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  1. Game engine

    Sooner or later some bigname corp will make a new BR game for sure, I think we all waiting for it.
  2. IEM

    That's what's called DESYNC kids Thank you Bluehole dor letting us know what's up, we play with that awsome feature for too long.
  3. ReShade banned

    I play on low settings too and get an OK image, turn AA to ultra for better visability
  4. I want official tutorial from bluehole on how to make macro norecoil, if its not banable and fair then we all should use it. Thats funny how it sounfs but thats the reality. Im done with this game, hoping for some next BR game from big developers.
  5. Broken Bullet Physics?

    That is the nightmare for FPS game evetho its BR game.
  6. As i saw the differnce in PUBG between 1060 and 1070 is quite big like 25-30 FPS, Yea this game is poorly optimized but from my end I need to upgrade my pc since waiting for optimization can take forever with recent update rate from BH
  7. I also have lowend PC, i5 3570k @3.9GHZ and GTX670 16 GB RAM and ssd, since 1.0 update you cant play with ini setting since it's hardcoded, I was able to play with 70-100FPS but now its only 60-70FPS altho its playable, Im gonna buy GTX1070 soon hope it will give stable 100FPS
  8. You are not alone, infact this problem is the worst nightmare Im having with this game, YEA I HATE IT MORE THEN CHINA NAMBA 1!!!!!!
  9. anyway, when you look at most firefights, it looks unsync and messy, this is not how most played game should look like. Desync and server tickrate is a joke most of the bullets not registred and the high pingers are the souce on top of all this mess.
  10. Why i cannot hit

    Its a bug, no drama needed
  11. Thank you for the choice ?

    Played lile 20 games all miramar, i hate it.
  12. With all the money they made they could rent some island and put all the servers there.
  13. MAP rotation

    Nope they said that MIramar will be more preffered map, I hate Miramar too btw, its boring as hell
  14. Кнопки намониторе это тоже херня, а вот изза лупы скорее всего ришэйд прикроют.
  15. Еслиб ришэйд меняль всего лишь гамму, резкость итп то это херня, но если он превращает рэддот в 4-ех кратный то это уже читерство, млжешь хоть дозавтра бить себя коленом в грудь.