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  1. Zeroing doesn't work

    Since when? This should be fixed.
  2. Zeroing doesn't work

    I'm not playing very frequent at the moment but it really bugs me that I mostly can't use zeroing. I have this bug since some time and I did just hope that enough players would report this so that it will get fixed soon but this bug just doesn't go away. So today I opened the forum after a long time and searched for this issue and couldn't find anything. I'm using the direct scope mode on holding right click. I don't use the half scope at all. My feeling is this bug was introduced with this feature. I just can't change the zeroing. I have set the zeroing to my mouse buttons so I thought it could have something to do with that but I changed it to normal keyboard keys and that didn't fixed the issue. I'm not sure this bug only exists with the 4x, but I did take some time in one game and tested around with the 4x and just couldn't bring the game to change the zeroing of that.
  3. Sort wardrobe by rarity

    The wardrobe at the moment is sorted by type. I would wish for an option to sort the wardrobe by the rarity of the items (the colored rectangle).
  4. Since the last big change to the circle my statements and my mock up are no longer valid. Now the circle can statistically be everywhere and that is a good thing. I like the circle how it is now.
  5. Quite some time passed since this topic was discussed. I had a match today where we were in the end of the match and there was someone swimming in the water next to us and we couldn't do anything about it. The moment we got fire from another player he peaked out of the water and killed me and he won the game. I'm not salty. I actually think this was the best strategy he could go for in this situation. But I think it can't be that someone is some feet away from you for 2 minutes and you can't do anything about it. Please make sure to watch the video to see the dilemma here. I've added some licence free music to it so you don't need to here the swearing. I think the water shouldn't be bullet proof. Sure it should slow down bullets some what but the penetration of bullets in the water should be deeper.
  6. Suggestions

    No one will give anything about your thread. I didn't even read as everyone else does.
  7. Dynamic Gas Thoughts

    There is no gas in PUBG.
  8. Clan Support & Integration

    I did put some time into my battlefield emblem But I see your point. Tits or asses on all emblems.
  9. Button to place marker on self

    You can find this suggestion multiple times in this thread.
  10. Are you sure this is still an issue? I don't actually know. But I didn't here anyone complain about it for very long. There were many threads about this in the past. But besides this I don't understand how this system should work that you describe. Could you explain?
  11. I just have to let you know!

    Blue zone improvement suggestions: And there are threads for weapon balances and improvements.
  12. Hud colorization

    This was already discussed.
  13. I'm missing a forum where we can ask questions to PUBG officials and developers. I think about it in a way that every player with a minimum of forum reputation has the ability to create a thread (a question). No other forum user can write under this thread. It's not a discussion thread. PUBG officials and developers can look through those questions and can answer them when ever they want or have an answer to. So a answer wouldn't be guaranteed and they can decide what they want to answer. So bad questions can be ignored. Indirect suggestions, feedback, bug report, general help questions should strictly be moved. What do you think? To give a example of the form of questions I talk about here one I currently have: "How do you plan to prevent deflation of crate prices in the steam market?"
  14. Rocket League Cosmetic Model

    I would also prefer this system. I think it's important that it's still possible to open crates for free through gameplay (for example winning a round). This topic is discussed here and could be merged since I think your post contributes to the topic:
  15. Button to place marker on self

    This was discussed multiple times in other threads.