "FIX THAT" "BAD NETCODE"... Most of the time people just think of an excisting mechanic and rant about its bugs. But optimization is something the Devs KNOW they have to do. But you have so great ideas for new mechanics. You have a great view. I mean i dont agree with every suggestion. BUT you look into mechanics and usability, that would add a lot to the game. I dont know why this thread gets so few appreciation...
  10. PUSH! Great suggestions! I like most of them, though i would say some have a lesser priority like "Custom Battles". But i really like the ideas and would love to see them in game!