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  1. The wardrobe at the moment is sorted by type. I would wish for an option to sort the wardrobe by the rarity of the items (the colored rectangle).
  2. Since the last big change to the circle my statements and my mock up are no longer valid. Now the circle can statistically be everywhere and that is a good thing. I like the circle how it is now.
  3. Quite some time passed since this topic was discussed. I had a match today where we were in the end of the match and there was someone swimming in the water next to us and we couldn't do anything about it. The moment we got fire from another player he peaked out of the water and killed me and he won the game. I'm not salty. I actually think this was the best strategy he could go for in this situation. But I think it can't be that someone is some feet away from you for 2 minutes and you can't do anything about it. Please make sure to watch the video to see the dilemma here. I've added some licence free music to it so you don't need to here the swearing. I think the water shouldn't be bullet proof. Sure it should slow down bullets some what but the penetration of bullets in the water should be deeper.
  4. This would make sure that you have the ability to get keys without paying real money but I don't think it would have much effect on the crate prices in the steam market. It would just be a separate system. It would also allow to farm keys and sell them to the steam market.
  5. They are already buyable on the steam market... If you have a question unrelated to this one then maybe open your own thread. Thank you.
  6. Thanks for being the only one contributing to the question and not trying to add their own questions, changing the topic or spamming. Yes, I'm looking for ideas like yours. I like it. But this would only be a way for people who attend tournaments.
  7. No, that is not what I want. This thread is not about directly regulating the price of crates. It's as you say, they are what they are and their price is what it is. This thread is about keeping crates valuable. Think about it this way: There is a special event with special crates that lasts one day. On this day everyone in PUBG can buy this special crate with a specific amount of BP. Now you didn't had the time to start the game on this day and on the next day you discover that the special crate handed out has a chance to contain a cool item you want. Now you have the ability to buy this crate on the steam market from players that were online on this day and do sell their crate on the steam market. This would be one idea on how to make crates value able. I'm asking on more ways like this to make crates valuable. You didn't contribute to this question in anyway. Feel free to do so
  8. You still don't seem to understand. Do you even read what I wrote? There will be no way to open crates for free. This means you will have no items to sell. With your approach I would need to buy in into the system with real money. But this thread is about the possibility for people who don't want to pay real money to open crates. It's not about getting a specific item. It's about having a healthy market system. Yes, they can regulate that market. This thread is only about ideas on how to regulate crates so that they stay valuable. If you can't contribute to this question then maybe stop posting unrelated comments.
  9. I don't think you did get how this system works. Let's talk about it: The term "valuable" mean that it's valuable to the buyer. Something get's valuable when there is little supply but high demand. As a result crates will keep a high price. But since they are valuable they will still be bought. This thread is about how this can be ensured. For example think about a very rare crate that contains guarantied a really cool outfit. With a very low chance you could get this crate when you win a chicken dinner. Now you did win this crate and as a result you can sell it for very much on the steam market. This means the crate you won is valuable. <= this is what this thread is about. You can already do that.
  10. Battlegrounds and Tibia

    So you just copied this over from reddit without even rewriting it.... lol. Didn't read what you wrote. No effort given.
  11. I'm not sure you did understand what this topic is about. There is a difference between earning crates and opening crates. Currently you can buy crates for BP and open them for free. After the release you can still buy them with BP but only open them for real money. How this works is that you need keys to open crates and these key will cost real money. But you can buy keys on the steam market. So as a player who doesn't want to invest real money you can still buy crates with BP as you are used to and then sell those crates on the steam market. From the money you got from your crate sales you can then buy keys and with those you can then open new crates you bought with BP. But this only works when the crates that you sell on the steam market are worth anything and don't deflate instantly. This will happen when everyone starts to sell there crates on the market and there is no system in place that limits the number of specific crates and therefore assigns value to each crate type. That's why I ask the PUBG team here how they plan this system and what they want to do to keep crate prices up.
  12. Yes, this is my concern here. But for players that don't want to spend real money it is really important that the crates stay valuable. Do you have any ideas on how to achieve that?
  13. Suggestions

    No one will give anything about your thread. I didn't even read as everyone else does.
  14. Stream Snipe Discussion

    Just to add this. The reddit user said that Playerunknown is lying. I don't have a clue and I'm not about to judge. I'm not trying to defend any actual stream sniper. Just saying that something is shady here.
  15. Stream Snipe Discussion

    Yes there has: