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  1. So they said they couldn't implement a shooting range. They said it every time someone asked, all summer. First week of September rolls round and we have a shooting range. They implemented map selection. Everyone loved it, except for OCE region. PUBG Corp pulls the feature, claiming a negative impact on queue times in some regions and they say it's not coming back. Ever. Patch 22 comes out and oh shit! look what they did..... added map selection back in and PUBG Corp made out like they are the best thing since sliced bread. The only problem is, it is the second time in 4 months they have outright, blatantly lied to the community and have done so in such a way it almost looks like they have nothing but contempt for the people that make them a success. MADE THEM RICH BEYOND THEIR WILDEST DREAMS. Is anyone else a little sick of being viewed as nothing but a money making machine that is not even worth the the effort of telling the truth to? I know I am.
  2. I love this thread. It makes me all warm inside. Why? As an EU resident I have been told for over a decade that maintenance in my peak hours is necessary due to NA working hours and every time people from my region have moaned we have been told to suck it up and go outside. The moment the roles are reversed the whine is real. So from an EU player to all of you NA players whining...... "SUCK IT UP AND GO OUTSIDE" Karma is such a smoking hot bitch and I love her.
  3. M3PH

    What ports does this game use for upload?

    If you want server IP addresses, you could just whitelist the AWS server farm for your region. Have a look through the AWS forums and have a google. They are publicly available (i don't have them to hand right now). Be warned the AWS IP ranges are huge. Must consumer grade routers will run out of RAM before they can enumerate 10% of it. I have a custom built router with 8GB of ram, a desktop grade AMD CPU and 500GB of drive storage and I can't do it. As for the ports, google the standard Unreal Engine 4 ports and start there. You could (and probably will need to) use wireshark to sniff the traffic to and from tslgame.exe. That will help if you are willing to learn how to use it.
  4. M3PH

    No! We want P90!!!

    Well actually with the exception of the rechambering, all of the things I suggested are available from FN for the P90 and it's semi-auto sibling the PS90 or one of their variants and the retro fitting of rails you mentioned isn't actually a retro fit, it is a variant of both the P90 and PS90 designated the "TR" for triple rail also nicknamed the "Flat-top" So sorry buddy, it's still a P90. Also the P90 is technically a PDW so that means it is supposed to be a light and compact SMG with supreme stopping power and it is designed to be fired in situations where you do not have a lot of room to move or when there is a need to conceal something a little bit more devastating than your antique 1911
  5. M3PH

    No! We want P90!!!

    There are actually RL variants of the P90 that have integrated laser or IR sights, there is also a variant that is nicknamed "Triple Rail" or "Flat Top" that has a Picatinny rail system that would allow for interchangeable sights and there is also a long barrel variant. Which means you could create a custom version of the Flat Top that had the integrated laser sight and the long barrel. If you use 5.56 ammo you then end up with easily the best gun in the game. That's pretty broken. But I think I know how this can be made to work. You chamber it in .45ACP, use the limited capacity 30 round mags from the PS90. Only mag upgrade allowed is the extended mag which buffs it to 50 rounds a mag. No Quickdraw or Ext. Quickdraw mags allowed. You then use the Flat top variant so you can have up to 3x sights and the side mounts to mount the newly introduced laser sight. As the P90 has an integrated thumb grip you ban all grips (like the VSS and it's scope) and there, you're done. Pubg Corp, I will be waiting for my PM asking about how I wish to be reimbursed for the use of my IP. Thank you kindly.
  6. M3PH

    No! We want P90!!!

    I think the P90 is a way better idea than the Mac-10 but if it is to be implemented there a few problems that need to be figured out. Firstly, as noted in the poll is the ammo type. The rl P90 uses 5.7x28 ammo, the same as the Five-Seven (hence the name) but that ammo type isn't in the game and adding it, I feel, over complicates a pretty simple system. So we could re-chamber it but what ammo type do we use? The way I see it you could use 9mm, .45ACP or 5.56. The problem is we already have 2 9mm SMG's and chambering it in 5.56 would basically make it an AR (and potentially the best AR). So the only option we actually have from a practical standpoint is to use .45ACP. The problem here is that the Vector and the P90 have really high rates of fire so the only real difference between them would be mag capacity (a competition the P90 wins) and that then makes the Vector obsolete as it solves the ONLY problem with the Vector. How do you balance that? Then there's the part of the question of do we add the Five-Seven. Well, it would be nice to have a pistol worth picking up but the way Pubg Corp balances them any pistol they add will be utterly useless so is it worth the effort? In my opinion, without a complete rework of the pistol class, No.
  7. M3PH

    We want MAC-10!!!!

    The micro uzi and the mac-10 are the same gun except one is 9mm and the other is .45 calibre. I think the better way to go is add a holo and red dot only scope slot to the uzi. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MAC-10
  8. I have a 1060 6GB and it works perfectly fine but considering that Nvidia just announced the 20xx series I would wait and buy a GTX 2060 (yes the 2050 and 2060 will be GTX cards not RTX cards) when they are released. No point buying last gen kit as the ROI will be worse.
  9. M3PH

    Dual-Monitor FPS Issues

    Not a bug but a limitation with Windows. You should always run DirectX applications in fullscreen for best performance.
  10. No problem. I did want to add, as a final note, that it is unusual when it checks it via port 443. If the end user has a network configuration that filters traffic through multiple gateways based on traffic type (say VPN tunnel and ISP tunnel. VPN only routes port 80 and 443. ISP gets everything else) you can see there is an issue with that. Most other steam games use either the game port or something similar to steamworks region detection which essentially asks steam where the users profile is located.
  11. Just checked and yeah only inbound rules. It seems when the game asked for the rule to be created it specified the wrong parameters and requested inbound rules be made. This is a security issue as no application should be specifying inbound rules unless it is a server (and even then it should be done with the admins permissions. This normally means the admin has to create them manually). Applications auto creating such rules when we have no idea what ports they are using is asking for everybody to get hacked. I advise you delete the inbound rules immediately. Combine this with my pre-existing concerns about the call back the game makes every time the main menu loads (which does Geo location based on your IP along with some other things I can't determine) I think it might be time for Bluehole to come clean about what information they are farming off our machines and definitely do a security pass with the utmost urgency.
  12. Oh and using UPnP is really bad idea as it is a known compromised protocol and can lead to network intrusions. It is always better to use application based or port specific rules. https://security.stackexchange.com/questions/118918/is-upnp-still-insecure
  13. I just experienced this bug along with both of my team mates. One of them is still running the anniversary update. I asked him to check his firewall rules and it appears that the default rule created when you first run the game is missing. I checked my config and the rule is also missing so I'm going to suggest that the rule has been deleted for some reason. Possibly as part of the April security update for Windows 10 or an error caused by the game trying to recreate it. To be sure i would need to dig further but I really cba.