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  1. krИz

    thank you for map selection!

    It will be OK, they forced us to play mostly Miramar and people get sick of that map, now when you can choose any map it will be equal, I dont like miramar but to play erangel all the time is not the option either, so some time I will play miramar for sure.
  2. You need to spend more time with your dog before you run PUBG, you see this is your world, the majority of us we like it fast, when you order your pizza, you still willing to wait? heh sure. now dont be so funboy, you are silly
  3. krИz

    Evening forum spam

    Seems like you have all the logs and sh*t master, no i havent been banned this time :P, but they deleted my thread way to quickly, I hope they will do the same with the viagra topics Good day..
  4. krИz

    Evening forum spam

    They instantly ban you for "whining" topics but the spam that is all over the place takes ages to delete, its like mods are trigered more for "When you will fix the problems" rather the buy viagra thingy. way to go MODS
  5. You have to take leadership, mark next areas to move on, watch out after your squad more, tell them what to do, if they'r open minded that will help
  6. krИz


    donwnload this .dll file and put in win folder
  7. Disabling unnecessary services, animation, and many other stuff. I use Auslogic for those tweaks.
  8. Win7(tweaked), Win 10 had some stutter issue I play on 1920X1080
  9. krИz

    PUBG need help to remove stutter / fps gain

    try to put screen scale to 70 and AA to ultra
  10. I own i5 3570k at 4GHZ with 980 card, runs smooth 90-130 fps
  11. krИz

    fps drops since tonights update

    same here
  12. krИz

    Broken Bullet Physics?

    That is the nightmare for FPS game evetho its BR game.
  13. Кнопки намониторе это тоже херня, а вот изза лупы скорее всего ришэйд прикроют.
  14. Еслиб ришэйд меняль всего лишь гамму, резкость итп то это херня, но если он превращает рэддот в 4-ех кратный то это уже читерство, млжешь хоть дозавтра бить себя коленом в грудь.
  15. Its win10 related, had the same problem. After reformating to win7 it solved