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  1. I encountered a weird bug. Another player was like stuck & running like a super human. After that the plane sound wasn't playing.
  2. It seems you can be effective with the Skorpion: Low damage but also low recoil.
  3. Spen

    ETA for floating guns bug?

    This issue still persists (gameplay from today - 21.10.2018)
  4. Spen

    Weapon spawn times

    Or they just generate all loot positions in advance what should be 25 bytes per loot item and by 50,000 loot items about 1.25 Mb. Just keep the 1.25 Mb in server memory and send it to every player while waiting in the lobby or plane. But I guess that would be to simple.
  5. Spen

    Microstuttering on high end pc

    Maybe don't overclock your CPU by 1.1 GHz? Try running it at factory defaults. The RTX 2080 is a very new card. Could be driver issues or general issues with that card. If you can, replace it with a older card and look if you still have the same issue. If no, either wait for driver updates or ask for a replacement of your card.
  6. Spen

    Weapon spawn times

    I really appreciate that you add references to more information! Honestly. I still don't have 85 minutes to watch content when at the end of the day I just don't want to run around on a PUBG map and see loot spawn behind me and getting picked up by other players that land after me with me dying just because PUBG decided to not render loot for me but for other players because it is so "esports ready". Yes, add a lot of salt 😉 Okay, I get that the current system is a performance measure to only generate loot as necessary. So that system obviously doesn't work. If they can't fix it (by sending replication data faster, generating faster, reducing replication data size, ....) they need to ditch that system and use another one. EDIT: Sorry for my ignorance on that.
  7. Spen

    Weapon spawn times

    But the server needs to do that anyway. So why not do it earlier. Why start replicating when jumping of the plane and not while very one is running around in the lobby or sitting in the plane? That is just dead time. While sitting in the plane or running around in the lobby no one cares about high pings or loading, .... so why not just do it in that time?
  8. No. The problem is that there are just not enough players to have servers ready for every map at any time. Think about it this way: The match making system tries to connect you to a server in your region. All the servers available in your region will be divided by the number of maps available. Given the servers equally run all 3 maps and given every 20 seconds a match finished that would result in 3 possible matches you can join in 1 minute via quick join or as a queue time of 20 seconds. If you now just select a single map you will only be able to join one of these 3 servers in this 1 minute resulting in a queue time of 1 minute. That is quite simple and makes total sense. In other words: If you are willing to play on any map / any server available in your region, you will be placed on the first available server. If you only want to play specific maps you will have less servers available.
  9. Spen

    Weapon spawn times

    Yes, from BF2 all of them. Thank you for your explanation but I still don't get it. First we have the minimum 1 min to wait in the lobby (I personally never joined a game where I could directly start but okay, that might happen to other players who need extra long loading times to even access the lobby). Then there is all that other time until I can jump out of the plain. Why isn't is possible to generate all loot positions server side and send it to the clients before everyone is able to jump out of the plain?
  10. Spen

    Weapon spawn times

    So then why are we waiting 1 minute or longer before a game starts? Isn't 1 minute long enough to load everything?
  11. Spen

    Jumping From Plane

  12. I would love to see a max ping. Just to emphasize that: It should be a hardcoded max ping requirement and not a optional thing. That could keep chines players from playing over VPN. They could start testing it with a max ping of 300 ms. Monitor the statistics and player complains about dsync... and then lower the max ping as needed.
  13. Contrary, many moths ago they (PUBG corp) promised to make pistols important. They never followed up on this promise. With the new weapon (Scorpion) I finally see progress on this promise. Also the P18C recoil will be reduced with patch #23 (see patch notes). I really like these changes and hope there is more to come.
  14. Patch #22 with fixed match making (game play from today 20.10.2018😞 20 ms. Ping 0% Package loss In Germany and on EU server 400 MBit/s connection