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  1. Surely everyone wants it but developers know that it will be chaos, too much packetloss and ping ofcourse. they'r hiding it on purpose.
  2. krИz

    PGI 2018 Feedback

    its extremely boring to watch
  3. Its so frustrating to play PUBG, I bought a new videocard for this game and nothing gets fixed, same old problems. Just hotdroped and couldn pickup a weapon(clickin 20 times) Thank you Bluehole for theIdea, unistalling this game, 30$ well spent, waiting for another BR game
  4. They showed us again how unprofessional BH is, they gives us somthing we waited for so long, then they take it away, let people play what they want, dont force, this game is dying already with no new content exept anew map but its not enough.
  5. No he was on point, I know Ur a "DEV" but come on he was on target and target wasnt that far for the trajectory, look at map first, its a common bug in PUBG when you close to some window and you cant hit the target, is that new to you guys? I got used to it since noone cares lol
  6. well its so hard to not get at least 4 kills in top 10, you had to be hardcore camper to get only 1 kill for top1, either way grats lol
  7. weird devs didnt showed off this new feature(60 tick). I think i did noticed it but maybe placebo.
  8. If its true, this is huge one for sure
  9. repetitivness, lack of rewards, desync, no new content
  10. Кнопки намониторе это тоже херня, а вот изза лупы скорее всего ришэйд прикроют.
  11. Еслиб ришэйд меняль всего лишь гамму, резкость итп то это херня, но если он превращает рэддот в 4-ех кратный то это уже читерство, млжешь хоть дозавтра бить себя коленом в грудь.
  12. Its win10 related, had the same problem. After reformating to win7 it solved
  13. krИz

    в лобби бесконечный loading

    вам поможет открытие портов
  14. зачем пинговать их ещё раз через смд? ришэйд не показывает пинг
  15. try to set atleast 8GB pagefile