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  1. weird bug

    lol, good one
  2. car and motorbike crash, explode and both fly 500m threw the air. non of that should be able to happen, lol
  3. people using makros to controll recoil

    easy, if he moves the mouse the exact same amount to the bottom every time he shoots.
  4. hi, will there be a banwave to get rid of all the people with makros that give them almost no recoil? many times i see people killing me or teammates within seconds from 100m distance while shooting on full auto with assault rifles. 1 min search on youtube showed me a shitload of makros that reduce your recoil to almost 0. will there be consequences?
  5. Top people in leaderboard

    if you look at the stats now, you cant find anyone above 40%, there is 1 guy above 30% the rest is below. well, there is one guy and his name is "ready-toc-cheat", so i guess this guy doesnt really count imo. when i opened this post, there were a couple of people at 40% -45%. they have all disappeared now
  6. Top people in leaderboard

    now i know how they got the 40+ % in the solo que leaderboard. they were streamers who got their 10.000$ pc and were playing the game on 140fps when most of the other people had 25fps and fps spikes that made the game almost unplayable. now, after a lot of performance updates the % go extreme down and they stop dominating the leaderboard. i watched some videos of the people back in the day and yes, they did play good, but i guess the endgame pc helped a lot there.
  7. it is raining, but i get no sounds from the weather:
  8. i sometimes get the bug where the walls of buildings dont load. i can upload a video if wanted. here are some screenshots: i was able to shoot people from inside the house and kill them. low quality because it was just recorded.
  9. Top people in leaderboard

    yesterday evening i was ranked 402 in solo que after 50 matches played. i am not a noob in the game. but you sometimes just come down in an area with no cars or someone is grabbing the car in front of you and you have to go into the next house and there is a guy waiting with a gun. other times you just drive with your car and get 2hit while driving. sandwitched from different angels by several people who just happen to be in the area. not finding good weapons or supressors for your weapons... the game is not ALL rng, but there is a rng factor. you can controll the game between 70 - 30 people left really good and avoid dangerous areas, but at the last 15 people and at the direct start, there is rng
  10. Top people in leaderboard

    i was looking these people up u mentioned, and i can see that they mostly play in the squad mode with 4 people. yes, i think there are high winrates of 50% or even more possible because of the pure factor that you have 4 extreme good people combined and also remove a lot of the rng by picking up your teammates and sharing weapons/ammo/healpacks... but i m only talking about the solo que. if you play with more people, the rng becomes smaller and the strength of a good team can be developed more in the game resulting in higher winrates. but that is not the point of my post, i was pointing out the solo que only because i play that and see the high rng and difficulty in the endgame where placement and player-movement are almost unpredictable and uncontrollable by good skill of a player and bring you in situations where you are a big underdog or just die without having a chance
  11. Top people in leaderboard

    yes, but with normal rng a guy who makes 43% first place must have a 4 or 5 win streak in a row on a daily basis. and thats where i think its unrealistic.
  12. Top people in leaderboard

    i m just asking how is it possible that someone who plays 150 games in the solo que and gets first place in 43%. there are no options for people to proof that someone is cheating since you never really come close to people who would cheat and there are no replays/recordings/observers in the game.
  13. Top people in leaderboard

    hi, i have played about 50 matches in solo que so far, and was checking out the leaderboard and see some players on the top with crazy stats of 43% first place and 80% in the top 10 of the matches. if someone is really good at the game and has experience in survival games i assume you can get your 15% - 20% in winning the match, but everything above is unrealistic when you think that the guy(s) played like 150 games or more. are there admins controlling these people or can they just roam free on the servers without any punishment? i was looking in the forum for posts about this or statements, but i was not able to find so. if something already exists i would be happy to get a link