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  1. Crouch Jump Gone?

    I still dont understand why people need a bind to do the crouch/jump... like wtf, you guys cant press 2-3 keys at the same time? come on lol
  2. Its always the same trolls every single day, once you know who they are, just click on their name and ignore user.
  3. Why is there not a single word from a Dev/Mod about this issue?? That blur effect is awful, hopefully they fix this shit.
  4. FPP hight

    Well, w/e they need to do to fix it then... so were not 4 feet tall/hobbit mode.
  5. FPP hight

    I was hoping this would get fix in this week update, I mean, after 1 month of waiting... raising the camera view just a bit so it doesnt feel like were 4 feet tall. Guess not...
  6. Discussion: September Update

    But what happen with fixing the Hobbit mode? After 1 month, I was really hoping they would fix it... maybe just up the camera just a tiny bit, so were not a god damn hobbit/4 feet tall. Other than that, amazing patch, keep up the good work!
  7. WTB Optimization

    Oh yeah, I wish they would fix that too, I lose between 30-50fps every single time i open up my inventory, its been going for months now. Damn annoying.
  8. Dont remove crouch jumping till the vaulting/climbing is ready, please.
  9. Holy molly please get a new cameraman in game, this is getting ridiculous. Missing the action 75% of the time.
  10. Desert Map - New Pic

    This look amazing!! Cant wait!
  11. Yeah thanks, just found the feature, didnt even know about it lol. This will make my forum experience much better.
  12. This forum is getting pretty shitty, every single day, its always the same 3-4 members making new thread and bitching/QQing about anything and everything possible. I feel like they're just trolling, and should be getting some kind of ban/suspension. This will be my last answer on this, since I refuse to feed trolls.
  13. Its cool and all, but do we still get a monthly update at the end of this month?
  14. Yup, me and my friend just got that at the exact same time, NA servers been shitty for the past couple of days.
  15. Thanks to the dev for listening and reverting this nerf!! Amazing news!