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  1. Why is there not a single word from a Dev/Mod about this issue?? That blur effect is awful, hopefully they fix this shit.
  2. Discussion: September Update

    But what happen with fixing the Hobbit mode? After 1 month, I was really hoping they would fix it... maybe just up the camera just a tiny bit, so were not a god damn hobbit/4 feet tall. Other than that, amazing patch, keep up the good work!
  3. Its cool and all, but do we still get a monthly update at the end of this month?
  4. Yup, me and my friend just got that at the exact same time, NA servers been shitty for the past couple of days.
  5. Great interview, but it confirms what I said in another thread about the upcoming new maps, it wont be coming for another 3-5 months(maybe longer for the Adriatic one).
  6. Failed reward crate

    Same here, I got a squad win 2 nights ago and it still not registered in my stats. Its kinda frustrating, I dont win a lot of games, so when I win one, id really like to have it in my stats.
  7. Failed reward crate

    Had a nice squad win last night, and its still not added to my stats, its been like 12 hours now...
  8. Improved UI performance Is this going to fix the fps drop when opening the inventory??
  9. rain match?

    Fog is not in the game yet. And for the rain, i'm asking because since the monthly patch I didn't get it a single time and i'm pretty sure this aint normal.
  10. rain match?

    Would be nice if a mod could tell me if this is intended or a bug?! Zero rain game for a week is not normal...
  11. rain match?

    I agree, it should be 25% chance for each weather. Right now its like 95% between normal sun and clear sky, like 4.5% sunset and 0.5% rain lol... Oh well..
  12. rain match?

    Where did the rain weather go?? Since the monthly update last week, I haven't played a single rain match, and I do play quite a lot. I didn't read anything in the patch notes saying that the rain was removed... Soooo, where's my rain?
  13. Added two new weather settings: Sunset and Clear Skies. That's amazing! Great work, cant wait for the fog one to come.
  14. Character View Bug from Parachute

    Yup, that same bug happened to me earlier, my character was on the left side of the screen like yours. That made the camera view so weird...