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  1. Spen

    Zeroing doesn't work

    @PUBG_Hawkinz Do you know if the zeroing on the 4x doesn't work intentionally or if this is a bug? Is this already on the radar to be fixed?
  2. Spen

    Zeroing doesn't work

    Since when? This should be fixed.
  3. Spen

    Zeroing doesn't work

    I'm not playing very frequent at the moment but it really bugs me that I mostly can't use zeroing. I have this bug since some time and I did just hope that enough players would report this so that it will get fixed soon but this bug just doesn't go away. So today I opened the forum after a long time and searched for this issue and couldn't find anything. I'm using the direct scope mode on holding right click. I don't use the half scope at all. My feeling is this bug was introduced with this feature. I just can't change the zeroing. I have set the zeroing to my mouse buttons so I thought it could have something to do with that but I changed it to normal keyboard keys and that didn't fixed the issue. I'm not sure this bug only exists with the 4x, but I did take some time in one game and tested around with the 4x and just couldn't bring the game to change the zeroing of that.
  4. Are you sure this is still an issue? I don't actually know. But I didn't here anyone complain about it for very long. There were many threads about this in the past. But besides this I don't understand how this system should work that you describe. Could you explain?
  5. So do I read this correct that you died on the beach in your last game and are salty now? I wish you more luck next time. Nothing more to say on this.
  6. There is a bug section: http://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/forum/10-bug-reports/
  7. I was trying out the Groza in the lobby and found that other persons don't hear the insane sound of the auto firing. For other players it sounds like multiple single shots. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if this is a lobby only thing?
  8. Spen

    Network Lag Detected Issue

    If you find it logical than why don't you understand it? The community team can't improve the server performance anyway if they are in the company or at E3 doesn't matter for the server performance. You are right, the game performance sucks but as @Hawkinz said they are working on resolving the issue. You will not get anything more than the commitment of the PUBG Team to work on resolving the problems. Let's just hope this months patch improves the game performance massively (i don't expect them to make the game stable with this patch, they probably have a long way to go on this...).
  9. Spen

    Team Reviving/DBNO Thread

    I don't agree. If the drop time would be faster then why should i even bother to search for armor if i'm downed in a instance without a chance to get cover anyway.
  10. A new weapon was announced: Does someone know what type of weapon it is? What bullet it uses etc.?
  11. Spen

    Team Reviving/DBNO Thread

    At first i was with you in this idea because i think duo and squad is meant for friends to play together. One dying after the first minutes even if the team fight is won does destroy rounds with friends. But you gave the argument why i'm against your suggestion by yourselfe: This game has nothing in common with aggressive play styles... It's a tactical game not a fast pace action shooter. There are better suggestions on how to go about this:
  12. So does this look like this: 5 min. stop | =>=> 30 sec. =>=> | 1 min. stop | =>=> 30 sec. =>=> | or that: 2.5 min. stop | =>=> 1 min. =>=> | 2.5 min. stop | =>=> 1 min. =>=> | compared to the current state: 5 min. stop | =>=> 2 min. =>=> |
  13. Actually as i see it OP didn't specify this. I see what you mean. The circle shrinking speed would be highly increased but there would be a stop in the middle. Currently: 5 min. stop | =>=> 2 min. =>=> | How you specified it: 5 min. stop | =>=> 30 sec. =>=> | 1 min. stop | =>=> 30 sec. =>=> | This is how i did imagine the change: 2.5 min. stop | =>=> 1 min. =>=> | 2.5 min. stop | =>=> 1 min. =>=> |
  14. While i don't like the whole to fast, to much damage, no shooting in blue zone discussions this suggestion sounds reasonable. But as i see it, this would reduce the time you have to loot buildings. At the moment you have a lot of time to loot a city on the side of the map, then get a car and drive as fast as you can with the blue circle in. With a change to more frequent circle reductions the circle would come in much more early and would therefore block looting much earlier. Yes, it would make the circle easier to handle and would improve a lot of situations but also could change the current looting meta significantly since it's no longer a good tactic to go to cities on the edge of the map because of the little time you have to loot. You probably would find yourself much more often running around without any weapons just because the circle was already coming in and you didn't get lucky.
  15. Spen

    Team Reviving/DBNO Thread

    As a downed player getting looted this must feel so demeaning. Would be a good addition