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  1. Two key points to win a chicken dinner

    personally i try to always get played in the middle of each circle. to avoid heavy movement and panic rushes to avoid circle dmg. there is always a fucker waiting at the circle edges. or even worse a fucker shooting from outside kills you and then dies aswell cuz shit hes to far away. while staying in the middle you have good chances in getting the best covered position which is available in this area. unless it is during the last circles then this will be super stupid and you will most likly die.
  2. Weapon Combination & Use Question

    AR with SMG or Sniper with SMG Sniper with AR i never run a shotgun i dont see it useful for me. SMG set on full auto and lets go. i use the smg whenever im in a town or entering a house. when i find a spot to overview a certain area i switch to ar/sniper and take a look. and i only take shots with an smg when im sure i can kill my target with a singlet clip. if im not sure and the distance between me and the target i take the ar/sniper.
  3. THE VSS

    the fact that you still have time to look from where you get shot is enough to know. with any other sniper expect sks you are dead instandly. unless uf have level 3 helmet. and the other snipers dont even need to be silenced. and even if they are silenced at certain range you will not be able to spot these aswell. so whats the point?
  4. Vector may actually be OP

    its not op is perfectly fine. vector is a rare spawn. ump is a common spawn. so its totally reasonable that the vector is slighly better. also it has almost 50% of the mag capacity as the ump has so less space for mistakes. you also dont think that the m24 need to be nerfed cuz kar dont 1 shot headshot with level 3 helmet. the m24 does and its fine you will find a kar alot easier than a m24. when there is something that need to be nerfed than it will be the shotgun arsenal.
  5. Gun skins for free

    when they bring keys to open these special crates for special items ur right, but when they plan to implemente such a system and keep it like it is right now with the normal cases this game will die. it will be a cheatfest you can count on it. as soon as you can make money out of something and you dont have to invest money into it ppl will raise and abuse the shit out of it.
  6. Gun skins for free

    these are the deluxe preorder items which can´t be obtained without a special key you need to enter ingame
  7. Gun skins for free

    right now there is nothing special available on the marktet, nothing is worth more than just a few cents. things will change as soon a higher valued items become available. where you dont need to buy additional things like keys to open these crates.
  8. Gun skins for free

    you dont see the opposite on this right ? let me figure it out for you. with the current system how points are awarded by this game is how good u do whilste playing. being able to get items you can potentially sell for a decent amount of money will just result in ppl farming it just because of the loot crates. the better you are the more and fast you can get points to buy more crates. so cheating will get an issue since you can make money out of it why not raising ur chances to get #1 and get the most possible points. another system will be needed then as well like it is in cs atm random awards after each round no matter how you perform.
  9. leaderboard reset in may - is this stats too?

    it has nothing to do with skill atm the leaderboard is based on playtime. and if not then you can ban the first idk 100 persons instand cuz probably cheater. and btw i have no problem with competetive play i would enjoy a good system but not this current one which is nothing. there will be an elo system needed or somethign similar. but thats a huge subject for this game since it need to award points according ur rank after each round including ur points u earned during each game. this needs to be evaluated and not only +10 points for a win -10 points for a loss
  10. leaderboard reset in may - is this stats too?

    can anyone explain why leaderboards are so important? imo this is a useless thing which absolut no priority. it just indicates whos the biggest tryhard in this game and spend most lifetime in this game.
  11. you know why resellers are cheaper? they buy huge amounts of copy and get volume discounts, which can be shared with their buyers. some reseller scam and dont pay the copies so the sold copies get closed. therefore i would recommend to just buy from trusted sellers if you go to keyshops or go the safest way and buy directly a hardcopy in an offline shop or from steam or any other gaming platform. atleast you got ur refund.
  12. Level 3 helm or Level 3 vest

    both in best case but this questions is not valid. like it make no sense to ask this because you just take what you find. if its just a helmet you take it, if it is a vest you take is aswell. late game advantage of a helmet is you wont be one shot unless its an m24 or an awm headshot the vest will let you take alot of shots and buy time to get in cover.
  13. Does this tactic work for everyone?

    its okay but killing ppl from outside knowing that you will die anyways cuz u have no chance to get inside before u die sucks !!
  14. Does this tactic work for everyone?

    i mean ppl who sit outside of the safezone by spamming heal kits to stay alive, waiting for ppl, which actually play the game the way it is designed, till they stop checking their back, and then this oudside fisher came out and pick these ppl from behind and still potentially die cuz no healing available or dmg is to high to use another med pack.
  15. More options for MELE

    yeah and how realistic is it to disarm someone with a pan for exp? does it make sense that the guy is dropping his weapon by smacking the pan on the barrel? better make cqc melee combos to disarm someone or take him as meatshield. getting a hit from a rifle in ur arm doesnt make u lose ur weapon but a melee hit should? this game is about smart doing decisions taking a melee fight with whatever is always a bad decision.
  16. More options for MELE

    i read it and still if you are so close to each other then ur not going to grab a melee weapon , cuz during this time u need to equip it you could be killed from punches already. gabbing up a gun and reloading it doesnt take so much time + you can move around while reloading, so when u now wanna tell me that you can hit a moving target with a melee weapon while than okay. maybe would make sense but in this early stage of the game when ur not alone and someone is close to you then ur more or less safe not the only 2 persons in this area so any dmg taken in this scenario is a risk which shouldnt be taken therefore go an run dont risk melee fights
  17. Client Side Smoke Grenades

    could also work the other way around you throw a smoke, the smoke moves to the left side on ur screen someone coming up moving that way cuz on his screen the smoke is moving to the right side (from your point of view) therefore u have no smoke and have clear view on ur opponent and he has no view on you cuz u are hided by the smoke
  18. More options for MELE

    u will be most likly dead before u reach ur target unless its afk or just incredible stupid. the only thing id like to see changed for melee is that u cant do dmg to ppl with punching whilst they are proned. other than that melee functions are not need imo
  19. More options for MELE

    did you seriously ever start to fight someone with a melee weapon? i have no 150 hours played and i didnt even tried to use a melee weapon i just pick up a pan never used it never plan to use any melee weapon. always try to get a gun if not possible then fist fight punch them to dead.
  20. Does this tactic work for everyone?

    fishing outside the circle for players who overwatch a decent amount of time the outside of the circle and then when they feel safe taking them out because ur super late and use a ton of healing and still take the risk to die outside is the dull way to play. houses in the center of the circle is a thing where atleast 1 person is waiting. imo it shouldnt be possible to kill ppl inside the circle when ur outside. simple or increase dmg taken when ur outside according to movement speed. like when u running without a weapon in ur hand u take the minimum dmg when u run with a weapon in hand u take a bit more, when aiming while moving again abit more, and when u stand still u take a shit ton of dmg. unless u use healing
  21. Glock 18 with burst mode would be awesome. an m14 ebr i would like so have vs an sks, dragunov could be possible aswell but i dont like this soviet thingi also id like to have more sniper rifles maybe the m24 move from air drop to normal loot and we could get another big boy with something huge like a cal 50 barret to compete with the awm a remington msr would be nice aswell
  22. Does this tactic work for everyone?

    let me tell u one thing. I DO! the amount of deaths by killed from someone outside of the circle is hilarious this is absolut cancer and im praying for the aim punch while moving outside the circle or getting blinded for what is happening inside. i simply dont like this fuckers which going to kill ppl from outside and then die cuz they have no clue how this game is working.
  23. Bug Church

    no clip ! nice cheat dude
  24. Alternative Ammo Types

    adding diffrent ammunition would add to much customozation in this game next step would be manually filling up clips with the diffrent ammo types but not missing them up.
  25. Weapon balance

    the chance to miss bullets with ar´s are much higher than with smg´s in terms of full auto. therefore obv u meet ppl which are not capable of use smgs optimal in close combat situations. and aswell probably land lucky shots when using ur akm. when u say u can turn around and instand kill a player than its probably and instand headshot and if needed followed by a 2nd hit. personally i have absolut no problem by killing ppl with smgs no matter what weapon they are using when im not oneshot i have win most fights vs an ar or shotgun. smg vs smg is just whos fast in start shooting or spotting or using sights.