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  1. ^Exactly! And tell that receptionist to fix the game crashing and stop making sh!tty coffee & answering stupid phone calls. ez
  2. Interface Design & Suggestions

    I think it would be really useful to have an icon beside/on top of the gun we have in use, showing the scope currently equipped. It would help with the confusion i'm sure all we get sometimes when aiming with a 4x on, thinking we have a red dot equipped & vice versa (and the same thing with many different scopes). It would help just like we have single/auto beside the gun. The scopes are unique looking enough that it could be shown by a simple silhouette or shown in writing, but i think a silhouette would look better aesthetically.
  3. Drag & Drop loot animation (new update)

    Ye i much preferred drag & drop looting with no animation, but like above^ said this is a good middle ground
  4. So with the new update, you bend down each time you pick up an item when drag & drop looting. My suggestion is having an animation for crouch drag & drop looting. If you want to pick up multiple items press crouch 1st then drag & drop to speed up time & it would also look better then bending down each time to pick up items from the floor.
  5. Attach Scope Options

    I like the creativity, but this wouldn't fix the issue for people who don't find that rare drop. Just to reiterate the problem with right clicking to attach scopes - Some of the time you right click to attach a scope it will attach it to your primary, and other times it will attach it to your secondary (depending on if your secondary has a scope on it already) which is too confusing in the heat of battle. Hopefully this is an oversight by the devs and they do change it to only attaching the scope to the gun you have equipped.
  6. Attach Scope Options

    Most of the time when you're looting you're not really in any immediate danger, so drag & drop for looting is fine. But when swapping scopes, especially when right clicking to save time, a lot of the time you are in danger. Having to swipe across one side of the screen to another takes longer than having to just click your mouse, even if just by a millisecond, but many times those milliseconds count. I think if you want to attach a scope to a weapon which you don't have equipped, then drag and dropping to that weapon is a much better option than right clicking in the ui. I really don't see the purpose of right clicking (the fastest way to attach a scope right now) to a weapon you don't have equipped. We need a fastest way possible to attach a scope to a weapon we have equipped and this is it, other than binding keys to attach them.
  7. Attach Scope Options

    So I have 2 suggestions, The 1st suggestion is to bind keys to attach scopes. I'm probably not the only person who finds it annoying having to bring up the tab menu every time you need to change the scope you have attached. It's especially annoying when let's say - you can hear a player near by and can see another at medium/long range who might spot you any second and you have to keep switching between scopes. It would also help for all the times you have a 4x attached (but you thought you had red dot/holo attached) and someone appears close out of nowhere & have to fight quickly. I think having a bind instead of having to bring up the menu and drag and drop the scope would help greatly with this. My 2nd suggestion is that right clicking scopes in the ui menu ONLY attaches it to the weapon that you have equipped. Currently, if you don't have a scope attached to your secondary weapon and right click a scope, (while having your having your primary equipped) the scope will attach to your secondary weapon. I think this leads to a lot of the confusion i mentioned in my 1st suggestion.
  8. Noise of Rain and Wind

    I like the idea of variation in the rain and also i think the wind is way too loud outside compared to indoors. I actually won my 1st solo while having the bug where you don't hear the wind/rain. I didn't kill anyone close up so didn't get to use the bug to my advantage but i think i did help not being distracted/slightly annoyed by the sound of it.